Catherine Full Body - also shitstorm on the new ending

Sun Shihong

Fez assim quando era pra fazer assado?
I love the butthurt.

Me, I believe a writer's conscience is sovereign for their work, they should write what they feel would best suit their story concept, public opinion can go fuck itself if it's going to force the writer to never write anything controversial or experimental.

Some of the best works that have stood the test of time have been the ones that have triggered the fuck out of all sorts of people, and besides, I'd rather peruse a work of fiction that doesn't treat certain groups as sacred cows, because that's boring as shit.

Besides, REEtardERA wants more transgender representation, but they want trannies to be perfect even though anything based on the slightest on reality is not perfect, and I'd rather take a transgender person who is depicted as a PERSON like done in Catherine as opposed to the sanitized trannies can do no wrong horseshit the whiners want.
I believe that making a character perfect and without flaws isn't even representation to begin with, but rather virtue signaling propaganda. Even pornographic stuff, like the T.S. I love you manga series, for example, do a better work at representing transgenders than anything those brainless orwellian tyrants will ever be able to produce.

Assuming that Reset exceptional individuals do anything besides banning "wrongthinkers" and bitching over non issues, that is.

isn't it cute how Resetera made threads to try and doxx and get Hashino fired(lol,good luck with that.There's barely info about the guy online other than that he joined Atlus in 1994.We don't even know how old he is.),you know,the things they accuse Kiwifarms of doing?I guess it's okay when it's them doing it for their cause...

Oh Shit I'm Sorry

According to ResetERA being a man is super easy because patriarchy while being a train is infinitely more difficult because they tend to kill themselves a lot. So if Catherine went back in time to make everyone's lives better wouldn't undoing EricA's trainsformation fit the theme?

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How many more cows must want to kill themselves over surgery before the community will realize it may be a bad idea?
Never. For the trans community, going up against SRS is verboten. Communities will exile you. They sing its praises but deny all the reality that it makes no difference in morbidity or mortality of trans people. Nor does it affect dysphoria. Many who have the surgery still have dysphoria. We don't know how many, because talking bad about SRS (again) is fucking forbidden in trans communities and you will get rapidly shut out if you report bad experiences from it. People go in thinking their dysmorphia will be cured, but it really doesn't.

This is why troons fight so hard against anyone condemning child hormone replacement. Because anything that infringes on that is viewed as transphobic. Nobody is afraid of trans people. Do whatever you want. Don't force your fucking morality on me. I'm not going to automatically accept that every trans character needs to be angelic or except every troon that crosses my path. The 'T' in LGBT is really fucking them over. They're loud, obnoxious and make no fucking attempts at passing. Shit, I've seen drag queens who pass better and they aren't fucking on HRT. Maybe if you tried looking like a woman you'd be accepted as one. But you don't even bother, so why in the ever living fuck should I? I never understood it. Like that fucktarded beast in that Gamestop video. Nobody is ever going to accept you as a woman. Shut the fuck up cunt. You're six foot three and built like a brick shit-house with ratty hair and bad make up and a jawline that could chisel fucking concrete.

'You are making no attempt at passing, but you want a medal because you're spending massive amounts of money on drugs and surgery. I guess everyone in Hollywood should get a medal too.'

Nigger, you don't want to be a woman. You just want to LARP as a victim and then delude yourself that you're trans. That's why the trans suicide rates are sky high. Because you get these victim LARPers who aren't really trans but delude themselves they are and when they finally collapse they kill themselves. There's no fucking way there is as many trans people in reality than we are seeing right now. Which is why you have a lot of psychologists anonymously saying that Gender-Dysmorphia is being over-diagnosed because people are super fucking sensitive and you can lose your job and livelihood for going against the narrative. Psychiatrists and psychologists don't want to lose their job over some fuckhead screaming about it over the internet so they just follow through. Or the troons find one that will just sign off on anything because they're 100% convinced and don't even take the time to explore that maybe they have deeper issues and aren't dysphoric.

So a lot of fucked up people are going troon when they're really not, the community is so fucking dysfunctional it'd rather not admit it and want every boy who dresses in girl's clothing and every female tomboy to be trans. When both are perfectly normal exploratory behaviors for children.

For a group that is seemingly oppressed, they have a ton of rights and privileges that not even other minority groups have. Maybe because they think 'talking shit' is oppression.

Sinners Sandwich

Eid Htrad Redav Eid !
It's 2019 Atlus! Don't you know that the entire world is woke now?? Why don't you listen to triggered western sjw on twitter? 5 of them even cancelled their order!

Worst Game Company 2019!

Nova Prime

Narrow Minded writing, Overextended thinking

I am quitting Catherine

cw: severe transphobia

In the new Catherine game, there is an ending that "claims to give everyone (or the protagonist?) a better life" and goes back in time in such a way that Erica never transitions

There is a team of writers who have not only made no effort to undo the sloppy, hateful writing for Erica in the original game, but actually managed to double down and write one of the most harmful things I've ever seen in a game. There are other transphobic scenes as well.

I have spent the last 7 years cultivating a community over the puzzle fighting game that just happened to be attached to the story of Catherine. I have always felt ashamed by the transphobic content in the story. When I heard we were getting a sequel, the first thing that came to my mind and my persistent fear was that they would do it again, and worse, and it happened. It is so much worse than I feared.

I have, in the last hour, seen my friends pained, shocked reactions

I am so livid, I am so crushed, I wish I was fucking surprised


I announced I was going to be streaming the game on Sunday, I'm definitely not doing that.

The more I think about the entire thing there's only one thing I can do that's serious enough to match this.
I have to walk away from this game, completely.

I'm not playing the single player, I'm not playing the multiplayer, I'm not fucking going to tournaments and I'm not going to retweet streams.

This team of writers should be fired for their dangerous and consistent transphobic speech and I am absolutely fucking disgusted that I helped them sell this dumpster fire of a story that might make even one person believe in their slimy and hateful rhetoric.

They do this with every single game they make and they're only getting more and more brazen about it, so I don't care to try to find a way to make any of this okay. It's not. It's obviously not. I refuse to support media that harms people.

That's how I feel right now.


I'm devastated for the competitive Catherine community I have spent so much time with.

We met and bonded over puzzles and competition, and for many of us it became our favorite game genre with only one entry. I don't want to burn the puzzle fighting genre to the ground, but nevertheless I can't support this game.

Please don't hold it against those who continue to compete in this genre.

Imagine quitting a game because the Japanese cater more to their own people than pleb foreigners like you.


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and the PSP remake toned that putting sunglasses on him...
That was generally because making him too blatantly Hitler likely wouldn't fly in countries like Germany for localization reasons, and the shades even got a funny shoutout in Persona 5 when that shady TV executive turned online storeowner Tanaka even wore the exact same shades.

There's an Era banned games list? I have to read this NOW.

EDIT: Holy shit, yes! Time to do some appropriate research on Tits N Tanks.
I checked their list, and what a bunch of pansies.

Over half the games on said list are either specifically pandering to the tits and ass crowd or are adults only anyway, it's really just a list of things they are being prudes over.

the autist of dojima

I need more ratings, ratings control everything
Also don't forget that Persona 2 had actual Adolf Hitler wielding the Spear of Destiny as a final boss.
Also persona 2 featured a teenager prostitute, tranny lucifer, that time yhvh genocided the planet, digital devil saga in general, a 14 year old boy wanting to commit suicide and murder in p3, all those demons with fucked up lore, lucifer having a child with doomguy, i could go on

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