Horrorcow Carole and Lee Powell / Oh Shiitake Mushrooms, parents of "Kid Temper Tantrum" - disabled mommy blogger and her autistic husband aping DaddyOFive, abuses children for fun and profit


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Nov 18, 2014
This is a cow that @DragoonSierra tipped me off to, so many thanks to him for that. Given the absolute shitstorm and legal consequences that followed DaddyOFive, you'd assume the genre of making your own children misbehave on camera would have died off, but you'd be incorrect. This is not the only channel doing this still, but it's one of the most prolific. Ladies and gentlemen, Oh Shiitake Mushrooms:

This YouTube channel is run by the Powell family of West Jordan, Utah. They have a benefit over the Martins in that their videos are more clearly staged. The father especially is not a good actor due to his autism, which I'll get to in a bit. However, some videos are very clearly more legitimate. They have 3 children, Leanna, Leland, and London. Their son Leland is their Cody, being dubbed "Kid Temper Tantrum". He seems to dislike the channel especially, a clip of him begging his dad not to post videos of him online is used as an intro to many of his videos, and indeed there's an entire video focusing on how upset the comments make him.

Every member of the family has their own YouTube channel, Leland's is called lelands awesome videos and Leanna's is called Leanna's Cute Videos. These channels offer a sad glimpse into how dysfunctional their family really is. The children can be seen punching each other, throwing objects at each other seemingly at the adults whim, and pulling odd pranks on each other in the same style as their parents.

The parents are incredibly delusional, and they are the subjects of this thread. They first came to the attention of YouTube drama enthusiasts because of their fight with one Dee Daves. Dee Daves apparently makes reactions to weird videos about GameStop, and he stumbled upon Oh Shiitake Mushrooms. He offhandedly mentioned the fact that Lee sounds autistic and the Powells, resembling that remark, dropped their spaghetti all over the place and revealed that Lee actually is an autistic. They make themselves the victim so hard over unrelated things such as Carole's muscular disability.

Carole has actually been at the game longer than Lee has, although she started out as a mommy blogger. Her Blogspot can't keep up with the exact number of blogs she's created although she has at least 3 with substantial amounts of content, located here:
http://thefulltimefamily.blogspot.com/ http://archive.md/iYhbZ
http://leecarole.blogspot.com/ http://archive.md/vMWoF
http://carolepowell.blogspot.com/ http://archive.md/k3Bdn

Overall these two are massive attention whores and there's no doubt that they'll keep getting their asses handed to them by randos on the internet. In the meantime, relevant links:
Oh Shiitake Mushrooms
OSM Twitter
OSM Facebook
Oh Shiitake Mushrooms Gaming
store where you can buy Oh Shiitake Mushrooms merchandise for some reason
the baby's(?) channel
Lee's autistic driving channel or whatever
Carole's Facebook

The Fulltime Family Facebook
Crave Online article about them
dox (may be outdated): 4040 S Barker Rd West Valley City UT 84119-4737
son attends Taylorsville Elementary School


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Those poor kids are going to end up just as, if not more fucked up than the parents.

It's incredibly disheartening that Daddyofive's channel not only became successful, but that it apparently inspired ripoff channels.
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May 17, 2017
Ok, they are shitheads that should kys.
But what make me legit confused is the audience. I mean, just imagine the kind of people who watch those types of videos and think "lol so cool, let me like and subscribe and watch more of it!!"
Fucking nutjobs, they and their audience

Think most of their audience are kids or really really stupid adults that don't grasp how damaging it is to have children growing up with two morons chimping out and putting it online for the sweet sweet internet bux.

KM 749

Carol's giving off some Kai vibes.

These people seem like a horrid fusion between Daddyofive’s child abuse for Youtube jewbucks and Russell Greer’s appeal to disability and oppression as justification for his actions.

Think most of their audience are kids or really really stupid adults that don't grasp how damaging it is to have children growing up with two morons chimping out and putting it online for the sweet sweet internet bux.

The majority of fan videos for this channel seems to confirm this.
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