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I like Phelous. He reviews shitty Disney and Don Bluth knockoffs (if you've never heard of Dingo Pictures, I highly recommend looking into it for a good laugh), the Mortal Kombat cartoon, and a few others. I like him because I've watched him for years and the only thing that's changed is that he got a new camera. He also managed to stay out of the Channel Awesome drama even though his thundercunt girlfriend had to go start more shit.


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Pan is the only one worth watching. Good mix of comedy and actual information. I like how he goes out of his way to get in contact with people and that effort has yielded interesting results before. He is aware of how pathetic he is and makes light of it.

None of the other reviewers add anything of value to there content, they only regurgitate information that anyone familiar with the cartoon already knows, worst examples of this are Saberspark and Alpha Jay Show, I don't think I've learned anything from any video I've seen of them that was covering something I'm even remotely familiar with.
Also half of them are just bland and don't cover any cartoons worth talking about and when they do it's just clickbaity. If I see "Animal Farm: DISTURBING KIDS FILM!?" in my recommended one more time I'm going to flip. It's not even for kids you dolt!
All I want is for a cartoon reviewer who actually gives a shit about animation and doesn't just watch Cartoon Network/Nick/Disney/Dreamworks. One who would cover Bakshi, Bozzetto, Ternovszky, and all sorts of shit I've never heard of.
I would so pay for a review of Bozzetto's shorts like this!
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