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Cartoon/ Anime songs in different languages - Show us your best!

Discussion in 'Music' started by Yuusha-sama, Feb 9, 2019.

  1. I nearly forgot them, so many memories.
    I don't want to think how much money they made through that.

    We got lucky with our translation.
    They took their time to make these songs and translations.
    I think the Spanish-speaking countries had made similar efforts in translation.

    If I remember correctly north americans got fucked from 4kids, they made shitty rap songs and the like.
    Correct me if I got it wrong.
    Is that the america version? Because I've seen them also using the japanese one on youtube.
    This one too?

    Übermensch version( All 3 are recomposition from the JPN orignal)

    This one is also great.

    Yuusha-sama what is important to you

  2. Just wanted to say first off that I was unable to watch the first Digimon video in your OP because of fucking Hasbro blocking it for some stupid reason.

    4KIDS didn't do Digimon, that was Saban Entertainment. Saban and 4KIDS have similarities when it comes to localization (Funimation did as well when it first started out), however Saban was more respectful in terms of not trying to hide the fact Digimon took place outside of America. Didn't convey it too well, all things considered, but they didn't hide it. They also had hired the legendary late Paul Gordon to write the music for Digimon, but a lot of it got overused in the show, unfortunately--the score I believe was done by someone else and whoever edited the audio would just slap music wherever so it didn't always fit the mood. By itself, the music's pretty good, though, but I don't think it was ever released separately like DIC's Sailor Moon English score, which sucks. Saban's biggest mistake was the release of the Digimon movie, but they were kind of between a rock and a hard place as the first two parts were able to be stitched together just fine, but it was only long enough to be shown on television, which I think was the original idea. I don't know who wanted it released in theaters, but they needed more footage to qualify it for theaters, so they slapped on the 02 movie(s) and sloppily tried to link it to Our War Game.

    Honestly, having seen the original 02 movies, Saban did what they could to make it entertaining or even somewhat memorable. I think they missed a golden opportunity to keep in the plot-point of the original DigiDestined being spirited away by Kokomon, but at the same time they'd have to come up with something to show them being okay at the end because the original sure as hell didn't lmao.

    Really, American fans got off pretty nicely with the Digimon theme compared to Brazil (despite using Saban's music).

    Also heard that there was a terrible Finnish dub of Digimon by Agapio Racing Team (whoever they are) that didn't last very long. Their theme song uses "Butter-Fly", but... well...

    As for 4KIDS, their dubs definitely are hit-or-miss, but they were the king of theme songs for the American newbie weeb. And it's true a lot of countries used 4KIDS' dubs to do their own probably because it was cheaper/easier to do, and I can't blame them for it. Now this just reminds me: I'm thinking you have purposefully left out Naruto's first German opening because it just brings back bad memories, I take it? ;D
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    Kari Kamiya

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  3. Thanks for correcting, secondly thanks for the info.

    The first one was the Digimon Adventure theme song.
    Digimon adventure op - Butterfly
    In german the song is called "Leb deinen Traum". ( Live your Dream)
    (can you see this one)
    If I remember correctly, they have rewritten the lyrics completely from the original.(to fit the melody)
    But the new lyrics have a similar meaning to the origanal "Butterfly"

    OMG all my feelings to all brazilian kiwis what a atrocity.
    The finns did really a poor job.
    The original is fucking great I don't know, maybe they should have made a recomposition of the melody to fit their language.

    In Germany they produced in cooperation with the TV station who has broadcasted the anime, music CDs( Anime Hits Vol.1-)
    [​IMG] [​IMG][​IMG]

    We hadn't any problems with overusing songs, because we literally have translated every soundtrack from Digimon.
    Also we didn't make effort to localize it in Germany, we left it in Japan, like in the original.
    And I haven't had any problems with that, I think it made the story far more interesting.

    Ok, with naruto you took me off guard, I totally forgot that one. I believe he was one of the first animes (2002) which didn't get any soundtrack translation.(or just shitty ones)
    And was also the start that translations getting cheaper(I think naruto didn't get any translation for his soundtracks, Shippuden didn't get any too.)

    If you're interested I could make spoilers with german translation of all Digimon soundtracks.
    Many of them are fucking great.
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  4. Beautiful. No question why there's a dedicated German fanbase.

    Omg anime hits CDs? That's amazing, holy cow. If they did so much for anime in Germany, then how in the world did they come to fuck it up in the 2000s, from what I've heard? Was it because they decided to be cheap for whatever reason? They just had to make 4KIDS look better in that aspect (one reason why 4KIDS eventually went bankrupt is because they spent a buttload of money at a time and by losing their golden gooses, it meant they could't turn a profit--and their voice actors were paid the most out of anyone in the anime industry).

    I'd like to hear more German Digimon soundtracks, actually. That's really cool that the dub went out of their way to do that. Is the studio still around by any chance, or have they shuttered their doors long ago?
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    Kari Kamiya

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  5. CTM Concept- TV & Merchandising gave out licence for most animes at that time, but I don't no if the studio is around today. I will do some digging.
    To clarify, in Germany we had animes way before the 90s, I think they gained traction in the 60s.
    But most will remember 1975-2008 as prime time for anime, for myself the 90s early 2000s.
    The TV station I mentioned in my earlier post is called RTL 2 (Free-TV)

    In my Childhood they broadcasted most anime series, I think 4 hours a day from Monday to friday(1pm-5pm).
    They made a ton of money at that time I believe, all kids came back home from school and watched animes.
    And they have easily sold their radio plays and these CDs and other merch.
    Side note: In germany school starts at 8am and elementary school(1.-6.class for many) end at 2pm( only for older classes).
    They didn't go to shit in 2002, but they got worse over time.
    I think around 2010 was the end of their glory.
    I think they didn't made enough money any more or because of the Internet and change in behavior of their customers and the medium(CDs) as well.
    Or became just greedy. :/
    These days RTL2 is broadcasting white trash dokus(they follow white trash and tell their stories) in the same time slots now.*sigh*

    Here is a playlist with most soundtracks up to Digimon Tamers.

    I will post here the most popular songs from them.
    The opening is in my previous post.

    Original digivolution song:
    Wir werden siegen(we will win)
    Most of the other one are more interesting if you speak the german language.

    Opening It's ok. :/

    Digevolution song/ fight
    Wir drehen auf (we turn up)

    2. Digevolution song
    DNS Digevolutin
    Jetzt ist es soweit (now is the time)

    Season final
    Unsere Digiwelt(Our Digiworld)
    this one is also okayish if you cant speak german jump to 1:10 the hook is the only good thing.
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  6. Sorry for the double post, but I can only add 10 vids in one post.

    Is the same one North America got just in german.
    Der Größte Traümer( The biggest dreamer)

    Fight scene/ digevolution Music theme
    Spiel dein Spiel. (Play your game)

    Actual digevolution song
    Sei Frei (Be free)

    Tamer Matrix digevolution, good one
    Eine Vision (One Vision)

    Digimon Frontier opening
    It's a good one, but if you can understand german this song is far better.
    Wenn ein Feuer in dir brennt (When the fire burns in you)

    Digevolution song
    it's good
    Wenn du willst (If you want) skip to 0:30 for the actual song.

    It is played every time Duskmon remembers to be human
    With Broken Wings

    Die Hyper Spirit Digitation (The hyper spirit digevolution)
    really good one
    I would like to hear which ones you liked.
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  7. Not really an anime, but when else am I going to get a chance to post this

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  8. This is anime too so everyone who downvote it just because it ain't your 'cute girl with no panty' type is faggot.

    MadDamon MAD DAMON

  9. It is an amazing opening (though kind of an earworm because of the way it loops) however that's the original Japanese-language song and this thread is about localized foreign adaptations or replacements for anime and cartoon theme songs.

    Here is the thread for just posting anime songs in the original Japanese (or occasionally other languages like with the opening songs for, say, Gankutsuou: the Count of Monte Christo or Ghost in the Shell SAC).

    Did any foreign language dub of Paranoia Agent even dub the song?

    sasazuka Standing in the school hallway.

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