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Oct 24, 2015
Meet Chagen (aka Frostav Daccos, Chagen46, Agni, Frostav, Tagento66, Hlrest, Vadara, Bebjad, and Bhjaddho) an autistic, half-black, bisexual, furry, weeaboo, brony, 4channer (/d/ and /a/ especially), adult baby/diaper fetishist, coprophiliac, attention whoring, anti-Gamergate, shotacon-loving sick fuck that hates yuri from San Antonio, Texas who has been permabanned on a lot of communities he has sperged out in.

I was talking to @chimpburgers and happened to find someone on reddit that seemed like a Person of Interest. I started investigating and, like a Russian nesting doll, quickly found a string of aliases connecting one another which led back to Chagen, a sick fuck weeaboo who was infamous for shitting up TV Tropes and anime communities and openly talking about his coprophilia, diaper fetish, and pedophile fantasies.

He was apparently a diehard Christian, despite his sick fuck nature, until doing an about face: "I'm a social democracy-favoring left-wing atheist who would give a GOP member a heart attack. I'm also an egilatarian/feminist of the highest degree, to the point of causing minor scuffles in other forums due to being...militiant, to say the least." - Chagen, at the zompist bboard


DoB: October 4th, 1995

He lives in San Antonio, Texas and was going to the University of Texas at San Antonio (UTSA). As of April 2019, he has dropped out of college, lied to his parents that he was still going, and plans to remain a NEET until his parents kick him out.

His ED page (doesn't seem to have kept up with him over years): https://encyclopediadramatica.rs/Chagen46

https://www.reddit.com/user/Vadara (http://archive.md/geABY)
https://www.reddit.com/user/Frostav (http://archive.md/ULUfo)
https://steamcommunity.com/id/fdaccos (http://archive.md/eAtsz)
http://aveneca.com/cbb/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=3035&start=20 (http://archive.md/b5mur)
https://twitter.com/FDaccos/with_replies?lang=en (http://archive.md/CWigV)
https://twitter.com/chagen46/with_replies (http://archive.md/cdihk)
Anime News Network also there as Chagen46
http://itjustbugsme.com/forums/profile/35/Chagen (Lolbanned)
http://www.adisc.org/forum/members/chagen46.html (Seems to be deleted, was an adult baby fetish site: http://archive.md/www.adisc.org)
http://www.serebiiforums.com/member.php?u=110903 (Need an account to view)
http://myanimelist.net/profile/Frostav (http://archive.md/SSWvG)
http://www.gamefaqs.com/users/Chagen46/boards (Here someone wants to know why he hasn't been banned yet for being such a sperg)
https://web.archive.org/web/20110111150021/http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Tropers/Chagen46 (lolbanned)
http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/posts.php?discussion=13058949630A67253100&page=6065 (Ban evading as Frostav, maybe banned?)
http://forum.theonyxpath.com/member/4801-frostav (lolbanned)
http://www.neogaf.com/forum/member.php?u=555473 (lolbanned)
https://shiroganenosuiren.wordpress...isode-3-some-rants-and-relevant-observations/ (raging in the comments)
"Diapered Anime" site
Shotachan Forums
http://www.incatena.org/viewtopic.php?f=5&t=35241&start=6525 Zombist bboard
http://danbooru.donmai.us/users/247394 Danbooru
http://fstdt.com/QuoteComment.aspx?QID=80540&Page=2#1277675 Chagen used to be active here but was banned
Nintendo Network ID: RazziZadhna
https://miiverse.nintendo.net/users/RazziZadhna/posts ("Oh god no. He's taking panty shots of every princess in Mario Kart 8. Including the baby ones.")
PSN: Chagen46
Xbox: Tagento66
https://www.fanfiction.net/u/5075755/Razzi-Zadhna Fanfic.net.
https://www.fictionpress.com/u/824165/Razzi-Zadhna Another fanfic site.
https://www.shrinemaiden.org/forum/index.php/topic,17602.msg1155224.html#msg1155224 Touhou fansite he got banned from, including changing his title to 'bye chagen'.
http://mkboards.com/forums/data/avatars/l/2/2816.jpg?1403721467 (lolbanned)

As with many lolcows, Chagen is into Sonic the Hedgehog.
Alan teh Hedgehog

Name: Alan


Age:about 10

Relatives: Topaz and Lazlo

Parents:Hachtoirso(Short name: Hach, pronounced like "hack") and Lanerlada(SHort name:Lana, pronounced wit both a's short (See below)

Powers: Can manipulate fire, and has the powers of sonic.

Personal qoute: IMA KILL YOU SUCKA!

Computer of choice: Alienware laptop

Car of choice: SCC SSQ

Magazine of choice: Pr0n

Interests: pr0n, guns, soda, cars, secks

Firearm of choice: Shotgun

Bladed weapon of choice: Katana

Personality: Alan has a crazy and perverted personality and will go crazy all the time. He likes speed and destruction and loves to use guns. He always acts brash and rushes before thinking, and stays in place for a very short amount of time. He pisses off his mom a lot and usually blows up his school before the ends. Despite this, he is actually smart and possesses the wit to get out of sticky situations.

Bio: Alan has an interesting story. He hails from Thaxx, a planet the size of the milky way. It srly is that big. Anyway, You know sonic the hedgehog, right? Well, about 16 years ago,
His fame spread to Thaxx. People were amazed at his EPIC skillz, and wished for a hero that amazing. Meanwhile, a scientist hedgehog by the name of Hachtoirso was working in his lab, investigating a newly discovered process that allowed people to take the DNA and genes of a person. This was of no use to anybody except Hach. Why? Because Hach had a secret: He was the distant cousin of Sonic. However, by now, Hach was too distant to take advantage of these powers. Distraught, he fell in love with a Female Hedgehog named Lanerlada. However, Hach wanted his offspring too have the powers of sonic, so he set off to Mobius, hoping to get Sonic's genes and DNA. He came back 5 years late, with the genes and DNA. He later married Lana and injected the genes an DNA into his sperm, allowng his children to be just like sonic. However, they wernt exactly like sonic, but they had the powers...
Teh rest is history

Topaz teh Hedgehog

Okay, this one pissed me off for a while. I was annoyed at the lack of a mouth that allowed me to show her frustrated or annoyed. Oh well....

Pluto3 the Fox

Name: Pluto3

Species: Fox

Age: 13

Gender: Male

Family: Pluto1(Father),Pluto2(Mother), and Pluto6(Sister, but everyone calls her “Pluta”)


Friends:Way too many to count

Name meaning: Pluto3 is a robot. He was created by a brilliant man, Sarkoza cwrw, to be as lifelike as possible. In other words, these line of robots have to eat, drink water, sleep, and start out as a baby stage, and finally grow to an adult stage. Females can be impregnated, while males can impregnate both robot females and living females. In other words, they are androids. However, the sheer amount of work required o create them left Sarkoza insane, and only the original 10 out of the 200 to be planned where created. Pluto3 is one of these original 10. His name stands for the fact that he is the 3rd model of the Pluto series; other manufactures started to make robots, but their practices were banned, so only about 100 exist, so model names were needed.

Apperance:See description.

Personality: Pluto3 is vibrant, and hyper-active; he can be slow when he wants to, but can really move it when he needs/wants to. This makes being his friend VERY difficult, but if you stick with it, he can be a real joy.
Even so, Pluto3 has many different traits. He can be shy and introverted, or lazy and non-moving. This makes being his friend even more difficult, because you have to deal with his many traits, but you get used to it for a while.
Finally, Pluto3 is a pervert; A REALLY big pervert. He has been known to install webcams in women’s bathrooms just see some tits. As so, being his friend can be difficult if you’re a girl, ‘cause you’ll have to take tons of crap from him.

Pluto3 is also highly intelligent; while he’s not a genius, he gets very good grades.

Likes: Girls, Beaches(Because of the girls.), cars, guns, video games, fighting, hanging out, fast food, reading.

Dislikes: Gay people, boring things, slow things, having to wait, school.

Strengths: Intelligence, power, wit, smart-aleckness, quick-thinkedness, being a good friend.

Weakness’: Saying his blunt opinion, thinking he’s way better than he really is and getting in over his head, getting girls, talking in front of a bunch of people, gets embarrassed quite easily.

Bio:like I said before, Pluto3 is an android. His parents “died” in a car crash when he was three, and he drifted between foster homes on different planets, until he settled on Serenanza, Thaxx.
When he turned 12, he learned his parents didn’t die in a car crash, but were in a huge coma. They left with an inheritance of several millions dollars, so he moved into the most expensive house in Serenanza. He then distributed his money out to his friends, allowing them to live near him. As of now, he stills live in that house, and is currently enjoying it, with no intentions to move out.

Powers: Pluto3 does not have superhero powers; he must rely on wit, quick-thinkedness, and strength to get out of situations…Actually, he has a “battle mode” he can use when desperate, but he rarely pulls it out, due it being able to drain his battery very quickly.

Lazlo teh Fox

Dammit, now I have to make bio for him as well...

He's in his "HOLY SHITS, I HAS FOUND NEW MINERAL!" face(He's a scientist.

Living STH Chap1:The pwnmobile
HELLO, everybody! I wuz reely bored and decided to make this. I'm using teh original STH chars cuz I wanna get my name out first. So, here goes nutin'! </end-terrifying-spelling>

Zhe first chapter: teh pwnmonbile?

Sonic the hedgehog was strolling down a sidewalk, comptemplating his suck-ass lifestyle and wishing Amy would suck his cock, before being shot down by a very fucking hyperactive Tails into a nearby park.
"Shhhh... it's coming for us...."
"What could possibly be coming for u... what the hell is that thing?" A strange car, not unlike a Batmobile was rolling down the street. Tails immediately freaked:
,"OH SHITZ, IT'S TEH PWNMOBILE!" Tails swung around and saw that Sonic was not there. Where Sonic was in a tree, dialing Shadow.
Shadow was in a nearby restraunt and noticed Sonic in the tree and Tails running around screaming his fucking head off.
"What the fuck? Oh, my phone is ringing. Hello?" Sonic was relieved to hear Shadow's voice.
"Thank god. Shadow, tails is freaking out because the 'pwnmobile' is after him. What the fuck?"
"Oh, Sonic, I know about the pwnmobile, but it's just a myth."
"Then why is Tails freaking out?"
"2 reasons:
1:The pwnmobile exists, and we are fucked.
2.Tails is really fucking high."
"I would have to go with 2."
Sonic left the tree to grab tails . He managed to grab Tails and run the other way: into the pwnmobile.
"HOLY SHIT!" Sonic went the other way, across 5 miles into Tails house. He dropped Tails off at the door. Unsure if Tails would actually stay there, Sonic smashed him in the head, then called Shadow.
"Tell me about the pwnmobile."
"Alright, Sonic. Anyway, the pwnmobile is an old myth from the 1930's. It started when this man rented a Ford Model A and started to customize it. He crashed it off a cliff and his ghost was supposed to haunt it."
"Yawn....heard that one forever."
"Shut up. Anyway, most people ignored the myth until 1997,when a bunch of Internet lovers found it. They renamed it the 'pwnmobile' and started to 'pwn' or scare, people with it. They must've going through right now."
"Well, that helps."
Sonic left to confront the pwnmobile. He went up to it and beckoned it on. The driver clambered out of it, covered in a fire suit. Sonic lunged toward him, then was punched on the back by... AMY?!
"OH, sonniku, what the hell are you doing? You'll hurt yourself!"
"WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING HERE, BITCH!?!?!?!?" Amy kicked sonic in the balls "FUCK!"
"Now I know why you two would be horrible married." The driver smirked. He took off his helmet, and he turned out to be.... KNUCKLES!? THIS STORY JUST KEEPS GETTING WEIRDER AND WEIRDER!
Tails came around the corner and saw Knuckles next to the pwnmobile, and screamed
"OH SHIT I'MA GOING TO BE PWNED!" Sonic knocked out Tails again., and stared Knuckles down.
"How, Knuckles, how, could yo be a part of them?"
"'Cause it was funny."
Sonic then knocked out knuckles. Shadow put his hand on Sonic's shoulder.

Living STH Chap2:I loev Mall

Sonic smashed Shadow off his shoulder and went to get the full story out of Tails "Alright,Tails, what the hell happened back there?"
"Sonic, they are after me..."
"The internet hate machine..."
"Fuck it, I'm committing you." Sonic pulled out his cell-phone and dialed the mental institution. "Yeah, is this Sonaria M.I? I have a friend I would like to put in here for acting insane and claiming insane things." The pickup truck came a few minutes later and picked tails. Shadow walked over to sonic and rested his hand on his shoulder.
"Poor guy, probably was too smart and went insane."
"Yeah, Shadow. I'ma gonna go to the mall now."
Sonic ran to the mall and noticed a silver outline in the womens clothing store.
"Hmmm, I wouldn't mind some of that stuff." Sonic walked over to the outline and rested his hand on her shoulder. The woman turned around...
"Yes, Sonic, I'm gay."
"I knew that..." Silver looked in a nearby mirror and freaked.
"Enter the gay..." Silver picked up sonic and threw him out of the store.
Sonic smashed into an ATM machine and looked at all the passerby staring at him.
"Asshole friend." Sonic dashed off, then ran into a bird:Jet.
"SOnic, what the hell are you doing, here?"
"I'll shall return that question to you."
"Trying to figure out what'll make Wave suck my dick.
"Dude, she has a beak... that would hurt..."
"I'm a bird, we have strong dicks.
Sonic ran up stairs and noticed a bunch of people huddled around one corner over a girl. And He noticed one other thing: he was being thrown through the air.
SOnic smashed straight into a wall and looked upward. Eggman was staring down his face.
"Eggman, why can't you leave me alone!"
"Because I feel inadequate. And SEGA pays me to do this." SOnic punched Eggman away and rushed towards him
Eggman was gone in a flash. SOnic picked up the girl and noticed her.
"Hey, isn't your name ruby?"
"Yess... I have to go now"
"hey...nah, wasn't my type."

Eggman hen fell on top of Sonic

Living STH chap.3

I would advise caution, as this story could make you pregnant.

Even if your a guy.

Yeah,I'm that awesome.

Chap.3: The yelling.

Sonic left the mall and went to check up on Shadow, when he was hit by Jet.
"What do you want Jet?"
"Why, so you can buy porno?"
"Fine." Sonic handed Jet the money."You fucking owe me." Jet left the area towards the gun store "Strange, the sex shop isn't in that direction..." Sonic left...well tried to leave again, before being smashed into the ground by Silver.
"What the fuck?"
"Then why did you tell me that in the mall half-an-hour ago?"
"What? Half an hour ago I was at the amusement park!"

"...Please Explain..."

"I can't; Gotta GO!"

With that, Silver Floated off. Sonic, still confused, thought something suspicious was going on. But, that could wait; he had to find out where jet was. Just as he was about to run, Knuckles stopped him dead straight.


"..Shadow is in the hospital!"


"He fell off a roaller coaster....with someone else"

Sonic bursted out laughing, until he realized that Knuckles was telling the truth..."

"You serious?"


"...I have to go."

With that, Sonic went to check up on Jet. When he reached the Gun store, Jet wasn't there,But Silver was; he was checking out a Magnum Pistol. When he saw Sonic, he quickly bought it and left.

That wouldn't do for Sonic, However. Quickly gettin to Silver's house, he noticed Silver and Blaze in the window. SIlver looked content-until he pulled out the Magnum.

And pointed It at Blaze's Face.

Sonic just wouldn't have that, and so he crashed right through the window...uh-oh...Bad Idea...

"Sorry, Blaze, but you cant know about what happended at the amusemen-- WHAT THE HELL!??!"

"Don't Kill Me, Si-WHAT THE HELL?!?!









"Oh god, I didn't just say that...."

".........Okay,that was just fucking gay.
As if the situation wasn't already screwed up enough as is, Knuckles bursted through the broken window.


"As if the situation wasn't bad enough...."


"Shut up, silver!"

"Bitch, don't tell me to shut up!!!!"

Knuckles pride was quickly shattered by gettin shot in the balls.

Across the street, Jet was looking at the scene with a face of confusion.

"Lord...this is why I want to commit suicide..."

Well, he would've commited suicide........ had he not have been run over by a truck.

Absence of Justice http://archive.md/bYJHh
Even a Chance Meeting http://archive.md/ibMnA
Happy tree friends: Lark's secret http://archive.md/oNoTX
Stupidity loves Company http://archive.md/gsmOT
Disgaea Middle School http://archive.md/MlFip
Disgaea: Providence http://archive.md/RyYlS
Pokemon:Night's Embrace http://archive.md/d4jI9

Chagen is a sick fuck and has also horrified others by openly discussing his diaper/adult baby and pedophilic fetishes, including writing stories about them on 4chan's /d/.




People started to guess...

While he told everyone about his fetishes with no holds barred, he hated yuri and would make sure people knew that even a sick fuck like him thought it was degenerate.

Chagen was infamous in the TV Tropes community and someone even did a video highlighting some of his many, many disgusting posts there. It was apparently 20 minutes long but had to be cut down for YouTube. (Chagen does not like this video)


Chagen was eventually permabanned from TV Tropes for posting Touhou porn. After his ban, Chagen proceeded to chimp out and contemplate suicide, moving to a site called It Just Bugs Me to cry about his ban, which he says his mother was pissed off about too. He would eventually be permabanned from that site as well.


@Philosophy Zombie covered some of his antics on TV Tropes and It Just Bugs Me.

His fetishes fed his persecution complex, which was pervasive throughout his time on the forums; another thing was his political beliefs, which shifted from conservative Christian spergy asshole to liberal atheist spergy asshole. Like so many pathetic weeaboo shut-ins, he wanted an "otaku" Japanese-American girl to be his animu realdoll because he couldn't imagine doing things to make him attractive to the average girl like practicing hygiene or talking about things that weren't video games or hentai. He bragged about having 15 GB of animu porn (in plain sight! For his parents to see!), and constantly insisted that imaginary girls were better than real women since they are perfect and they can't reject you. Also, like Nick, he is disgusted by vaginas and uncircumcised penises, oh and did I mention he was a pedophile? He was banned for embedding some art of an underaged girl from a video game and not labeling it NSFW.

After being banned, he hung around on the It Just Bugs Me Forum, which is a place for tropers and ex-tropers to commiserate when the TV Tropes forum has burned them, where he talked about looking up porn at school, wanting a little sister to corrupt, fetishizing anime Nazis, not liking niggos, becoming a brony, hating to bathe, having a gay Chinese cybersexbuddy, and how his rich parents whose money he uses to buy hentai are horrible people for being ashamed of him. Needless to say he ended up getting banned again by the same people who were rejected by TVT for being too exceptional.

He appears to have returned to TV Tropes as Frostav in 2014/2015, I'm not familiar with that site so I'm not sure if he got banned again, but I did see he had a warning.

At some point SomethingAwful got wind of Chagen and the goons gave him hell, something he is still butthurt about to this day.

Possibly after getting banned from TV Tropes again, Chagen started posting on reddit where he has remained for several years and has racked up bans on numerous subreddits.

With the Vadara account he has been posting in hugboxes for spergs-type subreddits such as GamerGhazi, TheBluePill, ForeverAlone, Depression, and NiceGuys.


In my case it's more that I'm a borderline autistic nerd with no social skills.
I've been going to college for two semesters now and I know literally no one on campus. I haven't talked with someone in months. I just go to class, stay on my laptop between classes, and return home to stay inside all day. The thought of talking to anyone turns me into a complete wreck.
I used to have friends in high school. We were all the loser nerds. But I left for college and most of them were a grade lower so after that I lost everyone. Haven't seen them since.
I'd be a hikikomori if not for college and my natural love for taking walks outside.

I feel terrible about it but words cannot describe how mind-boggingly terrible I am at social interaction. I'm pretty sure you guys are the only one who'd understand, everyone is like "just talk to them!" and I want to fucking scream.

The one time I had physical intimacy with a girl was in middle school when I cried at a play another school put on (I was in theatre arts and we were in a competition). Girl in my class hugged me.
She probably doesn't even remember it but I've been chasing that feeling of intimacy and warmth for the better half of a decade. Everytime I try to imagine what intimacy must feel like, I return to that experience. It's all I have. And I can never get it back.


Pay attention when I show you something dammit. (self.offmychest)
submitted 27 days ago by Vadara
I know we're great friends, and I can handle some flaws in my friends, but this is the last straw.
Every fucking time I show you something super-cool on Youtube, you're on your damn phone reading manga. I always pay attention when you show me something, even when it's some shit I don't care about. I don't care about bad anime abridged series or another let's play, but I still pay attention and interact with you. You could at least do the same for me.
I looked at you when I showed the video. You looked at approximately ten seconds of the four minute video. Seriously? We haven't hung out for two months and this is the first thing you do?
I wish I had the temerity to tell you this to your face.


I am so very tired of my father's martyr complex. (self.offmychest)
submitted 26 days ago by Vadara
I am so sick of my father's martyr complex. The insufferably narcissistic way in which he acts like me and my mom are bleeding him dry of every cent he has is just sickening. I understand that his job isn't the best, and that he could do to have some more money, but every. fucking. day. he goes on and on about how he's selflessly flagellating himself so me and my mom may live. Is this how you're supposed to treat your family? Making them feel bad for living with you? Acting like they're leeches that you must provide for solely because the law says so?
You want me to treat you with honest-to-god storge? Stop treating love like a paycheck. The only way you ever express your love is by buying me things for my birthday and Christmas. We don't do anything else. I am truly grateful for the things I do have, but would it kill you to actually treat me like your fucking son and not an employee you give money to?
My dad's sole proof of his love for me is his monetary contributions. It's always "but I buy you everything you want and provide for you!" Wow, dad, you buy me presents for my birthday and Christmas and provide food and shelter. Congratulations, that's the bare mininum of what a parent is supposed to do in the first place. Too bad the other 363 days of the year you treat me like a fucking freeloading bum who's preventing him from getting that Mercedes he wants.
That asshole called me a "heartless bum" just a few minutes ago. Why? Because I asked him to grab some sandwich meat and leave it for me so I could make lunches. Apparently wanting to have some stuff for myself to make means I'm a selfish and heartless free-loader. I said "can you please leave it for me, I want to make sandwiches with it" and he acted like I was making some impossible request, laughed at me, and treated me like complete shit. I'm broke right now and I don't want to waste money on-campus, what a selfish prick I am!
Yeah, dad. You're made that you can't just pilfer whatever you want from the fridge even if other people want to use it and you call me selfish.
You wanna know what makes it even better? He's often got lunch meat himself and told everyone else not to touch it so he could make sandwiches with it. But it's awful and "selfish" and warrants ten minutes of abusive mockery when I do it.
This was after I cleaned the whole goddamn kitchen for him just so he would do it. Did I mention that he said he would clean it and then made me do it? Apparently I shouldn't eat unless I do the work he said he would do.
And when he came into the kitchen the first thing he did was complain about how there was some soap in the sink. Because whenever I do something, the first thing he focuses on one was the one tiny part I messed up. No wonder I have crippling perfectionism. No matter how hard I work it's never enough.
Fuck. You.


orestesFeasting 22 points 14 days ago (1 children)
Bc I, personally, think it's gross to sexualize the amount of power an adult has over a child.

Vadara -6 points 14 days ago [removed] (1 children)
You sound like a judgemental cunt. Stay the fuck out of my bedroom, Puritan.


Yeah, suicidally depressed LGBT minorities with almost no friends who were mercilessly bullied during grade school tend to not do very well in life. Fuck you. I'm sorry I'm not some perfect ubermensch. Do you realize how insensitive you sound right now? Like wow, I can't believe you actually said something so callous like it was nothing.
I'm not some privileged cishet white guy. I'm a scrawny half-black introvert with awful social skills with a fucked-up family, and you can check my history if you don't believe me. Jeez man.

deleted] 3 points 1 month ago
Sorry you had to go through all that but don't act like I had all this info on your life and was acting insensitively regardless. You were going off about athletes being unintelligent meatheads for no reason, so that was literally all I had for context.

See a therapist and get off reddit, honestly. You had no reason to go off on me like that given the context of the conversation, and it shows that your mental health isn't where it should be.

Vadara -1 points 1 month ago
You had no reason to go off on me like that given the context of the conversation

Yes I did. You belittled me with the typical "sorry you're such a worthless piece of shit, don't take out on athletes for being superior to you" stuff that always comes out of the mouths of you neurotypicals. I have strugged with ADHD and depression since I was in goddamn middle school. You are an SRS poster, you of all people should know how shitty both PoC and mentally ill people have it. My mom's a raging alcoholic my brother is a paranoid schizophrenic moocher who got a girl pregnant and is evading child support. Sorry I didn't get on the high school football like Mike. Maybe that's because Mike's a rich as fuck straight white dude with friends who doesn't have to worry about getting shot for looking at the police the wrong way or being slammed into a locker hard enough to cause bleeding by two white dudes yelling "get fucked nigger!" in the middle of a hallway (something that happened to me, and something that the school did nothing about even after I reported it). Or being literally ostracized and isolated during all of grade school to the point where literally every kid and the teachers themselves bullied me into wanting to stay home every day because fuck that bullshit.

Sorry I'm not perfect. Maybe you should think about the person behind the other monitor before you speak.

Thanks for ruining my day.

Sorry I can't achieve your impossible expectations. (self.depression)
submitted 1 month ago by Vadara
Just had a moment on another sub where someone was a complete dick to me about not achieving much in school. Sorry that this suicidally depressed introvert with almost no friend wasn't a perfect A-grade ubemensch. You're not even my goddamn parent, why do you care?
It was just so absurdly callous I barely had words for it. People really should think more before they just spout off some rude bullshit. Not everyone has it as easy as you.


I have always had trouble with my own racial identity. My father's job as a lawyer and our minor wealth ensured that I lived in more upper-class areas dominated by whites, along with hispanics (I live in southern Texas). There were basically no other black people around me. By this point, I feel distant from other black people, as bad as that sounds. I also have like zero social skills too so I'm fucked-up in general.
Like, I love a lot of black music, such as funk, disco, hip-hop, etc. but otherwise I am the stereotypical white anime nerd/gamer with tan skin and cornrows. Sometimes I feel bad about being so "white".


I [20M] have zero friends and find all forms of social interaction to be emotionally exhausting.Personal issues
submitted 2 months ago * by Vadara
I have zero social skills. I didn't have a friend until I was in middle school, and now that I am in college, I have no friends.
I have crippling social phobia. I find any kind of interaction to be exhausting and try to escape as soon as possible. Even with my own parents, I rarely talk with them unless we're in the car or watching something together. Otherwise, I stay in my room all day and play games, browse the internet, listen to music, and masturbate. That's about it.
I can't make any friends. I'm in my 4th semester of college, and I have made zero friends whatsoever. I don't know a single person on my campus. I can count the amount of times I've talked with someone out of class on my hand. If you restrict it to times where I started the conversation, it's zero. I find simply going up to and chatting casually with others to be absolutely terrifying. On the rare occasion that I muster up the courage to do it, I have to spend several minutes mentally prepping myself. I run "simulations" of the conversation in my head, trying to guess every possible response the other person might have and formulating an response of my own to it. These simulations are always completely wrong, and I know this, but I can't help it.
I find rejection to be emotionally devestating. And I find the fact that I can't perfectly predict what others are going to say to be scary as hell. I don't get how others have conversations so easily. People always react in really strange ways that I can't guess, and then the conversation goes into uncharted territory that my "simulation" didn't go over. Then I have no idea what the fuck to do and I just have a complete internal meltdown and want to desperately get out of the conversation.
That's how almost all interaction goes with me. I don't converse with other people; other people force me to converse with them and I spend the conversation desperately trying to escape. I feel completely helpless when talking with other people. I don't get how people don't mind that lack of control.
I don't even get why people find interaction to be fun, honestly. Like, talking with your fellow nerds about the latest games? Yeah, that's fun. But casual chatting about the weather or whatever? I find that incomprehensible. Anytime you talk to someone, you offer them a chance to reject you, or criticize you, or hurt you. I don't know why anyone would want to expose themselves to those chances.
I didn't mind this, being a loner by nature, until I left high school and started college. I lost all of my few friends in high school except one whom I only see once every few weeks or so. I saw throngs of people on my campus chatting it up with friends, when I spent every day silently browsing the web on my laptop or playing 3DS/Vita games. I must be missing something. I don't really feel lonely, I'm fine just living my entire life friendless and dying a virgin (not being sarcastic. I really am fine with it), but I feel like I'm a failure of a person if I don't have any relationships. Also my parents are starting to get worried about me (I live with them) being so friendless and staying in my room all the time, and even sometimes fight about it (but they always fight anyway...that's for another post).
tl;dr: I have literally zero clue how to approach people, and I find talking with others to be exhausting and absolutely terrifying.

The Frostav account predated the Vadara account and has been used to defend shota/loli among other things. He was banned from GamerGhazi on this account for defending his pedophilia and seems to have abandoned this account. He used the flair "Beta Mangina White Knight" before his ban. (He was in the GamerGhazi Steam group as Frostav and switched the handle to Vadara, presumably after the ban.)




This conversation with Adam Morland aka Kitsunelaine seems to be what led to his ban from GamerGhazi on the Frostav account

Frostav 3 points 5 months ago [removed] (1 children)
>All forms of CP, be it animated or otherwise, should be banned and possession/distribution of it should be punishable by jail.

You want to ban people for artwork? That's absolutely absurd, unless you simultaneously believe that anybody with a copy of GTAV should be arrested for murder.

Kitsunelaine 1 points 5 months ago (1 children)

We're talking about child porn here. Yes. The thing we're talking about is important. Yes-- you have to acknowledge what you're defending.

Don't move the goalposts.

Frostav -1 points 5 months ago [removed] (1 children)
Both are abhorrent acts in real life. They definitely are similar.

Pretty scary that you wanna throw me in jail for looking at some fictional artwork. People should truly be arrested for lines of ink on a page. I guess going after the guys who actually molest kids and videotape/photograph it would be too much effort.
Kitsunelaine 6 points 5 months ago (1 children)
"But it's not a REAL child. I just get off on pornography of them! Why are you all staring at me like that?"

Frostav 0 points 5 months ago [removed] (1 children)
I don't give a fuck what people think of me, I'm a perpetually depressed bisexual PoC. I simply don't want people to throw me in jail for looking at artwork of non-existent characters.

Kitsunelaine 4 points 5 months ago

like wow you're really pulling all of the reactionary rhetoric here aren't you

Psst: Trying to normalize child porn isn't cool

Chagen used the name Agni on RPG.net and was banned from yet another site for his pedophilia. Some observers of the RPG.net banning/reddit crying on Twitter were aware of his Frostav accounts' history and were not surprised that he was Agni.

User: Agni (http://forum.rpg.net/member.php?149162-Agni)
Infraction: 17) Permanent Ban
Points: 1000

Administrative Note:
Permanent Ban, again.

Message to User:
Following a mercifully brief discussion Backstage we’ve decided to re-impose your permanent ban.

Rather than look up the exact Rule, I’ll just point out – as an example to others reading this – that if you write a successful appeal and are granted a chance to return to the forum, you might want to wait at least a week to post an out-of-the-blue multiple-paragraph defense of why your favorite form of pornography isn’t really THAT creepy. In fact, you might want to avoid doing that altogether. We try to give the folks returning on appeal a fresh start, but that doesn’t mean you should kick things off with one of the most cringe-inducing and inappropriate posts I’ve read in recent memory.

I can’t even think of anything funny to write here to try to make this any less awful. In fact, I’m stuck at work so I can’t even start drinking yet. I’m just going to hit the ban button and try to think of something else for a while.

Original Post:
Alright, I'm stepping into the firing line here and possibly risking my account, but I wanted to ask this.

Dancing around the issue is pointless so I'll just be blunt: I am bisexual and a lolicon and a shotacon. Feel free to think I'm a sick fuck or a pervert. I, however, am also not a pedophile, or at least I do not view myself as one. I am not attracted to real-life children in any way whatsoever. I have never, ever, wanted to look at real-life images of child abuse, and the thought alone disgusts me. I possess normal attraction to adult people and only have an interest in having sex or having a relationship with another legal adult. I don't like kids at all and try to avoid them as much as possible.

Regardless, I took a look around this forum and saw a lot of people who would think I am a pedophile anyway, and that such kind of artwork should be banned. I disagree, though I am also kind of biased, but I kinda want to ask what people's opinions on this are now, since most of those threads are really old. I adhere to the principle that something should be illegal only if it causes harm (or potentially can cause harm) to other people. Thus, I fully believe that videos of real CSA should be banned completely and their consumers arrested, as they require the grotesque and traumatizing harm of a real child to create and their dissemination victimizes that child. However, artwork, no matter how obscene people may find it, does not harm anyone. Therefore, I do not believe art should ever be banned, no matter how obscene, unless it actively promotes physically harming others--I have no problem with a poster promoting Neo-Nazism, for instance, being banned. But pictures or fiction depicting fictional acts? No matter how much they may gross out someone else, they are completely fictional and thus no actual person is being harmed. If no person is being harmed, why criminalize them?

For instance, we don't criminalize depictions of extreme violence, such as in video games or movies, even though murder is illegal. Nobody would support prosecuting people playing Grand Theft Auto V for murder. For a subject relevant to rpg.net: you're not going to get arrested for murder just because your D&D character killed someone.

People often use the "lolicon and shotacon will lead people to eventually molest an actual child" defense as well, yet there is barely any proof of this whatsoever. Likewise, few would state that playing violent video games or engaging in violent behavior in an RPG would lead to murder. If there really is a link between these comics/fiction and pedophilia (one that hasn't been found to this day) then one would assume it would be better for pedophiles to vent their own sexual urges to fictional acts and not actual CSA.

Those are my thoughts on the matter. I really hope this kind of discussion isn't against the rules.

Chagen currently seeks to spend his time on reddit sperging about things such as racing games/Smash Brothers/anime/hentai, attacking vegans as racists, and letting the world know how much he hates yuri.

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Oct 13, 2014
Huh, good work. I had no idea Chagen was still going after he left IJBM years ago.

He strikes me more as the type who'd get involved with pro- than anti-gg because of the scope of his vidya boob sliders fixation a la Homer, but I guess this makes sense too if he thinks being a white knight for Wimmins in Gaming will help get him pussy. Both sides of gg are largely populated by the same types of people.


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Aug 21, 2014
Huh, good work. I had no idea Chagen was still going after he left IJBM years ago.

He strikes me more as the type who'd get involved with pro- than anti-gg because of the scope of his vidya boob sliders fixation a la Homer, but I guess this makes sense too if he thinks being a white knight for Wimmins in Gaming will help get him pussy. Both sides of gg are largely populated by the same types of people.

Don't discount this at all, but Chagen is the kind of sick bastard neither side should want.

Take Ryulong's autism, but strip out any usefulness or competence on wikis. Take Nick Bate's horror factor, but add even less deniability. Take Brianna Wu's shit flinging tard rage over having their dirty laundry exposed, but add in being much more impotent to cover it up.

In short, this depraved asshat is a liability neither side should touch, but since the pro-GG side has made their willingness to expel pedophiles much more explicit than the other side (who made it clear they will shelter them like they do Nick Nyberg), not surprised this pervert crawled in bed with the side that will forgive the unforgivable so long as you hate the same shit they do.


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Oct 24, 2015
Huh, good work. I had no idea Chagen was still going after he left IJBM years ago.

He strikes me more as the type who'd get involved with pro- than anti-gg because of the scope of his vidya boob sliders fixation a la Homer, but I guess this makes sense too if he thinks being a white knight for Wimmins in Gaming will help get him pussy. Both sides of gg are largely populated by the same types of people.

He may be pulling a Joshua Goldberg and has pro-GG socks (or at least socks that shit on GamerGhazi/SRS members), this caught my attention because this account, Frostav, and the Vadara account were all used in one of the pedo discussions Chagen was involved in.

https://www.reddit.com/user/HentaiLoverAlt (http://archive.md/UhEGb)

If this isn't Chagen, it's another sick fuck as the majority of their posts involve pedophilia and even goes so far as to defend the pedophile "Sick Nick" Nyberg and believes in his "edgelord" defense.

HentaiLoverAlt -14 points 2 months ago

My "pet cause"? This is a throwaway account I use to call out the dumbass puritans who inhabit places like SRS, CB2, and Ghazi. I actually used to be a ghazi user and am actually a feminist myself, but because I don't think that drawings are people, I'm literally hitler. I don't even like posting on places like ShitGhaziSays because I disagree with the vast majority of what's posted there and the people there.

I'm far more active on my main doing shit I actually like.

SoldierofNod 1 point 2 months ago
First the logs were fake.

Then the logs were real, but edited.

Then the logs were real, but she was just kidding lelelel teenage edgelords, right?

(Actual teenage edgelords talk about the shit they'd do to people who did things like Nyberg did.)

HentaiLoverAlt[S] 2 points 2 months ago
I'm pretty sure she said that the logs were real in the sense that they actually happened but fake in the sense that they were trolling.

I see GG using a similar defense for what /pol/ does. The hypocrisy is the worst part of this whole debacle.

HentaiLoverAlt 3 points 1 month ago

Look, I agree with your general conceit, but I'm going to call you on a few things.

Dan Olson wasn't a pedophile. He found CP on 8chan and wrote an article about it. Nobody was able to provide any evidence that he was the one who uploaded the CP or that investigative journalism is somehow illegal in Canada. That was just 8chan trying to cover its ass. I don't care if you disagree with him (I disagree with him on quite a few things) but slandering him for something that he isn't is wrong. The same thing has happened to many GGers.

Also, I get your point about Sarah Nyberg, and though I'm still unsure of what to believe in that situation (the logs were uncovered as a result of doxing and cyberstalking, but if they are true, she is a sick person. I'm not sure who to believe in that case) but trying to throw in transphobia by using their dead name is just making you look bad. You can call Nyberg bad for what she did without denying her as a trans woman. When you do that, you deny the identities of all trans people. And don't give me that "but if they did something bad we have the right to take that honor away from them" bullshit. Accepting trans people for who they are is not an "honor" you grant them. They're still who they are regardless of their moral and ethical character.

This is really just nitpicking though. The other people you named were actually pedophiles, and I'm obviously agreeing with you about the Ghazi crusade against hentai. Just figured I'd call you on that one point you made.