Catherine Full Body - also shitstorm on the new ending

>Japan why don't you meet this extremely specific subset of West Coast US standards

I will never understand why these people who are openly racist towards the Japs and the way the write try to act like they are some authority on what types of characters and stories can be told. Like how do you write a trans character who passes extremely well, and has been this way since high school/college that manages to lay a new addition to the friend group? Its not as though everyone started shitting on the guy or Erica. The characters knew, treated her with dignity and then when the reveal comes that the two characters slept together they act more shocked towards the guy who didn't know, which maybe if a group of people who had grown up with a trans friend for the past several years would act like because to them its common knowledge that maybe they don't have to vocally acknowledge at this point because its the norm and not the only fucking thing Erica talks about.
Its been a while since I played through the story mode but I always thought of Erica as one of the more thoughtfully written trans characters, rather than the ones you get who are thrown in just to be trans and talk about how hard their life was and is. Erica seemed to centralize her character around the situation and the groups troubles rather than "OH WOE IS ME BEING 0.2% OF THE POPULATION. LET ME TELL YOU ABOUT ALL THE WAYS I AM OPPRESSED AND BEING HELD BACK DUE TO BLAH BLAH BLAH", hell maybe if these people took half a second to really think about this they would consider the struggle that would be going on with her being pulled into the nightmares that only effect men as well. I'm probably biased but I think that is a more interesting take then "X Ys trannies because of Z" where its generally just made to generate hate rather than a real discussion on the "issue".

More on topic anyway, did the PC re-release fix the problems with the last of the bonus stages? I remember the US PS3 version had an issue where it was only a small percent of layouts would be completable, or only the multiplayer version could be finished.

Someone in a Tree

It's the ripple, not the sea that is happening

John Titor

Pronouns: time/temporal/tempself

Haven't seen the ending yet, but if it's anything like 'friend convinces another friend that he's great the way he is and doesn't need to drastically change' that's supposed to be the fucking standard now (despite making fat people even fatter.)
someone who loves another person just the way he/she is while helping them as much as they can despite appearance, and not even caring about anything else in the world just to make the other guy happy. god that's so sweet


It's okay, i'm a tankbuster.
Played the original on ps3 in 2013 and just bought it again on Steam the other day. The block puzzle gameplay is just so damn fun. Vincent is a bit annoying at times but the added tranny triggering more than makes up for it. The guys are so casual about throwing shade at Erica (the troon). Hilarious.

Hahaha I wonder how these "peoples" reacted to the beach scenes from P3 and 5 and Naoto from P4.
Even when in P2:Innocent Sin there was a joke about a trans hitting on the mc and the party acting kinda disgusted/Eikichi being oblivious to it. (I don't remember exactly which one it was)

I remember people mad at Naoko not being a guy and Kanji not being gay.
Regarding Naoto here's an explanation on how it was "triggering"
P4 spoiler so beware
>tomboy grew up with detective/noir novels where the hero was a stoic man.
>Wanted to be a great detective like her grandfather and associated that with being a man
>Becomes a tomboy and works as a junior detective
>Her dungeon revolves around her dhadow self saying she's playing dress up and wants to complete the facade by doing surgery to turn her into a boy (which she opposes).
>after you finish her dungeon and her social link, she says she's more comfortable being a girl now and can be a great female detective.
>in golden, if you tell her you like her dressed as a girl and then ask her to spend christmas with you, she'll turn up in a dress (which caused salt from trannies back then)


Grade - F Destruction
God speed Smugjaku for weathering this assault by the Soyviet Union for our amusement.


Stylish Shitposter
This shit just got spicy;

The pics in that thread of troons and SJWs shitting themselves refusing to backpedal is fucking amazing, I don't think I've ever laughed this hard.

Bless you Smug Jaku.
Just have to check and we have someone with a thread here, like clockwork

Edit: Niche gamer put their 5 cents in practically what we already know

This resume pretty much what everyone has to do with RetardEra

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First the Covington thing, then the Jussie Smollet "attack," and now this? I know as a new story this pales in comparison to the other two but it feels like there's been a massive spike in the outrage machine getting hyped up on shit that immediately turns out to be a lie.

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