Careercow Carlos Latuff - Political cartoonist, Commie scum, Anti-semitic conspiratard, Pandering cuck and 3rd world subhuman

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Does third world subhumans makes good lolcows?

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Have you ever heard of political cartoonists with just disagreeable points of views?

Conspiratards that think jews are the problem of everything?

Activists that think communism can still work?

People that think being a cuck is the best way to love in plain 21st century?

And third world sub-humans that endorsed a corrupted government and think they know what is best for the rest of the world?

Of course you already heard of all of that.

But what if we mixed all the previous traits in one being, what could we get?

Carlos Latuff

Carlos Latuff, you have probally heard of Latuff, in some cartoon that you found while searching trough about a specific political subject that almost nobody is doing, most of times presenting a distorted point of views that goes against both political spectrums.

Most of his cartoons, while can appeal to some, after accompanying his work for a while, you can see how a flat out hypocrite Latuff really is.

Latuff self declares one of the biggest supporters of Palestine around, so he feels that he needs to fight against Israel and their allies, every time necessary.

But he also can't hold his criticism only to Israel, so he also feels the necessity to attack Jewish people that criticizes his cartoons.

Old but very mature shit right here

Between all this great support for the palestinian people he also goes against ditactors(like Erdogan) and the war on middle east, but this is where Latuff ideology start falling apart.

The first red flags is how sometimes he flips many times on certain situations, like the war omn Syria (on early days he pandered for the rebellious folks, but after the rebellious armies started showing their true colors, he started backing out ), and sometimes shoves his plain absurdity just because.

Syria gas attack cartoon

Later he flipping about trump intervention being a bush excuse

His shower thoughts cartoons:

At this point you should have noticed how he hates tiranny and loves rebellions, but of course this can't stand much time, because of course, he loves communist ditactors:

Sometimes just for his "anti-right" rhetoric he will be petty as fuck to certain events.

2015 France attack:

"But syria folks!"
Egypt church bombing

"But alt-right folks!"

He is anti-trump but he was also anti-obama, so a positive?

As a good leftist he will always pander to the opressed minorities a.k.a. blacks and indigineous, while somehow holding his hatred for jews.

But his most failed attempt to pander, was to feminists, that I will explain below:

After someone using one of the local laws defending women to use against alleged sexual assaults, Latuff made a cartoon criticizing the act, let's just say he got a giant backslash from his following base.

After he discussed with feminist militants, he retracted the act by making a cartoon tearing of the previous cartoon in the front of a crowd of women.

Let's just say a lot of feminists didn't buy it:

(following page is in portuguese)

Nowadays he avoids the feminism subject like fire

Also he has a lot of wild thoughts that he thinks is perfectly common on 21st century.

Openly endorsing cucking:

And most abstract crap:

This guy likes on all positions it seems:
Sites that Latuff works with follows below : -News website based on minnesota. - News about palestine, USA and Israel. - Arab news website. - Brazilian news website - Arab news website. - The only one - Activist brazilian website - Western pro-muslim website - Western news website about the middle east. - Arab news website. - Western news website about the middle east. - Brazilian news website - Brazilian news website based on Rio Grande do Sul - Turkey news website - Brazilian pro-indigeneous website - Arab news website - Brazilian news website - Activist brazilian website

His most respectable and well known work is probally for wikileaks, but after everything shown here, we just can say that wikileaks is not picking the best.

His internet presence:





Youtube (portuguese only):

Old deviantart account:

Old Iraq blog:


As you probally saw here, this lolcow comes from Brazil, a lot of his behaviour is locked by language barriers, but I think with all his notorious influence on many places around the internet, it is worth the extra effort to study this subject further on Kiwi Farms
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ahhhh Latuff. What a PoS he is. I have some knowledge about this cow, but you managed to cover it pretty well. He has made comics for the International Holocaust Cartoon Competition in Iran back in 2006, where he compare Gaza to the holocaust (which I see many people on the left do without having a fucking clue).

Chris did nothing wrong

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This one isn't even intelligible. Merkel is anti-Muslim? Since fucking when?
Typical of a far-leftist he prefers to lampoon centrist politicians rather than the actually far right. Look at how many cartoons are about Obama in comparison to people openly hostile to all Muslims like Geert "Burn the Mosques" Wilders. Anybody even slightly to his right is a Islamophobic monster. And literally Hitler.

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Being a lazy dog without a treat

So it seems that he support Argentina on the (non) issue over the Falklands.
I don't know if he reposted this again, but on the time he made that Argentina president was a leftist (Kirchner), the new one is more conservative (Macri).

Found the guy old deviantart account ( tracing back to 2003) and an Iraq blog(2006-2010).
Notable cartoons from that time:
Pope Benedict is literally satan:
Endorsed Zelaya the exiled:
Endorsed Hassan Nasrlahh
Le holocaust
The unsung hero

Sad Iraq stuff coming:

Then there is some anti-Bush and anti-Mcdonalds propaganda more far back
But there is a bunch of outrage on the deviantart comments.

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A Brazilian tankie. I've seen it all now.

I think the rationale for allowing communist tyrants to get away with it is that the ends justify the means and that anyone of the proletariat who doesn't support Castro or similar is either a dupe, mentally subnormal, or a traitor so they deserve it. Ergo, it's not really a dictatorship, just a stepping stone in the road to TRUE AND HONEST communism.