Casey's reddit AMA 12/14/19 - Amberlynn's transman ex to tell all?? 3PM Pacific

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I have a feeling AL was involved with this AMA somehow

This is suspect to me
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if I were given the task of finding an obese lesbian that is dumber than AL I would find it pretty fucking difficult. She seems able to sniff them out like a pigs can with truffles. Casey is obviously dumb as shit, and the brightest one so far was destiny.

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I knew there would be nothing of substance in the reddit thread but I still scrolled through the entire thing, glad I wasted my time. I hated how Casey kept saying he wanted to be a source of inspiration and courage for people in abusive relationships. There is nothing inspirational or courageous about him. He didn't leave Amber, he didn't have to pick up his life and escape her, he didn't have to force her out of his life, he did absolutely nothing courageous. Amber fucked off to Virginia to be with Krystle. Casey didn't have to do shit.

On top of that, and I know this has been said before, but he kept saying how he's moved on and he wishes Amber would as well. Doing an AMA on a subreddit dedicated to shitting on your ex girlfriend doesn't convey the sense that you've moved on Casey. As for the implication that Amber hasn't moved on... I'm pretty sure she has? She literally doesn't mention Casey anywhere unless it's brought up to her. I'm not riding for Amber here or anything but it seems like Casey doesn't hold a spot in her mind at all.

You can tell Casey did this for attention because most of the questions she answered were the 'how are you doing' and 'what is your favorite x' ones. He barely said anything new, no new teaaaaa :roll: ,same old shit. It's been 10 years Casey, go watch your anime and don't come back unless you're gonna tell the internet how long she goes without showering.


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Wait... a TROON didn't know how to use Reddit? :story: :story: :story: :story: :story:

ETA: Excuse me, what is this shit about "I WANT HER TO BE WITH A GUD PERSON SO SHE CAN BE A BOOTIFUL PERSON I KNOW SHE CAN BE" bitch, this cunt lied about you RAPING her and you claim that it has disrupted your life now.
Why in the fuck would you care about her becoming a beautiful person the fuck is this horseshit.

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The only positive I see (in skimming) is that CKasey is doing therapy - obviously needed, and a step further than Big Al is willing to go. So at least that's something. The rest of the stuff I caught was, as already said, pretty boring, but I wasn't expecting gallons of tea here. So, I'm glad for him, although having that 600 pound shadow follow you everywhere ("You're THAT CKasey?") kinda sucks.

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Casey is a woman.
Agreed. I'm not going to be surprised to learn one day that Kcasey 'detransitioned' once the trans trend goes the way of the other mental health fads. She doesn't look or even sound like she's had testosterone or the ' voice training' to look and sound more masculine. It's mental whiplash seeing people call her 'him' when every thing about her screams 'This is a woman.'


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I wonder what happened to Casey's engagement... kidding, I could care less about this dyke getting married.

Casey is somewhat of a slow in the mind, so I'll cut him a little slack, he definitely went into this blind and the mods failed miserably to prep him for it. I think he agreed to the AMA because the attention sounded nice, not actually having any idea whatsoever that lots and lots of people were expecting so much more.

I kinda have :feels: for Casey though, not anything ALR related, but I suspect that maybe he has Aspergers, but maybe not.
Obviously something is off since this is a female who thinks they're male, there has to be some sort of rëtardation going on.

Yeah, I do get the feeling that Casey's afraid of/still deeply traumatized by AL. I was hoping this AMA after years of silence (barring the times he defended himself, and even then those were mostly neutral towards AL herself) might be a sign that he was over it and ready to actually talk about his experiences. 'Cause that might've been fun.

It's like... If you've forgiven her and moved on, that's fine -- but there's nothing "moved on" or healthy about making excuses for someone who used and abused you. Seriously. Are you still scared of her? Does Kiwi Farms need to do some kinda witness relocation thing here? Blink twice if she's sitting behind you.

And how do you get to "be an inspiration" to other people in abusive relationships when all you can bring yourself to say is "She was mad a lot and we were a bad match, but she was pretty on the inside -- or at least she could have been if I hadn't provoked her"? That's the most low-effort heroism I've ever witnessed.

Oh well.

huge X to doubt Amber didn't contact Casey to do damage control after the instalive and the AMA was announced
also, convenient timing for the AMA to crop up AFTER that insta live...just to be nothingburger.
She wasn't afraid to intimidate/contact you before, whats changed, Casey boi?
Albert either dug deep into those pockets, or she's got some weird shit hanging ovef Casey's head.

The tranny whackers pronoun patrol must be wetting themselves. They got the scalp they came for. God, it's just going to be an endless freestyle sanctimony competition for the foreseeable future to see who can be the most overwrought and angry about MUH TRANSPHOBIA over there.

The Exceptional Reddit Tards thread is going to burst at the seams.

exactly what I was hoping for - large growth in my fav thread lol
The reddit fags got me what I wanted, I'll pretend the rest of the AMA wasn't cock stroking horseshit.

Casey said her and the whale had whatever they call sex when she was 16, lol the legal age of consent in Arizona is 17.

So AL looks like YOU are the rapist! :hillary:


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