Celebrity Cassandra Clare / Judith Rumelt - 43 year old Harry Potter incest fanfic writer, professional cyberbully


Life just kills me. Do you have any pot?
Does anyone know what her relationship with John Green is? Is Green way more slimy than he appears, or does he just not know her very well? I'd have thought he was too milquetoast to be so chummy with someone so drama prone.
All I know about John Green is that he used to have a Tumblr to be le hip with le youths, and then someone made a post about how he creeps them out and seems like "the dad who sits way too close to his daughter's teen friends at the pool" because of his fixation on "manic pixie dreamgirl" types in his books. And then when Tumblr decided to introduce a feature allowing people to edit other people's posts when reblogging them, someone edited one of his posts with a copypasta about blowjobs.

He threw a little tantrum and flounced.

I'll agree with that one person on Tumblr, he definitely seems like the type to end up doing creepy stuff to a teen girl.

edit: r/hobbydrama sums it all up