Catherine: Full Body reported to be ‘adjusting’ its transphobia after backlash—but is it enough? -

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Tanner Glass
... Isn't it just about relationship drama or w.e?

The game heavily promotes heterosexuality and procreation/babymaking.

The games start out with minor relationship drama. Vincent, our protagonist, is in a comfortable place in his relationship with Katherine (with a K). She wants to get married and have children and he doesn't (or isn't sure he what he wants, depending on your choices).

Catherine with a "C" shows up and creates several small forced "relationship drama" moments.

However, the main "meat and potatoes" of the game is the nightmare realm that Vincent (and many other men) get sent to. All men that get sent to the shadow realm are sent there by Ishtar, the Goddess of Fertility for wasting the time of fertile women who want children.

Vincent is targeted for wasting Katherine's time when she wants a child, the other minor characters are targeted for similar reasons. Erica (the tranny formerly know as Eric that everyone is mad about again) is targeted for sterilizing himself and is punished as a man despite the implied SRS surgery.

I thought it was a somewhat interesting story/twist, but the plot is literally "if you fuck up having kids a god will literally try and kill you".

John Titor

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I wonder what's being changed because from the spoilers I saw, I see a whole big bunch of nothing.