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All statements made by this account are fiction.
True & Honest Fan
Cucked by life itself.

Person Man
Andrew Stallings: "Come and get me you cowards. At least do the moral thing and try to kill me like a decent person would. "
Kiwi Farmer: "Fine, if you want it that bad. But you better appreciate this, we take time off worshiping Satan and doing the Nazi salute at each other. as all supporters of Vik do."
*The kiwi fatmer steps on the front yard of Andrew*
Andrew Stallings: "Shit, you actually came to kill me!"
Kiwi Farmer: "Not so smug now?" *loads shotgun*
Andrew Stallings: "To the contrary, you're the one who fucked up! You think you got something on me?"
Kiwi Farmer: *takes aim* "I got a shotgun aimed at you. Any last words?"
Andrew Stallings: "You'll never manage to kill me! Take that!" *falls to the ground and immediately dies of a heart attack*

The sky reads: [Andrew Stallings] killed [Andrew Stallings]

Kiwi Farmer: *lowers shotgun* Well I'll be damned... you got me there, kid.
Kiwi Farmer: *walks off into the sunset* You sure got me there.

But seriously, do you remember that time where they said "never feed the trolls" on the internet? How did humanity collectively forgot this lesson? The guy just kept proving that everyone in here can get under his skin by keeping bringing the posts about him up and raving about how he doesn't care. No wonder he had a heart attack.


Electric Boogaloo
Andrew Stallings may not have been the most productive cow around, but he was the most instructive one. His every decision in life was the most conflict-averse, low-effort decision possible.

Go on a diet to keep yourself from becoming another early headstone in the McDonald's Mausoleum? Nah, just declare yourself "Healthy at any size!" and avoid doctors like you avoid vegetables.

Find a reasonably attractive woman who treats you with respect and who wouldn't think of cheating on you? Nah, just marry a ham graveyard who'll take your V-card and give you a bimonthly handjob in exchange for you helping her prep the bull on your wedding night.

Join a political party that values hard work and furthers unity in America? Nah, just become a hard left SJW who screeches about the great Orange Satan and promises to wage jihad against any online entity that pokes fun at your all too serious nature.

The sad thing is, this need not have happened. All Stallings had to do was put some effort into his life and stop blaming other people for the things that he had control over. But sadly, it was not to be. And now the only thing he is notorious for is for being so remarkable at being nothing, that people are actually remarking about how much of a nothing he was. Let this be a lesson for you, people.

x Diesel Prime x

Andrew Stallings may not have been the most productive cow around, but he was the most instructive one. His every decision in life was the most conflict-averse, low-effort decision possible.
People like this are modern guides on what not to do with this life. It's becoming easier and easier to live simpler and be happier when people like Mr. Stallings spend their lives writing the playbook on how to be a retarded faggot.

RIP Andrew Stallings, he died as he lived; fat and gay.

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