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Cassandra Clare / Judith Rumelt43 year old Harry Potter incest fanfic writer, professional cyberbully

Discussion in 'Beauty Parlour' started by Pinkamena Diane Pie, Dec 10, 2015.

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  1. Tell that to "Raphael Santiago".

    If you think about it, it's actually pretty racist. Like the white people are angels and everyone else is a demon. The black people literally chimp out in rage and turn into beasts. The mexicans suck the life out of people. leeching off them to feed themselves. Like damn Cassie that's progressive dude.
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  2. I watched the whole fuckin show on netflix. It's a laugh if you're drunk/stoned.
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  3. null coded an ai to make fun of fat people
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  4. The Jewish kid got turned into a vampire for a while in one or maybe more of the books. And Shadow Hunters literally kept him locked up in a cage with some element of Judaica to prevent his exit. Can't remember if it was Stars of David carved in the bars or maybe those weird scroll things Jewish people put in their doorways in little boxes, but whatever it was it was pretty fucking ridiculous.
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  5. Meyers is one example, but IMHO the better example of this is the late Terry Pratchett. The Discworld series, overall, rarely got stale because he had a huge cast of characters within the world itself and even some one-shot characters here and there to play with genres, make social commentary, and generally tell a wide variety of stories. Not to mention all the spin-off material, namely more codex-y stuff and maps. But overall? The Discworld series had 41 books to its name by the time of Pterry's passing.

    So I don't necessarily see anything wrong with a writer to play in their one sandbox if they want -better than shitting up pre-existing franchises like most of modern Marvel or fan fiction in general-, but Discworld is a good example of how to pull it off properly. Something Cassie should have taken notes on.

    However, even he did non-Discworld stuff from time to time, too: the Johnny Maxwell series, the Nome Trilogy, the Long Earth series, and several one-shots in the late 80's.

    As for Cassie Clare, she's long overdue for this. She was legendary back in the day, and even people who weren't in the Harry Potter fandom back at its zenith (like me) knew of her name/reputation for one reason or another. And I'm twistedly happy she's still very much a lolcow and proof that even with a failed movie and a TV adaptation that sasses her, a leopard never changes its spots.

    She also has some bad beef with a personal lolcow of mine, Aja Romano (who's probably better suited for her own Careercow thread, but she hasn't done anything exceptionally stupid in recent months), so I'm quite familiar with some of Cassie's pre-Mortal Instruments antics (most of which are already covered in this thread).
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  6. Literary lolcow Winterfox shows up in the Ferretbrain comments as "valse de la lune."

    "It's the white expats living in Thailand that are the worst of all species of scum: racist, entitled, sexist, whiny. I have no idea why we give then long-term visas and if a political party promised to deport the whole fucking lot I'll vote for them with all my might, even if that same party also promises to club baby seals."
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  7. What a small fucking world we live in
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  8. Well, she killed them via criminal negligence. Proactive much?
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  9. In recent news...

    Shadowhunters Showrunner: We don't feel obligated to make this character become a cheater like in the books.

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  10. I tried reading the 1st book of the ShadowSluts-series once. It's literally rubbish. It's what I would call fantasy version of Harlequin books. The storyline doesn't make sense, the characters are just stereotypes & don't grow or evolve. Yawn.

    On another note, good on the show runners. Cassie's flame is burning low.
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