Cassandra Clare / Judith Rumelt43 year old Harry Potter incest fanfic writer, professional cyberbully

Discussion in 'Beauty Parlour' started by Pinkamena Diane Pie, Dec 10, 2015.

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  1. Modedit: This thread has been merged from 2 other threads, newer, better thread starts here
    Well, this spans over years, you bear with me.

    It started in 2000, when she started the "Draco in Leather Pants" trope. She grew popular in the HP community because she created a new, different side to Draco Malfoy. (Apparently being accredited to creating the ever-so-cliche anti-hero. )

    This was coined as the "Draco Trilogy." There were three "books" total. Draco Dormiens, Draco Sinister and Draco Veritas.

    While I have no knowledge of Harry Potter (I just recently started reading it and I'm barely halfway through the first book) so don't have much of an insight to the story itself. However, fans were eating it up, using her works as the popular Draco fanon works.

    That's when the problems started. During the run of Draco Sinister (this book MIGHT have been the longest of the three, but Veritas was 540,000 words, which is insane for a fanfiction...) the "author" had decided to play an unannounced game with the readers. Apparently, she wanted to see if any of the readers had any idea which quote was not from herself. Using work from various places, she copied lines upon lines.

    In 2001, "Avocado", the mod dedicated to recording this, noted the similarities and blatant copying of passages of fight scenes from "The Hidden Land" and "The Secret Copy", by Pamela Dean. She had gotten into trouble with the author for stealing straight out the books and, eventually, got taken down because of that.

    From this, a whole onslaught of problem transpired. At the time, plagiarism hadn't mattered, but it had enough to shut down multiple boards in

    Eventually, she did return and "apologized" for that. However, that hadn't settled well with those that figured she was copying most of the dialogue and scenes. She decided it was wise to block and verbally attack multiple people and feign innocence.

    She eventually decided to go on an "Anti-Bullying" campaign for her cause, but..the reality was, she was actually the biggest bully there was.

    She would stalk those that she deemed as "haters" and, in turn, try to frighten them into submission. At one point, it has been stated that they called the police on a 13 year old girl and threatened her lawyer on her. (Heidi was a copyright lawyer, but apparently she's not her friend?)

    She also tried getting someone kicked from University in the early 2000s for it.
    This will be in two parts- somewhat of a story about how I got kicked out of the HP Fandom. I feel better about telling the truth about it, unlike CC. Here’s a little timeline-

    October 2001- my boyfriend (now my husband) asked me a series of strange questions about a user, and a friend of mine, called John W. What his favourite restaurant was, what color he likes, etc. I’m not sure about the rest of the questions but I immediately told him what John’s favourite restaurant was (a dim-sum restaurant in NYC) and then afterwards, asked him why he asked all these questions about John. He admitted that he got into John’s Yahoo! Profile to look at the moderator message boards, I told him to give it back immediately and we didn’t talk about it for a while.

    February 2002- the guilt was getting to me, I told my boyfriend that I wanted him to write an anonymous apology letter to one of the mods (Neil W.) and I helped him write it as Mafalda Hopkirk. I sent it to Neil without hiding my IP number (I didn’t know how the process worked) and he figured it out quickly that it was me through my IP number but didn’t tell the rest and told me to leave fandom quietly.

    I got an IM from a male (another HP mod whose name escapes me), whose wife was Stacey, and we talked about the fandom, but never about the hacking. Then EVERYONE in the HP fandom stopped talking to me (I IMed AngieJ, siriusgeologist, Alicia/Sue (Boots527 in IM) and NO one talked to me until one of the Teenage Witches told me what was going on and that she had messages from Cassie and Simon. Both messages were very upsetting.

    My IRL friends and my HP-fandom friends, who still sided with me, defended me on Livejournal and the HP messageboards. Cassie basically said to one, “Tell her that her parents should have aborted her.” I snuck into chat as Vivienne Stellaluna to see what they’re talking about and they completely PILED on me once they figured that the silent lurker was me. It was the worst kind of internet bullying I’ve experienced.

    The full story for THAT is in the description there.

    It...really doesn't help that the moment COB came out, it all leaked into a mess because the cycle had repeated itself. Her work is just rehashed fanfiction. In fact, that's one of the many complaints against the novel itself. Its a direct copy of Harry Potter with changes thrown in.

    Sadly, it doesn't even end there. She rehashes her OWN WORK 3 times over. Multiple times in The Mortal Instruments and she made another series that copies the first series to a point. One wouldn't even need to read the second series to know how it pans out.

    She's even created ANOTHER series on top of it because she liked writing the Draco trilogy. That's being released in 2016. This has been shown even in the movie that came out 2 years prior. (It only grew apparent when it was shown that the plot followed the FANFIC rather than the book itself.

    And here everyone thought that EL James was the biggest copycat. She still copies her work to this day and still does the blocking portion when talking about the story itself.

    I'm not sure who copied her in any regard; Meyer and Clare have the same mannerisms in terms of getting criticized for work.

    As for Steph. Meyer has a history of being incredibly...weird with her work. She refused to release Midnight Sun because of a leak, she's selfish when it comes to donations (she had done a charity drive, for every book sold, only a dollar going to cancer research. To make matters worse, it was a 15 dollar book and it wasn't done everywhere.), and she's been, ultimately, childish with the disagreements.

    When she told that she was getting published, she actually thought that she had the right to show that to those that disagreed with it prior to being famous. She didn't read the negative commentary and she even commented on someone that went there personally to state that her story was misogynistic and refused an answer. ("I'm anti human".)

    Though, above all, she's very disrespectful to her family and pushes religion. I don't need to comment on her religion's portions in the story (bluntly obvious why), but I can state that she hasn't probably had the soundest of childhoods. The fact her college is known as a college to find a husband, at best. But that's beside the point. She has stated prior that she would rather leave her husband if Edward was alive. She has stated that Demon Spawn was her desired child- which is horrid considering she has children.

    At least she got "over it". Though, apparently, she hasn't because she decided to create "Twilight rewritten". She has never actually proven her point though.
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  2. what the fuck are you talking about
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  3. Cassandra Clare seems like a borderline lolcow to me, and I'm already a little familiar with her, but this post is hard to get through without much knowledge of early online Harry Potter fandom. More links would be good for those who care. I'm not really clear how you relate to all this, especially because you say you only just started actually reading Harry Potter, but somehow have ties to and knowledge of old message boards and the community and stuff?

    Meyer on the other hand, definitely isn't one. She's successful, she doesn't have any scandals, she doesn't start fights online. She's been pretty quiet for the past few years but I wouldn't blame her for lying around on her pile of cash.
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  4. This kinda seems like a PAR
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  5. The following:
    Alright, so the number of authors that reinvented fanfic into "original" stories is greater than I thought. I had no idea of any of that, however. This is both amusing and horrifying, especially the part where Claire apparently gets away with plagiarism and shit. I like to think that fanfics can work as a springboard to the development of original stories as it helps exercise and practice and whatnot, but to actually find out "real" authors turned their fanfics into original stories sends me right to the uncanny valley.

    I don't know anything about Cassandra Claire's attitude, but from this thread, she sure sounds like a minor author sperg. I'll have to read her book to give better judgement of her writing, though. I don't particularly see Meyer as a lolcow, however. Both the positive and negative attention the Twilight series got only served to give her even more success. She has no reason to act up.

    From what I gathered, Draco is portrayed as a sexy, misunderstood badass in Claire's fanfiction. I've read every Harry Potter book, and even if you merely watch the movies, you'll realize that the "Sexy Bad Boy" characterization is not at all what Draco is about.

    Draco is a spoiled brat and a cowardly bully. He's arrogant and racist, much like his parents. There's nothing noble about him, and nothing sexy about his attitude. The reason why so many people bought into Cassandra Claire's intepretation is because Tom Felton is good-looking and also because fangirls like this sad and unreal idea that they can change bad boys. In fact, J. K. Rowling herself talked about that:

    Interview can be found here.

    Like Meyer and E.L. James, it all goes back to author-insert Mary Sue thinking. An ordinary boring girl having the power to seduce and control a wild bad boy, rinse and repeat.
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  6. I realized that quickly. Fanfics should never be considered good material for a novel, though creating one might inspire a novel. (For example, a concept from a fanfiction is different than the whole entire fanfiction being copypasted into a novel format. )

    It sets the bar extremely low for upcoming authors that actually have legit ideas that can't get ground BECAUSE the more popular books are being copied. If the formula fits, they won't change. I want to write books one day, but to write a book means I have to branch out of the normal plot types.

    Its the reason every novel is the same, at least in Young Adult sections.

    As for my involvement- I got yelled at repeatedly for even thinking about going against CC. I was a fan of her work before the movie came out; I genuinely thought she was an amazing writer, but then I kept seeing the same plots rehashed multiple times.

    I also didn't like how the characters were treated in her story. After reading the (fanfictions) you can tell which characters she favored. In the case, it showed in her published work. At the same time, I was given death threats for even suggesting that her work was subpar in comparison to some of the better writers in the same genre.

    As for Meyer, she never spoke against her fandom, either. Despite the fact her fans are known to have caused other problems (like harassing Bella's actor), she didn't address it. Then again, she never treated her fans right, either. Though, that would require her to speak against Twilight's religion, which is a legit religion Twihards actually invented.
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  7. A small suggestion: less words, more substance.
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  8. The Cassie Clare drama is mostly well over, I think. It was a good wank, although I don't know if I'd really qualify her as a lolcow, but I don't think there's much purpose in having a thread on her. Also, your explanation is poorly organized, heavy on text, and lacking in actual information/drama/lulz. Here's a tip; if you don't really understand the topic of a thread, which seems to be the case here, then it might be better to find someone who is actually familiar with it to do so. There's a very detailed write-up here which also does a much better job explaining the situation even for those who weren't in the fandom at the time.

    As far as Meyer goes, I'd say she actually is a lolcow, albeit a somewhat successful one. She's certainly delusional and has had some entertaining meltdowns. However, cramming her into a thread with a completely unrelated subject is a poor decision, as it will do nothing but muddle the discussion. And also, much like Clare, I think most of the drama involving her is done. Given the lackluster reaction to her latest book, I doubt there will be much more drama to follow from her. Maybe seven or eight years ago it would have been a good topic for a thread, but now I don't think there will be much new content.
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  9. Ok, here's the cliff notes on Cassie Claire:

    She was a popular fanfic author in early 2000s fandom. It turned out one of her big hits (The Draco Trilogy) was plagiarised, and the revelation caused a massive shitstorm.
    She later moved on from writing shitty fanfic to writing shitty YA fiction, re-using part of her already-plagiarised works in the process. She had pretty rabid fans who she apparently used as a personal army.
    More details here and here.

    Most, if not all of the wank surrounding her is at least several years old.
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  10. Since Claire got a real book contract and a movie deal, she seems to have been either deliberately avoiding scandal or keeping it well-hidden from the internet. The only people who bring it up these days are the people who want to discredit the quality of her writing, which is admittedly shitty in its own right and hardly needs digging up old fandom wank to make a case for its quality. In any case, this cow is dry.
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  11. The movie was also a huge flop, and I doubt the TV series is going to fare much better. There is the potential for drama should the show fail in a spectacular manner, but as of now I agree with you.
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  12. this might've been threadworthy a decade ago. also op reeks of the 'tism.
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  13. I do think Meyer is a lolcow, but I don't think she's done anything noteworthy recently

    I can add more details if anybody wants
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  14. nobody cares
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  15. This reads like a fever dream.

    If op cares this much about stale drama spawned from a series of books they barely even halfway through the first of... well, I think we got a thread. Title probably needs to be changed, haha.
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  16. If shitty authors and other famous media creators that do crappy work now qualify as lolcows, then I'll start writing up that Michael Bay topic.

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  17. Is there any recent activity from Cassandra? If not, I would lock this thread.
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  18. Should we make this just about Meyer, then?
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  19. If there's recent activity about Meyer, go ahead and post content about Meyer.
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  20. The funniest thing Meyer has done in a while is write Rule 63 of her own book, which was only noteworthy for about a week after she published it. She's done a few minor things over the years, like having her big brother pre-read and edit fan discussions on her own official website so that she never has to see negative opinions because criticism makes her cry, but nothing public or sustained enough to make for much of an article.

    Tl;dr: Both Meyer and Clare are acting like professionals--shitty, untalented professionals, but professionals with jobs they'd like to keep nonetheless. They're not actively self-promoting or engaging with the internet like Tesch.
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