Celebrity Sex Trade - Anyone is available, for a price

The OP was about adult celebrity chicks selling their booty to pay the upkeep for very lavish lifestyle. How is that different from "sugar daddy" -culture in general, except that it's about really rich sugar daddies and really top-notch bitches?
I dunno man. I don't mean to be the "sharp elbows 3/10 would not bang" but if I was paying literal millions of dollars I would be expecting more than most of what was posted here.

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Hollywood is a cesspit and hot girls will have sex with rich guys to get fame and wealth.

Also, water is wet, grass is green, and Liberace was very gay. More news at 11!

Looking back, I had sort of expected something like #MeToo was going to happen eventually thanks to the rise of social media and internet celebrities, and stuff like The Fappening and the backlash against Scientology making people more aware of how seedy Hollywood really is.

What I did not expect was the movement getting hijacked by Culture Wars nonsense and abandoning its goals of exposing Hollywood's dirty laundry to become a Satanic Panic-tier moral crusade directed at anyone with a Y chromosome.

I also did not expect that Harvey Weinstein would be the guy whose downfall kicked it off, especially considering how much influence he had in Hollywood beforehand.

I kind of expected that Charlie Sheen was going to be the Patient Zero of this shit show.

He's hated and blackballed by most of Hollywood, his career has been dead since Obama's first term, he's got a lot of nasty rumors of pedophilia and sexual sadism that have been circulating about him since at least the early 90's, and he's not protected by Scientology like Tom Cruise or John Travolta.

Seriously, if someone came out with concrete evidence that Charlie Sheen kept women and children locked in his basement next to his stash of pure cocaine and guro shotacon so he could act out his "Scarface meets The 120 Days of Sodom" dream life every Thursday since the 2000 Presidential Election, I would not be surprised in the slightest.

And yet nobody's Me Too'd him yet despite Sheen being a low-hanging fruit that can't really push back, has no real friends or supporters anymore, and would be an easy virtue points score since even normies stopped liking him once the "Winning" and tiger blood memes got old.

I've said this before, but I think Charlie Sheen is the one Hollywood sex pest who is immune precisely because he's such a sick degenerate fuck that he's been all over the different sleazy hotbeds of Hollywood iniquity and knows where the bodies are buried.

If Charlie Sheen got #MeToo'd by some naive burned-out starlet, he'd just air all the dirt he has on the real movers and shakers in Hollywood to take them down with him since he's got nothing to lose at this point and is crazy enough to spite them like that.


Looking back, I had sort of expected something like #MeToo was going to happen eventually thanks to the rise of social media and internet celebrities, and stuff like The Fappening and the backlash against Scientology making people more aware of how seedy Hollywood really is.

What I did not expect was the movement getting hijacked by Culture Wars nonsense and abandoning its goals of exposing Hollywood's dirty laundry to become a Satanic Panic-tier moral crusade directed at anyone with a Y chromosome.

A gossiper commented on this very thing at the time.

Argento didn't just pay off the 17 year old kid she raped, it's been shown on her social media that she'd been stalking him for years, was obsessed with him and had been grooming him for years. Some of her Instagram has been archived and it shows a weird obsession with CP style imagery and the occult.

At this point it's safe to say that poundmetoo was nothing more than a cover for Hollywood pedos.

Harvey was never that big of a deal by the standards of Hollywood, and by the time the New Yorker piece was released he was a mid level player at best. Throwing a fat, ugly Jew who confirms to all the stereotypes of Jew creeps in Hollywood was definitely diversion. Something major league triggered it, we'll prob never know, but def pedo related.

Poundmetoo was all ready to go as soon as the media onslaught on Weinstein started. Typical by the numbers astro turfing. It immediately sucked all the oxygen out of the room, and it had anyone with a penis scared shitless they'd be next. Note poundmetoo NEVER brings up pedophilia as a problem in Hollywood even though it's endemic in the industry. Now we know that the two central figures behind the movement is a pedo and a pedo enabler. Nothing else to say, case closed.

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Why not care about knowing the truth of a situation?

Selling your ass is typically not a smart decision if you have alternatives. Certainly I'd prefer my children to not sell their ass. Besides health risks and reputation risk, it is the surest way how a woman can sabotage her options for long term relationships.

So if an industry is rife with it, I'd like to know. And I can only know if people dare talk about it.

It's one of those shortcuts that has a lot of hidden costs to it.

To me, it has always been obvious that there is lots of sexual abuse/sexual favors being offered for better position in "cultural world", whether it's theater, music, films or art in general. It's kind of to be expected in an environment where people compete for fame and glory, and where those with more of that capital can uplift new people and thus push them further along their chosen path. The type of prostitution discussed in this thread isn't about people selling their ass for desperation, so I can't really see them as being exploited. They aren't doing it to bring food to the table, they are doing it to keep up insanely expensive lifestyle most people never even dream of having and to make connections that further their careers. If that's what they choose to do, as normally functioning adults, then who am I to judge them?



This celebrity offspring model-actress-whatever of two stars is in bad shape. Like dangerous, trainwreck type of bad shape. After being asked to take a break from college, by the college, due to her partying/drugs/sex, she needs lots of help, prayers, and rehab.

Last year she was affiliated with a high-price escort service run by a sleazy paparazzi agent (who uses bottled water ads as a catalog of available girls). The so-called "Fashion Water" is a front company who lists this always broke rapper as a spokesman and co-owner. A real co-owner is this momager herself. Most if not all the models posing in these water company ads are available for a price. Including this sister of this ex-Disney actress turned escort.

Our beautiful young celebutante raised eyebrows when she posted her modeling shoot for the water company all over her social media last year. Now, her drug use spiraling out of control, she's gone back to some of her ex-sorority sisters trying to get them to join her "career". The daughter clearly doesn't need the money or connections for fame. Maybe she's following in the footsteps of her Dad's ex-girlfriend. The girl is certainly following both parents' footsteps of drug abuse that has nearly killed them both over the years. She's gone from All-American goddess, California Girl cheerleader to coke-addicted escort. And is still not yet 21.


The barely there celebrity offspring of two former A listers has now made close to a dozen private porn videos with paying customers. It is only a matter of time before one leaks out to the public.



The lookalike ex of this always broke one named rapper has caught the eye of Janet Jackson's ex. Apparently caught it to the point where she landed multiple modeling jobs she wasn't even up for and thousands of dollars in gifts every day.



The last PR suggested "relationship" for this foreign born former A list boy bander when the foreign born model got really upset at the insinuation. It was hurting her business. Now, the PR people have come up with something even more impossible. A model who would only date outside her own gender if there was a massive amount of money involved.

Former Boy Bander - Liam Payne - One Direction


Suggested beard - Stella Maxwell - Victoria Secret, Face of Max Factor

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This three named former A list celebrity has been earning money as of late by being a threesome partner. Her specialty is doing strip teases and then inviting the female in the relationship to join in with her and the male.



I'm drunk.
The dance card so to speak of this B+ list mostly movie actress with a long long running franchise has been full the past few days. She has been welcomed back by many of her former customers who says she is the best threesome partner of all time.



When this A-/B+ list actress has been giving interviews as of late, she has left off the portion where she is always hooking up with a porn actress. Our actress is married and not the highest listed in the family.


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Is this all just speculations? Because this thread really has a lot of potential, but if the only confirmed case is Lohan then it is no better than a tumblr wankfanfic.

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Is this all just speculations? Because this thread really has a lot of potential, but if the only confirmed case is Lohan then it is no better than a tumblr wankfanfic.
Enty is a Hollywood lawyer and I doubt anyone would be autistic enough to spend half a decade tracking this shit just to troll (:optimistic: I know.)
He hides behind giving people obvious clues and having them come up with the people so he doesn't get sued for defamation.


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I bet pinkett is used to watching porn on account of whatever degenerate hollywood hills orgies she needed to frequent while climbing that social ladder. Not even joking. I don't wish to elaborate.
Enty is a Hollywood lawyer and I doubt anyone would be autistic enough to spend half a decade tracking this shit just to troll (:optimistic: I know.)
He hides behind giving people obvious clues and having them come up with the people so he doesn't get sued for defamation.
Nvm then, this shit is gold.


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Some of the stuff on Tag The Sponsor is DARK. Apparently all those rich arabs drop big loot to have their sons deflowered by hollywood starlets & singers. The boys are underage (and already peeing on women).

Deeper in the site I found an article comprised of a used up old whore trying to tell herself she made the right choices, but I urge you to read it without judgement for as long as possible and think about WHY people choose this.

I grew up in a small, rural town in western Oklahoma, where most girls grow up to be mothers and secretaries, baggers at Wal-Mart, pill heads, maybe a teacher or nurse, if they’re lucky enough to go to college. Growing up, I harbored a great deal of angst towards this system and the lack of resources available to the women I knew. I was determined to not fall in to this cycle of poverty and unfulfilling careers, food stamps and custody battles. I was not content with marrying a farmer or getting knocked up by the sweet talking local meth dealer. I needed to get out. Being the delusional and naive teenager that I was, “getting out” came in the form of a strip club called The Red Dog, a seedy, local haunt located in Oklahoma City. I had just turned 18. I was young, hot and ready to make money, mostly so that I could get out of Oklahoma. I idolized the video vixens, models and porn stars I saw on the internet, as well as the OG strippers at The Red Dog. These women slinked around the club with purpose, grotesquely large breast implants bouncing perfectly in tune to the sound of their long painted fingernails counting dollar bills. Not one of these women ever seemed particularly happy, but they did appear to be rich and independent. I was still young and naïve enough to associate money and material items with happiness. As I’ve gotten older, I am continuously reminded that the two are not as connected as I originally thought.

Working at The Red Dog, I learned skills that will probably be ingrained in me for the rest of my life. Like how much men enjoy being told that they’re handsome, for instance. I learned to identify insecure men pretty quickly and, very much like a predator, sought out the insecure ones, knowing that they would pay me simply to lie to them, to tell them that they’re handsome and smart and wonderful. I also learned that you can make more money by giving hand jobs in the VIP section and that it’s smart to tip the manger on duty well because he’ll look the other way when you’re giving these hand jobs.

Five years later, and I’ve graduated from stripping, a move most young women in this industry eventually make. Ever seen a sponsorette post, “there are levels to this shit”, in regards to her “hustle”? Here’s a brief break down of those levels:

  1. Stripper
  2. Sugar baby to some creep met at the strip club
  3. “Companion” (prostitute) to alleged creep met at strip club
  4. Companion to multiple men met at strip club
  5. Quits stripping- full time escort (usually works on backpage/escort agency/pimp)
  6. Upscale escort
  7. Part time sugar baby/escort/”model”

During the years that I was a stripper, like a lot of girls, I picked up a pretty hefty drug habit. When I was 22 I made the decision to move to Houston, Texas, get my shit together, get clean and quit sex work forever. I had tried to repress the memories I had of stripping best I could but found that the consequences of these experiences would seep through the cracks of my memory and in to my life in ways I hadn’t ever expected. Relationships were (and are) hard, for instance. When it came to men, I was completely detached and resentful, comparing every dude who tried to be in a relationship with me to the men I knew from the club. With women I was distrusting and uninterested, as I didn’t see anything they could offer me. It was, and is, difficult to connect with people in general .For a lot of young girls who may have had their hearts broken or been hurt by men (or women) in their past, this sort of outlook may seem desirable. Rarely, “catching feelings” or becoming truly invested or vulnerable with another person seems safer, right? Not exactly. This sort of thinking may work in certain situations (like hoeing, for instance), but it’s mostly just lonely and depressing. I’ve learned that in order to live any sort of a fulfilling, purposeful life, connecting with other humans on a level that isn’t shallow or motivated by money, is crucial. I would not suggest to anyone to adapt the “fuck friends” philosophy. It doesn’t get you where you think it will.

Ultimately, I made it about a year before the lure of sex work began to creep back in to my life. Houston is a flashy place, where money cars and clothes dominate the culture and identity of many of its residents. I enviously observed other young women I saw who, unlike me, were able to afford Audis and Louboutins, designer bags and plastic surgery. It wasn’t long before I met a girl who had also been a stripper while using and wanted to get back in to it. We constructed a concrete plan to keep each other sober and went for an audition. Within a few weeks, I had quit my coffee shop job and was stripping 5 nights a week. Not long after, I met my first John.

He as a middle aged, married music producer with a small dick and bad breath. His name was Ralph and I still physically cringe every time I think about him. He paticuraly liked my friend and one night after an hour long lap dance session at the club, asked her if she would ever consider coming to his home for a “more private setting”. She said yes, but only if I could come too. A few days later and we nervously drove to a hotel to meet him, not knowing what to expect. That night, we danced for Ralph and lounged around in his hotel room. He bought us gifts on Amazon that would be sent to our homes and payed us each $500. We were there all of two hours. We left elated and joyous, high on the adrenaline of easy money. I had arrived.

Flash forward 2 months and this girl and I no longer work in the strip club. Instead, we solicited all of our best customers to our “private dance parties”. With Ralph, the question of sex eventually came up and in desperation to continue this relationship, we both relented. I’ll never forget the first time I had sex for cash. It was torturous and thrilling, all at the same time. Despite the discomfort however, sex became the norm with my customers. Some days I actually preferred it, as it was quicker and more efficient than actually having to talk with or pretend to like them.

Since this first experience, I have yet to get a normal job. Sex work, in whatever form, is truly addicting. Besides the money, the feelings you develop about yourself in the process make it difficult to believe you’re worthy of working a job you’re actually interested in or passionate about. Since then, I’ve worked for escort agencies, but I never last very long. I prefer to work for myself, having found that most of these agencies function as glorified pimps, exploiting and capitalizing on the girls they employ. I always felt as if I’d rather die than be pimped out, by anyone. Pimping however, can come in a lot of different forms. In many ways, I’ve really just been a pimp to my own soul.

Of all the things I’ve learned in my work, the concept that “nothing is ever free” has been the most important. I see lots of young girls who become disillusioned to this idea that if they remain an escort one day they’ll meet some imaginary rich older man who will demand nothing more of them than to be pretty and act sweetly. In return, they believe they’ll receive more money than they’ll ever need and can finally “stunt on their haters”, or whatever. This is bullshit. There is a price on everything. I used to believe that I made money just by being pretty. It wasn’t until years later that I learned there was an actual exchange happening in this process. The exchange in this case, was my own spiritual, emotional and mental wellbeing.Before you consider entering this industry ask yourself, “is there a price to be put on my soul”? In many ways, I wish I had.

Today, I try to approach my work as an actual job, or service, not some “get rich quick” scheme. I’m still sober, and in school full time. I try to be good to people, in and out of my job. Luckily, I have a sponsor in AA who I am totally honest with. Having to tell her things like, “I sucked on a strangers balls today… but he payed me $800!” isn’t easy, but it’s worth it. Having a confidant is extremely important. Really, writing this is helpful for me. I don’t want to be fucking ashamed anymore, and I’ve learned that being shameful about who I am and what I’ve done is more detrimental than telling the truth. Also, I want to expose the reality of the “sponsorette lifestyle”, so that young girls who become consumed by it can understand what’s really going on. It isn’t something to be glorified. Fighting for your life, for your dreams, and for your soul is. These people (trollops, sponsorettes, IG models, etc) are selling dreams based off lies. The truth, is that they afford the things they flash on the internet because they sell pussy. That’s it.

It's hard work, it's soul crushing work, but it's still lazy. See how proud she is to mention those Louboutin shoes? Like she went out and earned them kicks? Like, I get the feeling she can wear those shoes and be so happy, finally got the perfect kicks and you'd never knew she sucked off an entre room full of Armenians to get it. Hell, I doubt the reality of it even crosses her mind. How the fuck do people do that?
But they're still lining up to this day - these people know what they're getting into. It's the chance of a lifetime [?] Is 30 grand worth it, or is there a mindset involved that I can't grasp? A catch 22 of some sort?

I wondered if this low-key upper level type shit was real for years until enough people IRL just layed out the hows & whos of the industry. It's creepy on another level to me because of what a huge machine exists to funnel these women around the world, passing through events like Cannes along the way. I'm blown away, not just that people who are already so blessed are so willing to do this. It's that they WANT to do it - Hell, they'd step over their dying mother for a chance to suck a room of dicks on a yacht by the Palm Jumerah. These women are HUNGRY.

Look how thirsty this bitch is for that oil money:


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Crazy Days and Nights is 90% bullshit but they can and have dropped accurate blind items that break months into years ahead of time. I’m pretty sure they talked about some of #MeToo actors years ahead of time. So they do get some items that are true but hard to suss out from the bullshit. Although you could claim any actor or actress at random of some degenerate act and have it be right so who knows, it could be getting some things right by coincidence. Which is why I’m not surprised to hear that some actresses get paid big money to be some oil sheikh’s blow up doll for a weekend.

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