CatboyKami / Lolisocks - Deranged Attention Whore, Homoerrotic Provocateur, Nick Fuentes's Boyfriend, Co-Founder of the Cat Nats, a (ironic) fag


I cant game
Do you expect I have a photo of some autistic child from high school from 5 years ago?
no but we expect you to go thru your yearbook
I know Kami irl and this new guy is lying. His real name is Richard Coxx, and he's an independently wealthy bitcoin millionaire. I met him when he had an orgy with my second cousin twice removed on grindr.
dude same. he fucked my Mom at that orgy.


Don't speak to me or my daughter ever again
True & Honest Fan
I think I might be coming around to CatboiKami.
First, it was slight intrigue, then it was bemusement, now I’m kind of rooting for him. Not even ‘I like his ideas’, but just because if this motherfucker can still be streaming, it means hope hasn’t been lost.
May just be the old Milo "fags get away with murder" thing.