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Captain Manning

Good luck, kid.
From Null's stream today:

Two people died this month. This Yuki Rose person died, and some fat cunt died. I looked at them and thought: I can't talk about them for an hour. They're fucking boring.

My fucking sides! Null can't even remember his name. I don't even know if Null grasps how funny that is.

Oh Jesus, Andrew... you really were a banal existence. Even your enemies can't be arsed to talk about you or remember you even existed.


@ 3:30

I almost think @AnOminous should poke his head in here one last time, yell "HE WAS FAT!!!", and then we just lock the thread. What more is there to do? Lol.


Fear is the ultimate motivator.
I love how that now that he is dead, so many "friends" are coming out of the woodwork looking for free asspats, or even free donations. Hell his wife is now rolling in dough now that her literal doughboy is fucking dead.

Really says alot about these people but also this man. If he was a actual good person with good connections, then I doubt people would be asking for donations and thanks and shit over YOUR death.
late but who cares with a thread like this

but yeah it’s almost sad when you think about it, guess it shows how much he was worth in society :story:

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