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The Shadow

The Shadow knows!
His opinions on Trump hardly factor into why I view him as a lolcow. It can be obnoxious, but he's no different in that regard to any other schlub with a Twitter account.

Probably about to get into some sperging, so get those autism reactions ready...

I think the biggest factor for me in why I view him as a lolcow is how he seems to have "sold out" and entered a mixture of hypocrite and appealing to the WOKE!!! crowd.

Take for example his thoughts on Kubrick's adaptation of The Shining. He fucking hates it, seeing it as completely missing the point of his novel and feeling cold and sterile. While I disagree with him, I can understand why he feels that way in wanting film adaptations to stick somewhat faithful to the source.

Then we get The Dark Tower movie, something I had been dying for, as those novels mean a great deal to me. I was so psyched! Then we get Idris Elba as Roland. Elba is a good actor, but Roland is explicitly stated to be white. His skin color plays a fairly major role in the novels regarding one of his traveling companions. Voice one iota of skepticism, and you get bombarded with cries of "racist!"

When the movie (which tried cramming 8 doorstopper length novels into 90 minutes...and you better believe King shilled the fuck out of it) bombed horrifically, his big suggestion to improve it was "give Roland a hat in the next one"

The fuck???

Another case of him being a hypocrite regarding film adaptations not being faithful to the novels is the recent remake of Pet Sematary. Movie's still new so I won't go into a detailed description, but it changes a great deal and deviates VERY heavily from the book. Kubrick's movie is hot garbage but these movies are a-ok?

He's gotten into a recent revival of popularity, is raking in some serious cash and I think he just doesn't give a shit anymore about staying true to his morals. Whore out the latest movie, no matter how dreadful it is, rake in the dough and snark at "haters" who wonder what the hell happened to him.

catches breath I think I'm done now.
Kubrick's movie probably doesn't give him as big a royalty cut.


Kubrick's movie probably doesn't give him as big a royalty cut.
I think there's another reason why King still holds a grudge towards Kubrick's rendition of The Shining more than any other adaption that deviates and/or shits on his work. King was supposedly going through some emotional turmoil at the time and writing The Shining was a way of trying to exorcise whatever inner demons he had. As a result, King sees Kubrick simplifying and omitting elements in the original story - most notably regarding how Jack Torrance was handled - as not only a poor adaption, but a slap in the face.

Everything else WinterMoonsLight mentioned still holds up, though.
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