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Would you rape Jess Phillips

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@instythot Oh, they'll be brought up definitely, I just think it's a crossing a line that shouldn't be crossed by talking about raping a MP. I know a lot of you guys are fun and games, but that nonsense should not be put up with for someone seeking office.
In an ideal world, you're absolutely right. Unfortunately, my opinion of what the public will tolerate is very different from my opinion of what the public should tolerate


I am fairly certain that Batten is as stupid as Carl. He has a proposal to stop Mosques from being built because "in their countries they wouldn't allow churches to be built". Note "their countries" and the dividing line of Christianity and Islam.

For a party that is trying to come across as not "islamophobic" or exclusionary, its probably a really bad idea to sound like you're otherizing muslims. Kind of like you're validating and giving more ammunition to the opposition.
They should have know that any proposal like that will be quickly shut down and openly mocked in their country. No Brit today will openly vote for such a party that will promote radical ideals such as stoping mosques.


An exceptional President for an exceptional nation
I hope Carl gets more and more involved with real-life politics so that he gets a quick reality check on what works and what doesn't. You can't Locke your way out of real social and economic issues.
Why do you think he's running for the European Parliament? Not just because he can just rely on UKIP's list votes, but also because the EP is so powerless that if he gets elected, he can go back to his basement in Swindon and only go to parliament to siphon off that EU tax money.


An exceptional President for an exceptional nation

More from the discord.
This is a new a conspiracy theory. It's not the Jews who run the media according to Sargon's fans it's Muslims ?

Jews made the windrush generation come to Britain. I KNEW IT. :lit:

Labels murder people.

When you totally know how political theory works.

Oh my god Carl control your discord server my sides can't take it

If the British media ever find this for real then his campaign is over, everyone will die of laughing.

Sargon's sock accounts are on over time today.
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Slimy Time

The Fang of Burnell
Off tangent, but something I find funny nonetheless.

The chair of a local Labour branch has defended local candidate Daniel Gray who was suspended after tweeting “I love gang rape.” Matt Webb, the chair of Brighton Labour’s St Peter’s & North Laine branch claimed that “His only crime is being a Labour Party Socialist.” Webb apparently doesn’t see praising gang rape as problematic…

Schoolteacher Daniel Gray tweeted “I love gang rape” less than a month after a 14-year-old girl was raped in a local park. He also called singers Jessie J and Jess Glynne “a catsuit wearing c and a “cardboard ginger c”, tweeted that his dental hygienist was a “patronising bitch” and wrote of pushing ahead of a “cow” with a pram on a train. Webb, who works for UNISON as an ‘education convener’, said ‘Gang Rape’ Gray has his “absolute support”…
Looks like this candidate is batting for the wrong party, he should join UKIP and get a senior position.


An exceptional President for an exceptional nation


For the Emperor?!
Just noticed this. He’s making it too easy for Buzzfeed.


A YouTuber Standing As A UKIP Candidate Invited Supporters To A Gaming Community That Has Chatrooms Filled With White Supremacist And Anti-Semitic Content


Sargon of Akkad – one of UKIP’s candidates for the European elections – invited supporters to join a Discord server from a video on his YouTube channel last week.

YouTube star-turned-UKIP-candidate Carl Benjamin, also known as Sargon of Akkad.

The private gaming community used by a YouTube star-turned-UKIP-candidate to recruit supporters for his European election campaign is rife with white supremacism, anti-Semitism, support for the Christchurch mosque terrorist, and discussions about murdering members of the European Parliament.

Sargon of Akkad, whose real name is Carl Benjamin, is UKIP’s candidate for the South West region of the UK, and one of the party’s most high-profile prospective MEPs having gained legions of online supporters through YouTube.

On Friday April 12, Benjamin posted a video to his Sargon of Akkad YouTube channel, which has almost one million subscribers, where the gaming developer and self-proclaimed “anti-feminist” announced his candidacy for European parliament.

Pinned to the top of the video’s comments, Benjamin said people could “join” his campaign by clicking through to a server on Discord – the US-based group chat platform likened to Slack or Skype, but for gamers. “Do not be a civilian, be a citizen,” Benjamin urged supporters.

People who clicked from the YouTube video were given an invite by Benjamin to join a Discord server called “Athens”, which has almost 15,000 members. Benjamin’s election channel within Athens is named #sargon-mep-help-offers. It works like a traditional chatroom and is used for organising Benjamin’s campaign.


Over the past few days, that particular channel has been filled with hundreds of messages posted from users claiming to be both inside and outside the UK, offering to help with Benjamin’s campaign and asking how to make donations.

Outside the election channel, but within the “Athens” server that Benjamin directed his supporters to, are other channels of discussion containing violent material.

In one discussion in a channel called #the-temple-of-veethena-nike from March 2019 about the new copyright law approved by the European Parliament, members talked about killing pro-EU politicians.

One user wrote: “Maybe start assassinating fucking Eurocrats, preferably the unelected ones on top. But alas. That would be murder. And be wrong. Totally.”

Another user replied: “We should strip them of their humanity first. If they're not recognised as humans, it's not murder.” They added: “First step is forcing them to wear some kind of branding on their clothes.”

A third user asked: “So we decapitate the parliament members?”

The first user responded: “Send messages. Hang em on street-lights.”



Another user in the same channel then addressed concerns that Benjamin’s political opponents could use messages posted outside his MEP channel against him. They wrote: “Nah, Sargon's enemies are lazy enough to just slander the man with an article and go about their day. None of them are intelligent or driven enough to actually dig up dirt on here.”


The stated rules for membership of “Athens” contained in a channel called “tourist information” tells users: “THERE IS NO NSFW AREA IN THE SERVER”.

Despite the warning, users have expressed support for the Christchurch terror suspect Brenton Tarrant accused of killing 49 people in attacks on New Zealand mosques last month.

On March 30, one user, referencing the man responsible for the 2011 Norwegian attacks, wrote: “Knight Exemplar Brenton Tarrant was a Hero… he received sanction from Knight Justiciar Breivik, the head of the sovereign order of the Reborn Knights Templar.”

Another user wrote: “by the way you don't have to be honourable in how you kill them.”

And a third said: “just use nerve gas at that point”.

In another chat log from March 28, several users discuss sharing the Christchurch shooter’s manifesto.

“Do y’need a copy of that manifesto” one user asked, before being told by another user: “In future, don't offer on here. Don't want to get in trouble with Discord for spreading it. Whole situation regarding the circulation of the manifesto is pretty shit, tbh.”

A third user responded: “The crazy thing about all this is, I'm pretty sure they wouldn't be trying to censor the manifesto this hard if they weren't aware that Tarrant had a point. Because he did.”

And a fourth said: “It's pretty fucking terrible that this dude had a point. It's also pretty fucking terrible that what he did got that point across as well as it did. It's also pretty fucking terrible that not much of anything else would have worked this well.”


The #the-temple-of-veethena-nike forum is also filled with extreme anti-Semitism and racism.

On March 11, one user wrote: “There is a reason over 100 nations have had to remove Jewish people. have you ever heard the saying "If it smells like shit everywhere you go, maybe its time to check your own shoe"? perfect analogy for the Jews.”


On April 6, a user in the same channel wrote, “... I want to hang all Niggers and Jews.”

On April 12, a user wrote: “... a Final Solution needs to be done for the (((Jews)))”.

Benjamin did not take part in the discussions and did not post similar views himself.

After BuzzFeed News put the comments to UKIP and Benjamin, several of them were deleted.

In a statement to BuzzFeed News, Benjamin distanced himself from the comments. He said there was a team of moderators removing “unsavoury contributors” from the Discord server but “due to the size of the server” some comments were missed.

"There are over 12,000 members of the Athens server. We are concerned about alt-right infiltration, and we have moderators who remove unsavoury contributors who make statements endorsing the far-right. Due to the size of the server, some comments are missed by our moderation team.

"These comments are always removed, and the entire 'investigation' by Buzzfeed is clearly a political attack on my candidacy."

Discord has also been contacted about the messages on the “Athens” server. In an interview with BuzzFeed News in 2017, Discord CEO Jason Citron said the platform was committed to “free speech” and it was “inevitable that there will be actors using the product for things that are not completely wholesome”.

Over the past few days, Benjamin’s online activity has been put under the media spotlight, with questions being asked about UKIP’s decision to recruit controversial YouTubers to run as star candidates in the upcoming European elections.

Benjamin gained notoriety several years ago during Gamergate. According to an analysis by the Data Society, Benjamin has since become one of the most influential people popularizing far-right ideas on YouTube.

Along with Scottish YouTuber Count Dankula and former InfoWars editor Prison Planet, Benjamin joined UKIP last year during the new party leader Gerard Batten’s push to embrace prominent online personalities.

At the same time, Batten’s courtship of far-right online personality Tommy Robinson – who was eventually brought in as an informal adviser for the UKIP party leader – led to former leader Nigel Farage quitting and setting up a competing party called “The Brexit party”

On Sunday, BBC host Andrew Marr confronted party leader Batten about a tweet sent from Benjamin to Labour MP Jess Phillips who had posted about rape threats she had received online – Benjamin had tweeted at her: “I wouldn’t even rape you, Jess Phillips”.

Batten said he thought Benjamin’s tweet at Philips was “satire” before going on to suggest the YouTuber’s followers are the types of people the party was trying to reach out to.

Batten said he thought Benjamin’s tweet at Philips was “satire” before going on to suggest the YouTuber’s followers are the types of people the party was trying to reach out to.

“He is a classical liberal Carl Benjamin if you had him on and interview him,” Batten said.

“He’s precisely the type of person that Nigel (Farage) would have liked when he was leader because he can open up access for us on social media that we now want to reach out to.”
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