Carlos Maza / @gaywonk versus Steven Blake Crowder / @scrowder (#VoxAdpocalypse) - Twitter war between a Canadian in nationality and a Canadian in behavior

He'd have to fist fight Owen Benjamin for the honor. Owen's not anywhere near as badass as he thinks he is, but the ass pounding he'd give a soy-based lifeform like Carlos would not be the type he likes.
Although Owen has to deal with that stalker first so there is that plus maza looks weak


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How do you let a guy like this make himself look like some prophet who can’t even get his insults right?

Calling Steven Crowder a “far-right Nazi” is about as more ludicrous as calling Joe Biden a “far-left socialist”.
I hate that I once had nearly exactly those glasses. I feel retroactively gay.

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fuck whales

Shaka Brah

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the fact everyone isnt using an auto tweet deleter set up to wipe everything every few days in the day and age blows my mind.
It's necessary to avoid the censors, but it fucks with conversations and looking back and seeing old stuff. I dislike how much it chops up things that aren't archived. It's very sad from a viewing perspective.
Okay, this is epic.

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Can't wait until the Chinese or Russians or whoever will be our eventual overlords roll into America and throw lispy pseudo Communist faggots like this off of buildings

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