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Would you rape Jess Phillips

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Your parents are well off, you don't understand the simpler white folk of the plains and the south.

They will vote for a proven pedo as long as they are Republican. (Roy Moore). Even endorsed by Trump.

They say nigger frequently and could care less if any white called another white a nigger.

The tranny thing has little evidence so not much of a problem.

He can claim he came to Jesus at an elderly age and they will believe him like they did Trump.

He can even ring up Steve Bannon for a political strategy and connections.

#Sargon2020 #MakeAmericaBritishAgain
Yeah, but you're overlooking this:

"Ah say, ah think that fat man who done speak with the funny accent and ain't never done a day o work in his life is talkin down ta us"


Yeah, but you're overlooking this:

"Ah say, ah think that fat man who done speak with the funny accent and ain't never done a day o work in his life is talkin down ta us"
We all know Sargon has the best retorts. Something like......

"Hard labor is for niggers. Why are you all acting like a bunch of white niggers?Respectable white people earn superchats. Do you know how difficult my job is?"

Yeah. Nvm. This is Carl we are talking about. He could never win a popularity contest.
That's just my preliminary research. Anybody know a lot about Powell?
So Powell was one of those last great products of Empire before the changes were set in place and everything dissolved.

One of the most interesting aspects of Powell is that he was not only exceptionally intelligent, but he also deeply cared for the empire and the nation, and had a strange ability to be able to predict what might happen because of current events.

As a soldier, he grew to distrust American's and their foreign policy, as he could see that the pro-democratic movements that would spring up sweeping away the vestiges of European old colonial power would be tacitly supported by the American establishment.

As a politician he was able to predict with exceptional accuracy the effects that incoming immigrants would have on British communities, and predicted that in larger numbers the communities would self segregate and become ungovernable by regular methods, as well as exerting cultural influences that would be foreign to the country and it's people. He'd observed riots and political violence during his tours of the parts of the United States that had the civil rights movement in full swing, and decided that instead of inviting people in to become a potential problem, the government would need to curb family migration into the country, if it stood a chance of not having parts of the country be ceded to the newcomers, and in his own words said that once the ability to run had run out, then conflict would become inevitable. Any time there has been a race riot in the UK since, the establishment media will try to throw down the fact that Powell predicted that scale of violence.

He was also staunchly anti-european especially when it came the EEC, and then the further integration with Europe.

Essentially he made his famous "Rivers Of Blood" speech because of an increasing concern that he'd seen from people within his own constituency to the amount of Jamaican's and West Indian's who had been showing up in Wolverhampton to stay, and pushing to bring their families and extended families through chain migration.
(They'd been brought in as stop gap measures, because war attrition had stripped certain parts of the labor market.)

He'd systematically seen how some of the immigrant communities had balkanised neighborhoods in his constituency forcing whites to move out of neighborhoods, and not integrating into the host community.
Another factor of which he'd found offensive was the prioritization of immigrant families, over native British families in terms of social housing.

So he delivered his speech, and it immediately started a huge row within his own political party as the popular support of the British people was behind Powell, but Heath who was essentially weak got rid of him because of his dislike for Powell, and partly because he didn't want to be seen as a party that supported "racism" as a result Powell who had he stayed the course and not made the speech in likelihood would have been conservative leader, was slowly pushed out of the party.

I recommend reading his biographies and that if you get the chance, he really was a fascinating person.
Of course the only thing he's remembered for now is his "Racist Speech" and how wrong he was despite being proven right. This is by the same press class that think Donald Trump is a crypto-fascist and Russian asset.

So take from that what you will.

The far right in the UK is just standard right wing politics here.

Carl should just get his US citizenship and run for congress as a Republican. He would probably win in a great plains or southern state. His British Accent would over power any hillbilly opponent. He can go on about how he saw brown immigrants ruin his country and how he doesn't want that to happen to murica. #buildthewall #nationalism #muslimban #poweroftheindividual #bootstraps #freemarkets
Cause unfunny hacks, like john oliver and trevor noah who is only popular beacuse of their accents are so popular in the south.... Don´t act high and mighty just beacuse you live in a city.

Why does he love to get his shit kicked in by these two so much I wonder. There's gotta be some psychosexual subtext to it.
He thinks he wins everytime he talks to them since they're fringe weirdo's on the other end who routinely got shit on by skeptic types for years. He can't possibly be wrong, even when he obviously is.

And a lot of these "culture war" types who obsess over Tim Pool and Politi thots, who may not even like sargon, may even join Jim while laughing at Sargon, will never accept a Kristi/kevin win just because of the side they represent. They've been a joke for years in that community, they couldn't ever be right about anything.

They can't turn the political autism off for 5 minutes to enjoy something.

So it is sort of justified to him when a much larger crowd than just his regular sycophants are willing to say he won. Though a lot of those types like Jim too so they've been a lot more divided recently and less are able to give Sargon the benefit anymore. It doesn't help kristi and kevin aren't really big enough either to have their own fanbase backing them up either to even really question it.

One time before his ego really blew up I think he admitted he did bad against her in an argument, but not a loss, and the capo's/general viewers were there to tell him how smart he was.

James Edwin

Huge faggot
Well... going down this disgusting road to the end, what do you think he was doing last time they verbally murdered him and he had to mute himself for 10 minutes?
If he came back and was suddenly out of breath and sounding strangely excited... uhh... well...

Well... going down this disgusting road to the end, what do you think he was doing last time they verbally murdered him and he had to mute himself for 10 minutes?
Wait a second... that makes me think...
If he's aroused by humiliation, maybe "Sleepy Sargon" doesn't flee debates to go sleep, but rather to crank one out?
He just couldn't hold himself any longer, so he needs to dodge out the debate.

Also, yes, pretty suspicious. Maybe coke break, though.

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