CatboyKami / Lolisocks - Deranged Attention Whore, Homoerrotic Provocateur, Nick Fuentes's Boyfriend, Co-Founder of the Cat Nats, a (ironic) fag


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Being totally serious and getting very dark here for a minute I had a stint working with “troubled” teens and had access to their most personal case files and I’m seeing a lot of things from Kami that give me flashbacks because it’s not behavior I’ve seen outside of that setting. I’d say based on his behaviors and mannerisms there is an extremely high chance cat boy was sexually abused as a child. All this over the top sexual exhibitionism, casually making graphic sexual comments to minors, LOL look at my loli porn, extreme promiscuity, etc is all a cope to avoid dealing with the trauma. The nonstop nervous laughter and how he always looks immediately for validation when he does anything provocative are tells. This is all literal textbook shit if anyone cares to look it up.

At this point if he was a girl he’d be getting quadruple teamed in some underground porn two steps away from being a snuff film but since he says the n-word without fear he’s based and gets to ride on the coat tails of the alt-right grifter A-Team and collect bitchute donations from Russian incels instead. Once that dries up, if he doesn’t end up in jail first, don’t be shocked if he ends up doing gay for pay porn.

If I’m correct this is all actually really sad. If this guy was more balanced and not always trying to summon “Milo on a meth binge“ energy every time he’s not getting enough attention he’d probably be a pretty chill guy. At the same time if I’m wrong and he’s just an attention seeking pervert it’s whatever and I wouldn’t really give a shit except the sexual comments to children which make me want to rope him along with any of the groypers in here egging him on. What exactly the fuck is “based” about that? If this was literally anyone without “our guy” status you’d be rightfully screaming bloody murder.
I agree with this assessment since I am the one who raped Kami as a child.

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OK, I'll admit that I haven't read this whole thread and was mostly skimming for nudes. Seriously, though, how are there no nudes of this guy?!

But as a certified faggot myself, I can say with a lot of certainty after viewing the videos and stuff about him that he isn't "gay" in that he's solely attracted to men. On the other hand, before getting into that, I need to say Nick Fuentes is 100% a closeted homosexual. On top of being gay, I am very conservative and very Catholic, and no person who claims to be as conservative and as Catholic as Nick would be unmarried by his age or at least in a serious relationship since many conservative Catholic parishes act as a built in dating pool of women for him.

Back to Kami. To me, he's neither gay, straight, or bi, but another sexuality that I've seen many times that there isn't a word for. There are some men who are a combination of narcissistic, legitimately mentally ill, and highly sexually desirable whose sexuality is almost entirely based on how much attention they get and get off to themselves being adored. Kami seems to fit the bill in all three areas. For the mental illness, I'm not gonna play armchair psychologist, but his seeming lack of ability to form any real relationships with people is a clear indicator of something. For the narcissism, it's been shown that he has ran with a cosplay/weeb crowd. By that standard, he was probably THE most attractive person in said group and probably whatever shitty cons they went to just from the type of people that crowd draws. From that, he probably got his first steady dose of attention and fed off of it. Which leads to the next point.

While Groypers are the most disingenuous people I've ever seen online (they have absolutely no ability to defend any of their arguments), I think most people who hate him and Nick are jumping to label Kami "gay" and "degenerate" to "own the cons". I'm not saying he's not worthy of a the title "lolcow"; he clearly produces milk. But it's extremely evident that he has no goal other than attention. I don't think he's either "based and redpilled" or "an autistic faggot". As said before, he's a narcissistic attention whore. He obviously doesn't care if other people think he's a degenerate since he probably doesn't have any problem finding sex partners (which gives the false "based" impression).

Despite several claims from people in this thread who hate him and Nick, I've seen nothing of him actually having any sort of political philosophy beyond being edgy and anti-PC. Do you really think he cares about making any political changes? No. He's just doing this for attention. Whether it's "ironic" or not, at the end of the day, it's obvious he's not doing what he's doing to "win the culture war" as some people suggest (even Groypers). He's just a narcissist who will do this as long as he feels satisfied by the attention. I give him a couple years before he gets bored and stops doing this once he's reached diminishing returns. And again, to clarify, him gaining popularity by attaching himself to Groypers is more a reflection on the idiocy of the Groypers than on him.

Other evidence that he's not gay: This obviously isn't conclusive, but I opened up Grindr and changed my location to his doxx address and despite looking at every guy in a 50 mile radius, there were no profiles that came close to matching his description, including the pictureless ones. But regardless, Grindr and the myriad gay hook-up apps.websites like it are legitimately the #1 way gay people hook up. 99/100 times, there is an exchanging of nudes that precedes the hook up. The lack of leaked nudes online to me is the biggest evidence that he is not gay since they'd be SOMEWHERE online if he did any kind of gay online hook-up.

TL;DR: Kami is not gay (but Nick is), he is for sure some kind of mentally ill, his sexuality stems from his narcissism, and he doesn't work towards any political goals beyond "what will get me the most attention".
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You know what, fuck it. I’ll throw you a bone. The alt-right must have been compromised by a highly organized glow plot because it’s impossible to fail this hard without outside assistance. Also given this new revelation it’s clear all the so called groypers in here idolizing this deranged pedophile are actually fed plants because no one could possibly be that retarded and still type in complete sentences.

I just came here to laugh at this dumb Aussie speed running ruining his life and dragging down Fuentes in the process then unexpectedly found this extreme degeneracy for attention and the people defending it as “based” personally repulsive and got caught up. I don’t care about white identity politics and never have otherwise I’d deepthroat a shotgun and paint my ceiling with frontal lobe after seeing this thread. If this is what the right is bringing to the table these days I’m ready to go stand in a bread line.

Can’t let you slide on Cantwell though. Spencer and Fuentes had me fooled for a second but I caught this dipshit trying to smuggle an extra chromosome across the border on day one. I also find it highly ironic the one person in all this you want to get nostalgic over when everyone else is a fed plant is the guy who started crying and flipped informant after 5 mins of good cop/bad cop. Cantwell was destined to fail. The Feds turned him into a sniveling bitch but he turned himself into a loser junkie.
bruh, how can you still miss the point so badly? I give up


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Why do so many Russians like this guy? On Twitter everybody responds to him in Russian and his chat is full of Russians. That comment on his stream from a few posts up was from a Russian as well. Is it just because Russians think his racist shtick is super funny? I know they seriously hate blacks over there.


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Why do so many Russians like this guy? On Twitter everybody responds to him in Russian and his chat is full of Russians. That comment on his stream from a few posts up was from a Russian as well. Is it just because Russians think his racist shtick is super funny? I know they seriously hate blacks over there.
Because there are so many closeted homos in Russia.

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TL;DR: Kami is not gay (but Nick is), he is for sure some kind of mentally ill, his sexuality stems from his narcissism, and he doesn't work towards any political goals beyond "what will get me the most attention".
I’d have to agree with the argument you’ve laid out regarding Kami’s sexuality, but there is one behavior that I’d like to point out. As you said, “Ironically” acting gay for the lulz is a coping mechanism for closeted homosexuals, especially those who’s personal beliefs (conservatism, religion) are dissonant with their sexual interests. This is obviously found in Nick (I think Nick is actually completely aware of his sexuality but reluctant to be open about it) but also in Kami. But not for the same reason. Nick is doing it out of his cognitive dissonance regarding his sexuality. Kami is doing it for attention. That’s about it.

It’s important to reflect that we’ve just been pathologizing the sexualities of two attention whores, something that they probably get off on seeing. This isn’t something we should be having a heated argument about. It’s inconclusive and goes nowhere. We just need to accept that they’re both mentally unstable attention whores.

lol, they'd just be following conservative tradition. Was it National Review that used to host the big annual gay cruise? Buckley's family was even known for subverting the Catholic church too. Fuentes, proudly carrying on traditional conservative glownigger values, except he's probably so dumb/ignorant, he doesn't even know the glowing history parts of it
Bill Buckley was quite a Catholic traditionalist or at least fascinated by it. Subversion from one point of view maybe.


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10/10 lolcow/dramacow thread. Very modern filled with 'but is X lolcow behaviour?' And trying to tie people to other figures weather it be direct or indirect.
This is a truly exceptional individual akin to PPP they seem not to care if they get doxed swatted v& b& from various platform's.
What I find noteworthy besides it's funny is how quick Kami went from groypers on discord a thread on /cow/ and wignats on Telegram promoting him to being snatched by a Russian fan base essentially running pr for him on Telegram even quarantining the weebs in separate chats.
(Plus the mainstream media)
Here's a message I grabbed before the chat was nuked.

He's a trans nigga and Nick the knife is trans age. A match made in wignat heaven.


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The dude is clearly funny and talented. He is sucking plastic cocks for attention so that he can use the clout to get his unique message of genetic egoism across. Kami is a whignat jihadi, he is willing to sacrifice his own purity for the sake of the greater good as he sees it.
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what a fucking blessed clip

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Maybe he's a lolcow not because he is reacting negatively to drama or how things usually go, but because he's so much of a nutjob it's funny as shit. He knows it too, I mean he's probably aware of a lot of the shit going on in the circle's he's a part of, plus probably aware of the thread, and is creating more content BECAUSE he wants the noteriety.