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Would you rape Jess Phillips

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Butcher Sacred Cows for they are Sacred.
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Maybe we should put a new lolcow thread for Akilah obviously (or is there one?). I mean she now also tweeted About the Judge and that we don't Need more of those Judges. Real classy. And she hasn't learned a GOD DAMN THING
I don’t think she’s done enough to warrant a thread quite yet. She has potential though.
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Chive Turkey
If Carl really wanted to solve the issues, he would be narrating history books, or literature on the subjects or getting other people on to talk on issues because your audiance would learn things.
He used to do shit like that. When his channel was relatively new he did a biography of Pyrrhus of Epiros and some vids on the Graeco-Persian Wars. They were actually pretty listenable, his complete inability to pronounce non-Emglish words notwithstanding. He'd interject his narrative with personal commentary and theories, and they often weren't brainlet takes. It was clear that he had some passion for history.

He made a second channel (his first second one, I think) called Ancient Recitations after all, in which he read historical texts verbatim. I'm pretty sure that was one of the first channels of its kind. But he's almost completely neglected it for the last 3-4 years, not coincidentally the same period in which he started crashing and burning in earnest. Since then, some other Bong has filled that niche far more competently than Sargon ever did, and his channel is doing very well.

The Soyfather really missed an opportunity by not investing more in that field of content, which he arguably was a pioneer of. His ego and his sycophants got the better of him, and he decided to focus on smuckling at legbeards and making an ass of himself in the political arena, instead of making informative content that he once seemed to have had a genuine interest in.

Speaking of Bannerlord, if Carl's a fatass and he plays it a lot, does that make him Bannerlard?
Butterlord. Our boy Carl of Blandia feastin' it up with Harlaus all day, erryday.

Long story short Black woman tried to play white people games in a white peoples court and got ass raped. Nogs gonna Nig.
Wasn'T the Judge who gave Carl the 40k a black guy? Can't Play the race Card. So "muh patriarchy"? Or is the Judge a White supremacist as well? Haven't heard that before have we?

Doctor Placebo

Somebody asked for brains?
"I think we could get Trump to tweet about Gamergate!"
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Sargon's dopamine levels must be plummeting like my health bar when I pvp right now
Good. Fuck companies who get in bed with Chinese surveillance state and fuck consoomers who whine about those companies reaping what they sow, TBH. If nothing is done about it their international control will grow to unstoppable proportions. You can play another company's Farmville clone, soyboy.

This is interesting. I made the mistake of clicking on a Tim Pool clickbait video again and as expected, my recommendations immediately filled with more Tim Pool and anti-SJW content, but notably no Sargon or Akkad Daily was shoveled my way this time even with other people covering Sargon's legal win being selected by the algorithm.

This white n-slur better figure out how to cash out for retirement or transition to some other way to support his wife within a year

This is not how I want my child to view the world. I don't want him thinking 'Oh yeah, what things could I solve with my superpowers', I want him thinking 'How can I get good grades, how can I get a good job, how can I be healthy and stable, how can I raise children of my own, how can I actually form a family and be a healthy person', not these bizarre flights of fantasy.
I guess it would explain a lot about British people if they regularly get their imaginations stomped out in childhood.


Peace on earth!
Bit of a shit video to be honest. Just rambling about centrism and fascism, a 'what about muh warhammer marxist meme subreddit' and some sperging about his fellow Warhammer fan & anti SJW channel Arch Warhammer in the wake of the standard tier Game Workshop response to George Floyd and BLM.
For ten thousand years the God Emperor of mankind has sat immobile upon the golden throne of Holy Terra.
It is in his name that a million worlds of the milky way galaxy are ruled
It is in his name that a billion souls daily march to meet their deaths on innumberable battlefields against the arch enemy, the traitor and the xenos alike.
It is in his name that thousands of trillions of men and women and children labour ceaselessly to preserve the faltering dream of mankinds ascension.

For ten thousand years he has sat interred. Watching. Protecting. Guiding.
That was until his light flickered and faded. A terrible shadow cast itself over the worlds of the imperium.
Astropaths cringed to open their minds to the warp for all that echoed through it was the maddening sound of smug chuckling.
The reaper has come to the cradle of humanity.
The light of the future dies with it.

Don't Tread on Me

I've told the truth. I didn't come to fool you.

I don't know why Carl decided to do a serious 20 minute review of an American rap song, but he did, and his reaction is actually fascinating. He really does speak with a sort of posh aristocratic arrogance, though I guess that might be true of most Brits that aren't dirt poor, I don't know. But watching someone who has no idea about rap culture in the US talk about the disgusting, animalistic and basic lyrics and imagery with just abject disgust and astonishment is good for a laugh.

Yes, Carl, it's hedonistic and filthy. Totally against basic feminist principles, totally backwards and weird. That doesn't matter though, because she's a woman of color and in America, everything women of color do is celebrated and appreciated. To the point where they can literally get convicted of premeditated murder and be granted clemency for no reason other than "she was a minor and a woman of color".

I understand that it's not that bad in the UK (yet) but it will get there.