Carmen Sandiego on Netflix - Everything you loved is getting rebooted

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How'd she go from that to jailbait? And what an ugly animation style, is that like a fancier version of flash?
tbh, i'd be down for an animated series with this rendition of her in your post over the adobe flash looking one.

As long as it's not japanese anime.
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Kari Kamiya

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It's like everything's being changed to appeal to children specifically.
Here's how I envision the decision to greenlight this went:

"Let's reboot Carmen Sandiego for a new generation. Just remember our guidelines: Young girls looking up to strong adult female characters is bad because boobies, and young boys watching grown women kicking ass in red is also bad because boobies. Get the team who animated those sexy Erin Esurance commercials on the phone, they got a job to do."


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Sorta reminds me of how Lupin III migrated over time to "rogue hero who robs artifacts and generally messes with bad guys" from "thief who kills people and steals shit".

And really is this the Erin Esurance crew? I'm not inherently opposed to them doing an adventure-style Carmen Sandiego project.

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