Carlos Maza / @gaywonk versus Steven Blake Crowder / @scrowder (#VoxAdpocalypse) - Twitter war between a Canadian in nationality and a Canadian in behavior


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Carlos Maza, known on Twitter as @gaywonk (a), despite saying that he has "pretty thick skin when it comes to online harassment" (a), gets so bothered by people calling him a 'queer' that he went on an autistic rampage with the goal of silencing political commentator Steven Crowder. This shit has been going on for nearly a week, and his explosive reaction to YouTube not giving a shit about his crusade to ban the former voice actor for The Brain from Arthur (a) for saying mean things has been very, very funny.

Who The Fuck Is Carlos "Gay Wonk" Maza?
Carlos "Cryin' Carlito" Maza (a) is a "openly gay", irrelevant Elf On The Shelf doll who works as a journalist and video content creator for Vox News (who unironically cited us in one of their articles at some point (a)). He's been described in the past as "Brian Stelter meets NowThis meets SJW" (a).

Here's a video where he tears up over the thought of people saying mean shit online:

Wait, didn't he just tell us he had "thick skin" when it comes to 'online harassment'? This will only seem normal if you either unironically trust anything a journalist has to say (less likely), or you weren't paying attention up to this point (more likely). As it turns out, Carlito is not that reliable of a narrator when it comes to most issues.

For example, he doesn't like CNN, right?


Carlito's distaste for CNN, based on his own words. is rooted from them "treating politics like a game", not having reliable sources, and not being a serious news organization. But wait, doesn't he work for fucking Vox? One of the many online publications that depend on clickbait, has fucking Internet forums as citations, and is bleeding profits by the hour because nobody gives a shit about them (a) makes such a small amount of money from all the content they put out combined, that their employees set up a fucking union because of how little they're paid (a)?


@Memology 101 made a Twitter thread where he theorizes this whole fiasco was coordinated to hurt Vox's relationship with YouTube, where they currently make most their money from (a). If you don't feel like going to another website, @Jaimas summarized the theory in this post below:
So while I was doing some digging, the Internet Autism Machine suggested something very interesting today regarding this insufferable fop that I'd like to share. I'm no fan of Crowder, but Crowder's been making fun of his dumb communist ass for years, so him suddenly locking onto Crowder right now doesn't make a hell of a lot of sense unless there's an ulterior motive.

So naturally I fucking found it, because of fucking course I did.

He's pretty shameless in his toadying for the Vox Media Union, as well as his hate of his job and the management for the company he works for. What most of you probably aren't aware of is that ya boi Carly here is the head of said union (and bragged about this earlier today) and Vox wasn't really big on giving Carly and his buddies everything they wanted and then some. What this suggests, given the timing, is that Carlos did this specifically to hit Vox in the wallet and force the company to capitulate to the union's demands - deplatforming people he doesn't approve of merely being a side benefit. After all, he's always liked that. This would further explain why Maza kept going after getting what he wanted, essentially, in Crowder being slapped - he wanted to hit Vox in the bottom line, since Vox makes quite a bit of money from Youtube.

Fittingly, the Union entered its last day of collective bargaining, surely by coincidence, at the exact same fucking time that the Vox Adpocalypse hit full burn. I don't think it's an exaggeration to say this autistic felcher knew exactly what the fuck he was doing when this happened. If there's any good news to this, it's that Vox is probably going to do exactly what all the other woke journalist outlets did when Unionization hit: Lay off everyone.

Correlation isn't causation, of course, but the timing is more than a little... Suspect.
Oh, and another thing: Carlos doesn't really like being a journalist, or just living in his body (a).


In fact, Carlos has a very long history on Twitter. I bet it spans decades, maybe even before Twitter was even invented. That's how much he's tweeted. In the spoiler below is some of Carlos's greatest hits, all gathered by professional phoneposter @LateNightComics.
You can tell this guy is a journalist for Vox. He has the most vacuous, uninteresting thoughts imaginable.
My favorite tweets by Carlos, personally, are this one (a) and this one (a).


Milo might be gay and obnoxious (some might even say he's 'obnoxiously gay'), but Carlos blows Milo (lol) out of the water with how much of a faggot he is.

Getting back to how Carlos literally can't stand living in his own body, I have to say, I can't really blame Carlito for hating himself. I would hate myself too if my only use in the world was yelling to an audience of zero about how Fox News is ruining our country because they're bullying him. And now, as you're about to find out, Steven Crowder has been bullying him too. Poor guy.

Let's try to be optimistic for a second, for the sake of our boy Carlito. We've seen numerous cases of social media platforms bending the knee to these random journalists from Twitter, banning users because of their political agendas. This Steven Crowder dude should be knocked down to size in the snap of a finger, right? Right?


Let's talk about the Twitter thread that started this whole mess. I'll hide the full thread in a spoiler.
Why is it in a spoiler? Because Carlos is a journalist for the mainstream press, so naturally, everything he writes is long, arduous, and gets progressively more insufferable with every fucking sentence. You know what I don't have to put a spoiler, though? The biggest load of bullshit in the entire thread, that's what!


Let's disregard the obvious misspelling of a certain word for just one second. Carlos is claiming he was doxed. Not only is Carlos a public figure with a blue checkmark and a Wikipedia page, but there's another giant hole in this story, and it's not on his body.


This motherfucker has a LinkedIn page (a) where you not only can find most of the information typically found in a dox, but you can very, very easily contact him.

So, there's a 98% chance he wasn't actually doxed and that he's lying. I'll give him 2% because of how big a cow he is.

The rest of the thread claims YouTube goes on and on about how much they care about gay people (even though, like every other company, they just use them as a marketing strategy to look more woke), and that is why Steven Crowder should be taken down: for "harassing" faggots a faggot by calling them him names that are substantially less mean than 'faggot'. So, how does YouTube respond?


They don't give a shit about some out-of-touch moron's complaints (a). They STILL won't permanently demonetize Crowder's channel, very fucking based (a).

As expected, this response that doesn't call for the blood of Steven Crowder doesn't make Carlito all that happy.


As of right now, at this very moment, Carlos is still sperging on Twitter over this crap (a). As of June 7, 2019, he still hasn't stopped. With that, I suggest that everyone reading this right now follows him, whether it's on your main Twitter, an alt account, or the account where you roleplay as your dog. You all know why.

Looking at the current state of this trashfire, this has multiple potential endings. This could end in Crowder being kicked off YouTube, this could end in Carlos becoming a lolcow entirely seperate from this incident, this could end in no one giving a shit, or it could be a combination of all three. Either way, this has been very fun to observe. Let's hope for more funny shit.

External Links / TL;DRs
Also, there are loads of articles about this story, most of them are on Carlos's side for obvious reasons. I'll link as many as I can in the spoiler below.


At some point, the hashtag #VoxAdpocalypse became the number one trending hashtag on Twitter in the United States. Ever since then, users on 4chan (specifically /pol/) have been trying their damndest to dox him and dig up everything they can that even suggests Carlos is linked to it. Users of 8chan have also been alleged to have collected information on Carlos, but I could not find a thread that discussed any potential dox.

Nothing of what I'm going to link to has been 100% verified. Take every single piece of dox under this section with a grain of salt. Unless there's proof backing it up, only a fool would take anything posted on 4ch as fact.

Also, I'm not a moderator of the site. I do not have the authority to ban you from the thread because of how you wanted to share something you found on 4ch or 8ch or whatever. But if I had to give some tips to any newbies on how they would post in here without inadvertently winning a free vacation to Banworld, South Carolina, it would be these:
  1. Be concise. Share everything you found in as few posts as possible. This is not an imageboard, don't spread out your stuff in several posts like you're the xX_HAXX0R_8UNNY_Xx trying to hide eggs filled with unverified dox.
  2. Don't take this shit too seriously. We're observing the dumb fucking cow so we can laugh and talk about it. Don't make him run away by making the dox you found look like anything more than what it is: public information that anyone with a search engine can find. No one that regularly posts on Kiwi Farms, 4ch, or 8ch likes Carlos, but try not to go overboard. You are not an activist in any conceivable way, shape, or form, and you're a fucking idiot if you think otherwise.
  3. Just follow the fucking site rules. Scroll down if you want to read them, they're located directly above the textbox where you would write a post. They're sorta important.
If you find any links that talk about or investigate into Carlos's dox, either PM it to me or post it if you have stuff to say outside of just the link. Quality over quantity, one large or medium post will always be better than a gazillion small posts.

Also, I won't outright list things like locations or phone numbers or whatever. I'm linking threads that have dox which may or may not be correct, I'm not putting dox in here by itself (at least for now). You come to your own conclusions, I can't confirm nor deny anything.
This guy @bongzilla posted a lot of potential dox in this thread, but he's edited all his messages to just periods. @dinoman unintentionally archived most of what he said before through replying to him, but I don't think he got everything. It's alright. @Arm Pit Cream also put up some useful shit, so shoutout to them too.

Old youtube channel:
View attachment 789569View attachment 789570View attachment 789571
The password was the number in his email and YouTube username twice so I believe it. Does he have an IQ of 15 to make his password so obvious?

Thanks goes to 8chan for all the info and work, just putting it here.
Nice, can anyone verify this, and add it to the OP?
God, I know. And it really is such a shame. YouTube could've been so great. It still could be, but it won't, because like a great many other things, it's been ruined giant crybabies like this guy.

YouTube could become profitable and good tomorrow; but they won't, because they're too busy trying to please SJWS.

:story: Wonder if this guy knows about his thread yet.
No, it's new info.
I gather you're related or know him in some way? A boatload of 4chan and 8chan autists went over his stuff and nobody found the Manhattan addresses.
Just found her Manhattan and Boca Raton addresses now.
Holy hell...
His mom owns a residence in Lauderdale AND a home in Upper Manhattan that's valued at 8.2M$$
He is socialist though, don't forget that...
His twitter and IG accounts use the same username.
Also he posted that he's taking a pill for HIV, so he is sexually active.
All 3 accounts (twitter, reddit, IG) have similar creation dates.
But until someone is brave enough to see all the videos and check for signs that it's really Carlitos, we can't really be sure

In Conclusion...
Maybe the perspective messed me up a bit, but it looks like his penis is about 5.5" non-bone-pressed, maybe a little shorter because of the camera, so it's well in the average range (almost surely more than 5" bone-pressed, depending on how much the camera angle affected its apparent length), and it appears to be of average girth (about 4.8").

This is assuming his hands are the same size as mine, with the distance from the tip of his thumb to the crook equal to 2.5"; my hands are a bit longer than typical for my height (5'10"), though. Yes I am obsessed about this kind of stuff, and yes I am bisexual; sometimes I wish I could pull off Maza's voice, but I can't sssound ssso sssibilant.
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I hope Crowder doesn't get his channel deleted because of this gay wonk.
I know I should feel optimistic over YouTube publicly defending him and his right to speak, but these Silicon Valley crack very easily to public outcry. Chances are, they’ll find or manufacture a reason to take his channel down like what they did to Mumkey Jones. I hope they’ll just leave him be though.


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I know I should feel optimistic over YouTube publicly defending him and his right to speak, but these Silicon Valley crack very easily to public outcry. Chances are, they’ll find or manufacture a reason to take his channel like what they did to Mumkey Jones. I hope they’ll just leave him be though.
They always do shit like that. The "hope" part is just me trying to be :optimistic:optimistic:optimistic:, like you said. I think it's even more likely that Crowder will get fucked considering that YouTube tweeted at Carlos and tried contacting him privately. Would really like to see how Carlos would react if they don't delete his channel, though.


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Beyoncé Ignored the LGBT Community in Houston
11/04/2015 04:12 pm ET Updated Nov 04, 2016

It kills me to write this post. I have spent more time worshiping Beyoncé than just about any other pop star. I’ve spent countless hours dancing to “Grown Woman” alone in my apartment. I’ve been the only guy in a dance class aimed at teaching the “Single Ladies” dance, and I loved every second of it. Beyoncé has been queen in my life since the first time I watched the “Crazy In Love” video.


Over the past few months, Beyoncé has repeatedly refused the opportunity to speak out against the legalization of discrimination against LGBT people in her hometown. And as hard as it is to say this, her refusal should raise serious questions about her support for her gay, bisexual and transgender fans.

Last night Houstonians voted to repeal the Houston Equal Rights Ordinance (HERO), a city ordinance prohibiting discrimination on the basis of 15 different characteristics, including race, sex, disability, sexual orientation and gender identity. HERO’s repeal is likely the biggest setback for LGBT civil rights since the 2008 passage of Prop 8 in California.

In August, I found out that HERO would be going up for a public repeal vote, and my stomach turned. Laws like HERO tend to lose, badly, when they’re put up for a public vote. I thought about my friends in Houston — activists I had worked with on HERO for months, people who had dedicated their work, their free time, and their emotional energy to ending discrimination in their hometown. I imagined watching their hard work erased at the ballot box. I imagined having to sit through another expensive, brutal campaign about whether it should be legal to discriminate against LGBT people. I wanted to help.

So I did what any god-fearing gay man does in his time of need. I turned to Beyoncé.

In August, I wrote a blog asking Beyoncé to make a single Instagram post in support of HERO. My decision to focus on Beyoncé wasn’t random. She’s spoken supportively about the LGBT community before. She’s occasionally chosen to use her Instagram account to take positions on social issues. She’s the world’s most famous Houstonian — the “Visit Houston” website has a page dedicated to Beyoncé, who said “this will always be home to me!” And with fifty million followers, she has one of the most influential social media presences in the world. A single post from her would have motivated young voters to the polls, focused national attention on the fight over HERO, and dramatically reframed the narrative away from the talking points of HERO’s opponents, who ended up saturating media coverage of the ordinance.

To my surprise, a group of young Houston activists turn the post into a fully-fledged online campaign. Before I knew it, HERO supporters in Houston were using the hashtag #BeyBeAHERO to urge Beyoncé to back the ordinance on social media. During a time when many LGBT activists would have been groaning about the prospect of a public vote, there was a kind of electricity surrounding the idea that a scrappy group of Houstonians might be able to convince the world’s biggest pop star to help them protect the ordinance they had fought so hard for.

The campaign garnered the attention of local and national media outlets including NBC, Buzzfeed, Vox, Salon, Upworthy, Houston Chronicle, and Texas Monthly. Major LGBT organizations, including GLAAD, Courage Campaign, and the National LGBTQ Task Force joined in asking for the superstar’s help. Even Sylvester Turner, the leading Democratic mayoral candidate in Houston, launched a petition asking Beyoncé to back the ordinance.

But despite repeated requests for help from HERO supporters in Houston, Beyoncé declined to comment.
On Instagram, I watched her post images from her Vogue cover shoot.
“It’s only August. I’m sure she’ll say something.”

As the fight over HERO continued, opponents flooded the airwaves with ads falsely claiming that HERO would endanger women by letting men into public restrooms – a scare tactic that’s proven incredibly successful at eroding support for non-discrimination laws. HERO supporters worked to gather endorsements from businesses and faith leaders, including Beyoncé’s pastor, who spoke strongly in favor of the ordinance. Early polling showed that, while supporters had a slight advantage, the vote would be close.

The drumbeat for Beyoncé to speak up in defense of HERO continued. Two weeks into the #BeyBeAHERO campaign, the hashtag had made over 10 million impressions on social media.
But still, nothing.

One night, I found myself lying on the grass in a park by my apartment, distraught. I had done everything I knew how to do to get Beyoncé’s team to react. I had bugged every reporter friend, forwarded every press hit, tweeted incessantly. I had given it my best shot. And I was starting to feel like a failure.
On Instagram, I watched Beyoncé post a photo of a pizza.

“Why hasn’t she said something?”

Early voting began on October 19. A number of Houston celebrities, including Matt Bomer and Jim Parsons, came out in support of the ordinance. Even Hillary Clinton tweeted her support for HERO, urging voters to vote for the measure and oppose discrimination.

But despite those endorsements, young voters, who were expected to support HERO, weren’t turning out for early voting. Supporters worried that the low turnout among young Houstonians could spell doom for non-discrimination measure on Election Day.

Behind the scenes, activists again urged Beyoncé’s team to post something, anything voicing her opposition to anti-LGBT discrimination and encouraging Houstonians to keep HERO.
On Instagram, I stared at a picture of a drink Beyoncé had while on vacation.
“She’s not going to say something.”

Election Day came and went without a word from the world’s most famous Houstonian, and HERO ended up losing badly at the ballot box, stripping basic legal protections for LGBT people in Houston.
Watching HERO lose is probably one of hardest things I’ve had to experience in my work as an activist. My colleagues, my friends in Houston had fought tooth and nail to protect their non-discrimination ordinance. I remembered how excited they had been when the #BeyBeAHERO campaign launched, how energized they were by the prospect that Beyoncé might lend them a helping hand.

But last night, they could only be devastated by a massive setback in their fight to live free from discrimination.
On Instagram, I watched a video of Beyoncé posing silently in front of an American flag.
“I can’t believe she didn’t say something.”

In September, The New York Times and Daily Beast argued that Beyoncé’s brand is defined by a kind of intentional silence: refusing to make any public statements that might stray from her highly micromanaged PR strategy.

Last night, staring numbly as election returns rolled in, I thought about Beyoncé’s refusal to utter a word in defense of her hometown’s non-discrimination ordinance. I thought about the disconnect between her brand, which has thus far suggested a kind of vague support for the LGBT community, and the impulse to stay out of public battles when the stakes are high.

The few times Beyoncé has chosen to express support for the LGBT community, she’s avoided offering more than vague, kind sentiments about the need for equality. She waited to tweet about California’s Proposition 8 until the measure was being handled by the Supreme Court, firmly out of the hands of voters who might be swayed by her position. She waited nearly a full week before posting a video celebrating the Supreme Court’s marriage equality decision this year. In both cases, she avoided taking a position that might make her a target in a public controversy.

HERO was different. With HERO, Beyoncé had a golden opportunity to oppose an active effort to legalize discrimination against LGBT Houstonians. It wouldn’t have taken more than a single Instagram post, but she would have inserted herself as a real, active ally, proving her support for the LGBT community is more than mere lip service.

She didn’t.

No celebrity is obligated to weigh in on social issues. Beyoncé is one of the most powerful women in the world, and she doesn’t owe her voice, her influence, to anyone but herself. Being an artist doesn’t require someone to also be a social justice warrior, and Beyoncé is entitled to avoid political disputes in the name of protecting her public brand.

But at least part of that brand has thus far suggested her support for the LGBT community. HERO offered her an incredibly simple opportunity to demonstrate that support when her fans and her hometown needed her the most.

HERO is gone, now. And for her queer fans who watched and waited while Beyoncé decided it wasn’t in her brand’s interests to speak out in defense of her hometown’s non-discrimination law, all there’s left to do is ask “why not?”

I think it will come out more and more that he has a long history of throwing tantrums in order to get his way. Here he opines on that time he tried to shame Beyonce into doing his bidding and failed. He flipped out and became publicly distraught and everything and yet she just would not fall in line! Bitch.

Like with Crowder he paints his own obsessive shame campaign as if he were the King of the Gays and he's just fighting the good fight, instead of the reality that he's pathetic whiny shit.

Houston, Texas might soon vote down HERO, legislation that was passed to protect LGBTQ people from discrimination in housing, employment, and more. However, advocates are hoping that one mega star can come to their rescue: Beyoncé.

Although HERO was passed in 2014 by Houston’s city council, opponents of LGBTQ rights have been working hard to put HERO’s repeal on the ballot. In July, the Texas Supreme Court made this an imminent reality, leaving advocates with only two options: repeal HERO or put it on the ballot.

In order to convince Houston to vote for the civil rights of the LGBTQ population, Carlos Maza, the LGBT Program Director of Media Matters, wrote an appeal to Beyoncé in the Huffington Post to support HERO on her Instagram, which currently has 42.2 million followers.

Maza explained to NBC OUT just how important this bill was for LGBTQ communities in Houston and the rest of the country.

“It really does protect all kinds of people from ugly discrimination. Bills like HERO should be happening at the federal level too. It's the first really big equality fight after marriage and it is showing everyone across the nation that there’s more work to be done.”

For Maza, the reasons to choose Beyoncé were endless. Beyoncé is from Houston, so she has a special influence over her hometown. She has continually showed her support for the LGBTQ community and Maza believes she is “an ally through and through.” Finally, Mike Huckabee, who insulted her a few months ago, is a huge opponent of HERO. To Maza, it seemed Beyoncé would be a perfect ambassador for the cause.

Although he is excited by the response his article has received, he says he gives an incredible amount of credit to the activists on the ground, specifically Christina Gorczynski and Ismael Melendez.

“They have been so unbelievable in making this into a national story,” Maza said. “People like Christina Gorczynski and Ismael Melendez have been exposed to the worst of the anti-LGBT propaganda and still are working so hard every day for HERO.”

In fact, Melendez started #BeyBeAHero on August 3rd after Maza’s call to action and it has since gone viral.
SERIOUS IDEA: someone should get @Beyonce to go on record in support of #HERO, Houston's Equal Rights Ordinance. @HRC
— Carlos Maza (@gaywonk) July 31, 2015

After reading .@huffpostgay post about .@Beyonce I created #BeyBeAHERO
— Ismael Melendez (@IsmaelRGV) August 3, 2015

Beyoncé: Now is your chance to #BeyBeAHERO for LGBT people in Houston, YOUR city: Via @MicNews
— Chris Riotta (@chrisriotta) August 5, 2015

Maza identified low voter turn out as one of the major reasons these measures do not pass, which is exactly why heightening attention to this bill is so very important. Furthermore, the tactics opponents of LGBTQ rights use during ballot campaigns have, time and again, proven effective with moderate people on the fence about which way to vote.

“Every time we have one of these fights, opponents will invest lots of money into print and TV ads that depict LGBT people as sexual predators,” Maza explained. “They'll peddle lies about how the ordinance violates religious freedom, forces churches to do things that contradict their faith, and normalizes deviant sexual behavior. All of these claims have been proven untrue.”

Media Matters produced a post tackling the five major myths that anti-LGBTQ organizers use during these campaigns. Maza emphasized to NBC OUT just how traumatic these dishonest campaigns can be for LGBTQ people who have to live with offensive ads every day.

“Research shows that when these fights take place, the negative campaigning is traumatic and causes stress, depression, and anxiety. So, you’re an LGBT person and you see ads calling you a sexual predator. It has concrete negative effects on your mental health…As someone who has seen these ads, they are extremely dehumanizing and treat people like monsters.”

This is a why a shout out from Beyoncé would be an effective way to increase voter turnout, convince moderates who look up to Beyoncé to vote for HERO, and give LGBTQ Houstonians encouragement during a campaign that attempts to tear apart their character.

“Beyoncé is a super star. She doesn't need to worry about discrimination, but that is her hometown and the ones in that community do face discrimination,” Maza told NBC OUT. “Recognizing her power and using it to really improve the situation for people who are at risk of discrimination is the truest form of allyship.”

Here NBC - who just invested $200 million in Vox - paints his tantrum as belong to Twitter as a whole. Anyone who says this isn't big media vs. small Youtuber is full of shit. Crazy Carlos Maza has been nothing but a corporate stooge his entire career, being initially coddled on the knee of the tantrum titans at Media Matters.


And now a little something for the TERFs:
View image on Twitter
View image on Twitter

Carlos Maza

Thoughts on MichFest ending:

nice dialogue-ing with you. Cheers, jerks.
9:17 PM - Apr 21, 2015
Some of you might have heard or read elsewhere Lisa Vogel's announcement the 40th Michigan Womyns Music Festival, which will be held in August will be the last.

Lisa Vogel made the [stunning?] announcement late Tuesday night on Facebook. Although her statement made no reference to the campaign and or backlash by transgender activists and clearly anti-lesbian, pro misogynist gay and lesbian blogs and writers wanting inclusion at this women's only event, they're painting this as a victory for their movementt and cause.

One person celebrating is Carlos Maza of Equality Matters. That's him, image, right, enjoying a beer upon learning the news a forty year old tradition meant to celebrate womanhood, and lesbianism has come to an end.

In all the years that I've had to endure being backstabbed, hated on, blamed for things I had nothing to do with, accused of things I didn't do, lied about, etc., from the gay blogs and writers, I have never called on anyone to be fired or reprimanded. That ends tonight.

Carlos Maza is a disgrace to our community. He has no business writing about LGBT issues and causes, much less or more, calling himself a gay journalist. He's a neocon with a tranny fetish.

I remind again, I don't care for this event. I hate camping, period. I also remind everyone, that is myself mostly while there are those who share the same view as I transgenderism is an illness and not a right, I'm not doing this for them either. Those people, and they know who they be because they're the ones reading this, have made it abundantly clear they are no friends of mine.

Carlos Maza must be fired, let go from Media Matters For America and their so called equality arm Equality Matters,. He must let go, free to enjoy his life as a homocon. It's either that, or David Brock must admit once and for all they are not a liberal website. You can't be if you or any of your writers support a special interest group built on a foundation of lies and hate over a lesbian/women's pride event.

I await their response.

The King of the Gays hates lesbians and feminists?! Er, I'm sorry, Crazy Carlos Maza only hates those ladies who lack a dick. Really ladies, grow a pair already!

That NGEquality blog has about 20 other Maniac Maza articles also:

They've been slamming him for at least 7 years.
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A Logging Company
Funny as all this is breaking, I've heard some stirs that Crowder is a closet homosexual. Just look this photo of him kissing his own wife. Also despite being a Christian Conservative, they don't have any kids.


I always found it weird he nicked named his former co-host "Not Gay Jared." This is all speculative, but there is a chance Crowder may go full cow.


confirmed hairless and stable
Funny as all this is breaking, I've heard some stirs that Crowder is a closet homosexual. Just look this photo of him kissing his own wife. Also despite being a Christian Conservative, they don't have any kids.

View attachment 786478

I always found it weird he nicked named his former co-host "Not Gay Jared." This is all speculative, but there is a chance Crowder may go full cow.
Crowder is actually fairly clean. He's been under the left's hatelight for several years. If there was anything juicy on him they'd be waving it all over. (Didn't they get him kicked off of Fox News at one point like 5 years ago?) That's why they've had to resort to demonetizing him and deplatforming him. That's why they're desperately trying to make that maniac Maza's tantrum seem like a noble cause. They are pulling out all of their guns on him and what have they got? Fucking nothing.
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Local Moderator
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For people too lazy to watch the Tim Pool video he makes the interesting point that Maza has previously cheered on milkshaking and humiliation of people he disagrees with

Of course when people mock him they're bullies and a principle like figure needs to step in and stop them.

Hypocritical, authoritarian cunt.


Osama bin Ladkin
Lose your YouTube channel to own the libs.

Steven Crowder is gay btw..

My theory is that stupid twitter beefs are actually how Crowder cruises for rough trade, but he's so closeted and awkward about it that the signal always gets muddled. We know from his association with meelo that he's into dusky foreign types, so Carlos is about par for the course...


Jesus, this guy is so obnoxious.
He literally starts his tweet out by saying, "I have thick skin" before posting 20+ extra tweets bitching about how Crowder called him a "Mexican", even though he is one.
And a "queer", even though he is one and describes himself as one.
(He has a lisp too, but pointing that out is too harmful)

Carlos is a grown fucking man. He shouldn't expect Youtube to act as the school principal and have them give a "talking to" to that mean old bully jerk Steven Crowder who said mean words about him on the playground.

Motherfucker, you're 31. Grow a goddamn pair and learn to use that "thick skin" of yours to be able to "endure" through some meanie words.

This is the same motherfucker who praised and encouraged milkshake bombing conservatives in the streets, complaining about how Crowder is some how running a "terroristic harassment campaign" by calling him gay for an hour (which, as stated before, Maza IS).

And his whole lyric of "Youtube Does Not Give a Fuck about its LGBT creators" is such a fucking load of shit. Sissy bitch can't fight his own battles, so he's trying to cause another adpocalypse-type thing by rallying gay youtubers to fight his cause, even though the people supposedly "quitting Youtube" for his sake know they're all gonna be back in a week.

Clearest fucking case of an attention whoring piece of shit trying to use whatever minority points he has to deplatform somebody he disagrees with. Steven Crowder is an unfunny contrarian faggot, but DAMN if Maza isn't the dictionary definition of the living, breathing human version of a moist, runny vagina.

All I can hope is that he enjoys his 15 minutes of fame, because after this, his career is gonna swandive straight back into total fucking obscurity.
Get fucked, you attention seeking twat.

Funny as all this is breaking, I've heard some stirs that Crowder is a closet homosexual. Just look this photo of him kissing his own wife. Also despite being a Christian Conservative, they don't have any kids.

View attachment 786478

I always found it weird he nicked named his former co-host "Not Gay Jared." This is all speculative, but there is a chance Crowder may go full cow.

Not Gay Jared was just a joke; not surprisingly, gay men hit on him a lot. (I miss NGJ. The show was funnier and smarter with him on it.)

Also, I don't think one awkward candid picture of a couple kissing says very much about their sexuality. I do think it's funny that Steven's wife is a Hilary C. as well.

As for gay and Mexican Carlos "I'm gay and Mexican, but don't call me gay and Mexican" Maza, he's being a sour little shit and has taken to blocking even reasonable people on Twitter if they disagree with him in any way. Some of his minions are telling him to "sue Crowder," lol, but for what? Crowder didn't defame, slander, or harass him. "Crybully" is the perfect description of this behavior. I hope Vox folds by the end of the year.

Crowder is actually fairly clean. He's been under the left's hatelight for several years. If there was anything juicy on him they'd be waving it all over. (Didn't they get him kicked off of Fox News at one point like 5 years ago?) That's why they've had to resort to demonetizing him and deplatforming him. That's why they're desperately trying to make that maniac Maza's tantrum seem like a noble cause. They are pulling out all of their guns on him and what have they got? Fucking nothing.
Not really clean dude doesn't pay his employees that's why Sven Computer and Jared left. They can't talk about it because his half Asian lawyer will sue their asses into oblivion.

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