Dramacow Caroline Farrow / CF_Farrow / CaroWithTheGoodHair / BlondPidge - Catholic priest fucker/Banned from the US for pissing off trannies on the internet/Slavishly supports the Catholic church/Drama queen/Emotional diarrhea

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fucker of trannies
Caroline Farrow is the sort of person they wheel out on TV in the UK when they need someone to represent 'religious opinion'. With a husband who is a Catholic priest, and gin money from her Catholic spergatory in print and on TV, Caroline has no need to battle trannies and crazy gay baby farmers on the internet. But battle them she does, and she always comes off worse for it.

Like most cows Caroline likely suffers from autism, which she directs at sperging out slavish defences of Catholicism, no matter how indefensible. Dumping babies in sewers in 20th century Ireland? Cazza's in favour (archive)! Molesting kids? Not really a Catholic thing (archive)! Picketing abortion clinics? Caroline is a fan (archive).

Caroline it seems was a wild child in her younger days. She said she cancelled an abortion in 2003 (https://www.spuc.org.uk/cattle-market-marie-stopes-paid-its-staff-bonuses-for-abortions) (http://archive.md/ItiFq).


However there are receipts from one of her many online foes claiming that in the past she has admitted to having (also?) had an abortion

(note: Farrow will call anyone who keeps her Twitter receipts a stalker, harasser, etc.)

Failed attempts to keep a tard baby alive

In 2018 Farrow was involved with Alfie Evans, a baby with the mental function of a cabbage, whose life support machine was turned off despite Caroline's best efforts. An army of insane people with room temperature IQs descended on the children's hospital

Farrow's efforts in support of the crazies at the hospital resulted in her being subject to (she says) 'unprecedented levels of harassment' (archive).
Not only have strangers sent her insults and threats over Twitter, they have published her address, phone number, and the name of her children’s school. Thanks to prank callers, her phone has been ringing off the hook. Last week police advised her to shut down her Twitter account for 72 hours.

“It’s just crazy,” Farrow told LifeSiteNews from her home in England on Friday night. “It’s just hideous.”

Examples of the abuse she has received online include the following sentiments: “Farrow is f***ed, her time is coming, time is running out, Farrow is a spiteful evil b*tch who is about to get taken down, she needs to be taken to account, legally or otherwise, we are using social media to whip up hate & fury, she’ll need more than a shovel.”
Farrow falsely reported that the baby had been murdered with a cocktail of drugs and refused to retract the claim.
After Alfie died, Farrow found herself assailed with fresh hatred for having tweeted part of Benedetta Frigerio’s story in La Nuova Bussola Quotidiana that Alfie had been given four drugs shortly before he died. Farrow had been told a similar story by two other people in Liverpool, both of whom had phoned her within seven hours of Alfie’s 2:30 AM death.

When an administrator of the Alfie’s Army Official Facebook page contacted Farrow over Twitter to say Frigerio’s story was “causing great distress” and was “untrue,” trolls began to abuse Farrow for not removing the story from her Twitter feed. After tweeting her new misgivings about the story, Farrow contacted Frigerio. The Italian reporter insisted that her story was true and told Farrow who her sources were. Farrow then told her Twitter readers that she had asked “the family” to contact Frigerio directly to retract the story if it was false.
Farrow also broke the law in her autistic fury to keep the doomed baby alive, suffering on a machine, a few months longer https://mobile.twitter.com/mmpolista/status/991692623839719425 (archive)


Gay bashing

Caroline made it onto TV in 2014
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4LKCvmivdWE (at 7:40)

complaining about the new gay marriage law. She was dubbed 'the homophobic woman' and the clip got millions of views on Youtube, where people wondered if she was for real.

Two of the many crazy people Caroline has decided to pick a fight with on the internet were Tony & Barrie Drewitt-Barlow. The Drewitt-Barlows were the first gays in Britain to have surrogate children and later set up a business farming out women to rich homosexuals. They split in 2019 after Barrie decided he wanted to fuck his daughter's boyfriend (http://archive.md/ExQKO). After Caroline criticised Barrie & Tony's baby farming business, Barrie responded by creating a website mocking her 'Catechism of Caroline' blog, called 'The Gospel of Barrie' (http://archive.md/N4W0z). This website notes among other things that Caroline cucked her Church of England husband into converting to Catholicism (http://archive.md/BpRIJ), and was granted dispensation by the Pope to remain married. Caroline, inevitably, refers to them as 'The Gay Mafia' (archive).

In June 2019 London Zoo decided to proclaim that they had gay penguins (http://archive.md/CE5bR).


This made Caroline really mad, saying she didn't want to have to explain to her six year old which penguin was gay (tip: probably the one with his cock up another penguin's arse):

https://twitter.com/CF_Farrow/status/1144356589094285315 (https://archive.md/NYK8o)

She then said that 'faggots' were being used to burn her as a witch, but said that no, the use of the word 'faggot' in an argument with gays was not at all homophobic.

https://twitter.com/CF_Farrow/status/1145680973104857088 (https://archive.md/aoN6n)

In late 2019, when Caroline was supposed to be flying to Florida to picket Disney for allowing faggots into their theme parks, she was denied boarding (http://archive.md/TtTwb). Gay doctor cow Adrian Harrop said that he had been to the US Embassy that morning (implying he had tipped them off that Farrow had an arrest record), which fed Farrow's Catholic persecution complex, but later denied involvement. With Farrow's history, who really knows why she was denied?

Caroline had to make to do with this rather sad protest outside Disney's London office, holding her box of signatures against Disney brainwashing kids with homosex (protip: if you don't want your kids to be gaywashed at Disney, don't bring them to Disney):

Tranny-exterminating radical fascism

Cazza loves babies, having had five (six?) babies and been pregnant on several more occasions. Hence when in 2014 she found a Conservative tranny who was anti-abortion and anti-IVF, she was delighted (http://archive.md/BNXts). Fairly typically for Caroline, said tranny was exposed (archive) as a BDSM activist and dumped by the Conservative party just three days later.

Despite previously having had a tranny ally, Caroline came to repent, and commenced all-out internet warfare against the tranny menace around early 2019. Typically for her, this was loud and dramatic, when she openly accused confirmed cow Susie Green, who castrated her son in Thailand at 16, of castrating her son in Thailand in 16. This resulted in a complaint to the police, which Green eventually withdrew (http://archive.md/Rvwwy) but only after Farrow gained many persecution points online from TERFs.

Susie also picked a fight with tranny dramacow Tony/Stephanie Hayden. Farrow abused her position as (far-right) CitizenGo director to somehow get almost 200,000 signatures (archive) claiming she was going to be imprisoned for using the wrong pronouns for trannies on the internet. Despite this petition, Hayden still won an injunction (archive) against Caroline preventing her from Tweeting him any more. Hayden & his allies accuse Farrow of using sockpuppets to continue to troll him online, in breach of the injunction. Since Hayden certainly does the same, the pair are about even.

Farrow has had overlap with feminists on the internet for years. Lisa Muggeridge/Lisa Ansell is a minor journalist who posts long rants on YouTube about social workers and she definitely comes across as slightly crazy herself. But her receipts (archive) (further receipts (archive)) on how she offered Farrow a place to stay when Farrow claimed to be in fear of violence, then had Farrow turn around and accuse Muggeridge of being a stalker and slander her across the internet, fit the classic Farrow pattern, and a feud now 9-years-old is still ongoing today. This is similar to Retrochbabe/Maureen Clarke, who provides Farrow's 'I had an abortion' tweet above and has spent several years ranting about Farrow on Twitter, yet a few years back they were friendly and Farrow sent her baby photos (archive) and similar smalltalk.

Farrow is a poster on Mumsnet's Feminism board, which is strange as she's anything but feminist, however most of the threads there are about trannies, so she feels right at home. Despite Farrow's dubious history, she got thousands of messages of support (1 2) , when Harrop hinted that he would dox her kids, mostly because Mumsnet terfs hate trannies even more than they love abortions.

Farrow gives a good summary of the kind of shit she gets posted about her (at least some of it surely true) online here (archive):


If you follow Caroline's Twitter feed you'll find she has no self-control to respond to people who disagree with her (at this point mostly trannies), and throw out claims, for example, that they have her nudes. Her constant troll feeding has led the trannysphere to visit her husband's church to post photos trolling her, to re-post her social media photos, and similar antics, all of which have fed Caroline's persecution complex and claims that she is in need of police protection (e.g. https://twitter.com/CF_Farrow/status/1233061078860533765 and archive). She has been subject to a number of Twitter feeds dedicated to harassing her, including 'TombstoneTeeth' and 'PuppetBoy11')
Though Caroline says that the trolling of her on social media is causing her teenager mental health issues, she incapable of doing the one thing that would make it stop - get off the fucking internet


Social etc. Links:
https://www.carolinefarrow.net/ - her 'professional' site (http://archive.md/N1SCm)
http://www.carolinefarrow.com/ - her blog, which is full of oversharing (archive)
https://twitter.com/CF_Farrow - her Twatter - Twitter is where most Farrow-related action is to be found as she has dozens of enemies there, many of whom obsessively tweet about her, to which she often responds. (http://archive.ph/Ov2fh)
http://www.thegospelofbarrie.com/ - Barrie Drewitt-Barlow's hate site (http://archive.ph/N4W0z)
https://twitter.com/tombstone_teeth - Twitter profile mocking her (archive) and accompanying website (archive)
https://www.youtube.com/user/blondpidge/videos - Her YT - mostly recordings of her on TV/radio, all with very few views
https://www.flickr.com/photos/92568923@N06/ Her Flickr (mostly Twitter caps documenting her feud with Maureen Clarke, and formerly wedding/family photos)
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fucker of trannies
Wait. What? What about the whole priestly celibacy thing? I know there's some strange rule with former Church of England/Episcopalian priests being allowed to flip to being RC priests even if they're married, is that what happened here?

yes, basically the thinking is that Caroline did so much autistic screeching to her long-suffering husband that he agreed to convert from Anglican to Catholic, and is as such one of just a handful of legally married active priests. basically the Catholic church cared more about bringing in priest converts than they did about following their own rules on celibacy.

Elwood P. Dowd

yes, basically the thinking is that Caroline did so much autistic screeching to her long-suffering husband that he agreed to convert from Anglican to Catholic

Is she a convert herself? That would explain a lot of things, given that converts to any faith, especially when you're talking Catholicism and Islam, tend to be the most pants on head retarded "true believers."

If she wasn't a convert I guess that would also mean she married outside the Faith, wouldn't it? Not only with no guarantee hubby would convert, also that it meant he was literally playing for a different team. 🤔


fucker of trannies
Is she a convert herself? That would explain a lot of things, given that converts to any faith, especially when you're talking Catholicism and Islam, tend to be the most pants on head exceptional "true believers."

If she wasn't a convert I guess that would also mean she married outside the Faith, wouldn't it? Not only with no guarantee hubby would convert, also that it meant he was literally playing for a different team. 🤔

She went to New Hall Catholic Boarding School https://www.newhallschool.co.uk/

I guess that typically makes you a massive slut as a teen and now she's busily repenting it all.


What'll it be, boys?
True & Honest Fan
Reading reading reading...why does she use a protest box instead of a sign...reading reading along, sip of coffee, reading reading, yup persecution complex, reading reading Tony & Barrie Drewitt-Barlow?! Why haven't I heard of these two before?

Choose carefully

Shit I didn't read close enough. I'll bet he didn't know what he was holding. Can't be easy to see through that stupid head.

It's an associate of Farrow's in a hired costume outside the London Disney offices:

This isn’t the first time Farrow hasn’t been able to deliver an anti-LGBT+ petition to Disney officials. Over the summer, she went to Disney offices in London to ask the company to cancel its Disneyland Paris Pride event, the first of its kind to be held at a Disney park. Farrow went to Disney accompanied by what appears to be a Mickey Mouse imposter wearing an unofficial character costume, and her petition was refused and not accepted by Disney.

It’s been funny seeing Caroline Farrow change from the go to ‘eccentric Catholic mother with controversial opinions we need for our talk show’, into more of a voice of reason in the UK TERF vs TRANS war.

Some of Farrow's more contentious tweets, especially the faggot one IIRC, led to her being berated by various people associated with the TV shows she used to appear on. I think that's the main reason the invites dried up. No evidence, unfortunately, as Farrow auto-deletes old tweets after a few weeks.

It's just a rainbow, lady. Relax.

It rained earlier, and when it finished, I saw a rainbow. Rather than be reminded of the everlasting covenant between god and all the living creatures of the Earth, I felt nervous and wary. Does this "god" character go to Pride?
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