Carlos Maza / @gaywonk versus Steven Blake Crowder / @scrowder (#VoxAdpocalypse) - Twitter war between a Canadian in nationality and a Canadian in behavior


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Ah yes... the bygone era of sixteen days ago.

Has anyone figured out how Carlos Maza secretly became the final decision maker for some of America's largest corporations? I mean this guy says jump and big tech screams "HOW HIGH SIR?" in unison. Why Carlos? Are his blowjobs really that good?
It's something that happens in between getting woke and going broke. The problem is shit like YouTube doesn't make any money anyway, so to justify its existence it has to push some fucked social agenda. This makes it more or less immune to normal market forces. They're the cultural equivalent of the Chinese government dumping junk goods at money losing prices on other countries just to fuck up their domestic markets.

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Why do so many SJWs have a black and white filter on their social media profile?
Maybe to reflect how they actually view the world?
Look at his picture. His glasses are reflecting flames as if to imply that he's smugly watching the world burn. Which you would only do in a smug fashion if you helped bring about the destruction. And this is exactly what Carlos Maza is doing. Even the content of the tweet in question "Modern conservatism is just so boring" reflects this.


Tim Pool once talked about being around journos of the millennial era and remarking at how many of them want to stir the pot to "make things interesting" and not to further any specific or meaningful narrative. I believe what Pool said in this instance because it reflects what I see. You have lots of journos out there that are either trying to cause a ruckus to get money or trying to cause a ruckus because they think that's what needs to happen nowadays.

Maza's picture shows him basking smugly before a sea of unseen flames. He mentions at the same time that conservatism is boring in response to someone bringing up a reasonable counter-argument to some shoe debate. And look at the counter-argument, it was posted without engaging in fake emotional bluster and was simply a statement of fact. How does Carlos respond? Conservatives are so boring. Stating the facts are just so boring. Not screaming like a maniac to prove how much feeling you have toward your opinion is simply boring.

Between the two of you, you've illustrated the perfect summation of who and what Carlos Maza is. Carlos Maza is a muckraker that is stirring the pot to make our world less boring. This means fighting in the street, censorship in our private lives, and the destruction of all wrong think. Because that's less boring.


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I know i should be shocked a verified twitter user can put a statement saying that someone they disagree with is a literal white supremacist and nothing is done about it.

But im not,

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I guess he's not careful from what he wished for because karma might play a dirty trick on him.
He might have fueled the acceleration to alternative platforms. Who knows? Maybe his stupid ass who pushed for corporate censorship (lol, how Marxist of you) of the working poor (conservatives, the proletariat, the workers you 'represent') will be one of the matches that ignites alternate platforms? The weirdest shit can happen.


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Lmfao, he’s been “traumatized” over what exactly? All the attention and free publicity? All the ass pats the media has given him?

This lispy queer is a major narcissist.
Goddamn, what a literal faggot.

The conniving son of a bitch timed it in Pride Month so that he could fuck over Crowder. How is your manipulation traumatizing?


instead of "receipts" say "im a massive homo"
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On Instagram he refers to himself as a boy (I never understand the LGBTQIA whatever always referring to themselves as girls/boys) in his instastory and is begging his followers to send him “pop culture artifacts” to make him a “happy boy” again.


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On Instagram he refers to himself as a boy (I never understand the LGBTQIA whatever always referring to themselves as girls/boys) in his instastory and is begging his followers to send him “pop culture artifacts” to make him a “happy boy” again.
if your personality was shallow enough to require constant vapid pop culture entertainment references for the sake of childhood nostalgia, wouldn't you?

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