Inactive Chance Carmichael / AFatChance / 600goingon700 / 700goingon800 / idontwantthisbutok - Fat dead retard who got off on being a fat retard and made people mad

How will Chance's body be disposed of?

  • Burial in a piano case

  • Cremated

  • Dumped at sea

  • Blown up like a whale carcass

  • Fed to pigs

  • Given as food aid to Papua New Guinea tribals

  • Shot towards the moon to combat Elon Musk's moon rocks

  • Used as an orbital bombardment on solar roadways

  • Used as circus sideshow

  • Mined for hydrocarbon

  • Carved open as cheap Eskimo housing

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do you see what happens
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Boy do you live in Not America???? What don't you get about insurance? Jesus the alt right is dumber than I thought. So here's how insurance works. They pay a partial amount of your bills. Then you have bills leftover. I've been in the hospital for a month. My bill will be very large.
Just like your coffin.

You can't reply to this because you're dead.
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dead fat

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