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Feb 15, 2021
I’m so glad to find out that someone I have hated (online) for so long has a thread. Cecily’s one skill in life is photoshopping away her chins. The suburban house they lost in Lansdowne was on a very cute street, and the school district, while not great, was at least a suburban one. Then they moved (allegedly deliberately) into a really shitty area of Philly that was at no risk of gentrification, and put their daughter in a “school” that was laughably bad even by local standards. Her online description of Tori coming out as “pan-sexual” at age TEN was nauseating if not downright illegal.

If Tori is now illiterate but not actually feral, that’s probably the best possible outcome.


Jul 8, 2021
Necroing this thread for an update. Looks like Cecily finally got a job. She works at Percepture as a Senior Digital Strategist. She has a website listed in her bio as cicilyk.com, but there's nothing there. Not very strategic. She's clearly never picked back up her ketogenic diet and is still a whale, although it appears she is finally making her way back to the ocean.
Unfortunately (or maybe mercifully considering Lewy Body Dementia), her mother passed away from Covid. For being an "abusive narc", Cecily seems pretty broken up about it. Or, maybe she's just putting-on for asspats, since it got her 10x more likes than her normal tweet.
Tori is in "9th grade" and still into danger hair and elf ears. She's still wearing the same overalls which are now three sizes too small.
(Sorry, spoiler won't work from my phone)


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Mar 23, 2021
Most of the people I know who came from Sudbury/Steiner/alternative schools did fine. They disproportionately came from educated households where there was a lot of learning baked into the cake -- the type of places where the parent says the kid is self-guiding, but they subtly guide the kid to self-guide into a pressing interest in "the wars of the Balkans" rather than "10,000 hours on video games." And that self-interest involves a family trip to the Balkans organized to support the child's interest. They might expect the kid's consent before doing math, but they're not adverse to talking the kid's ear off about the benefits of math until said consent is obtained. Steiner kids aren't allowed to spend much or any time online or watching TV. They're outside a lot. Most of the ones I'm aware of went to university. Sometimes the parents got some tutoring at the end so they were ready for that, but they didn't think it was contrary to the philosophy, because the kid wanted to go to university so the family was making it happen. These families almost all had significant financial and community resources that Cecily doesn't. Plus if a child really isn't learning in an alternative/Steiner/Sudbury school, most parents will move them somewhere else before ninth grade.

The Philly Free School is a pretty depressing incarnation of its type. The ideal alternative school is an attractive facility with lots of tempting educational resources to spark the child's interest.

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Sep 1, 2014
If anything were to happen, Cecily would take Tori for an abortion, then make a post about it lauding her for being a brave shero who exercised her right to choose.
Lauding them for being a brave they-ro who exercised their right to choose, you mean. I'm sure it comes as a shock to no one that the poor kiddo now uses nonbinary pronouns.

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Sep 5, 2019
Here’s Tori’s latest back to fool pic:
Who are the two people in the beach shot? Tori and who else?
It’s Cecily and her half-sister. They had the same father but never met until recently. The half-sister and her daughter came to Philly and the three of them went everywhere but the dentist’s office.


Cecily still makes that stupid butthole face:

Looking slim:


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Mar 24, 2016
So Tori's definitely binding now. Well, no surprise that a mom who clearly envied her kid would strive to make the child as self-hating and ugly as possible, and that Cecily would ensure Tori has at least as much trouble reproducing as Cecily herself. She's going straight from the narc mom's playbook. After a couple years of binding, Tori's breasts will be misshapen and deformed to the point where it'll seem like compassion to remove them. From there, the hysterectomy's not far behind. Who'll hit menopause first?
Mar 23, 2021
Binding a pubescent girl seems so incredibly perverse. So many girls feel discomfort about breast growth during puberty, especially girls who have larger breasts. Up until five minutes ago, all the normal people would have said that you should help them become comfortable with their changing bodies, not start them on the path to self-mutilation. It's like the foot-binding of our age.

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Aug 4, 2019
It’s amazing how Cecile and Jill Rodrigues are probably driven by similar disorders, but one encourages her daughter to dress like a boy and the other makes her daughters prep to be hyperfeminine broodmares. I guess the only thing that matters is that mom is in control.

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