CatboyKami / Lolisocks - Deranged Attention Whore, Homoerrotic Provocateur, Nick Fuentes's Boyfriend, Co-Founder of the Cat Nats, a (ironic) fag

Update from catboy Kami/lolisocks server & Telegram.
New stream soon. Hopefully he wears the rabbi outfit like he promised last time.

Does anyone know what platform he uses to live stream? I see he has DLive, so i'm assuming that is where he'll be. It should be starting in about 25 mins & I wanted to check this shit show out for a little bit. I hate to say it, but it is growing on me a bit.
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I'm going to unlock all the achievements.
This new breed of cow is highly interesting yet it seems they have a short half-life. :optimistic: although I hope cat boy can turn the tide.
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He's a faggot and anyone who openly associates with him is a faggot too, but his shit reminds me of the Golden days of IRL streaming where you could have retards doing stupid stunts on camera for views.
He's not a faggot, he's Australian, they share similarities but are otherwise different, for example faggots whine about being called faggots, whereas Austrialians call pretty much everyone faggots or cunts as a national pastime.