Change 3 Moments in Lolcow History -

Okay, this is a just for fun thing I thought about. No time travel involved, you just change the past so that three events happen differently. They can be for one person, but that seems like a waste to me. You can use this power to either improve their lives and maybe move them away from lowcowdom, or just fuck with them for the lulz.

For example, here's my three:

1. John Flynt never met Frank Wu.

2. Moviebob joined TGWTG instead of The Escapist.

3. DSP got knocked out in the first round of that Street Fighter Tournament.

The first, because it'd be interesting to see what John and Frank would be like without each other. Second, because imagine the autism that would happen if Linkara and Moviebob made crossover story arcs together. And the third is just to take away that one victory because fuck him, why not.

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1. Gamergate does not glom onto Z-list celebrity Adam Baldwin's dumb name and continues being known as the Quinnspiracy/Five Guys controversy. Doing this was such an own goal, I wonder how talking about this event would go down these days if the event was named something Zoe Quinn related.

2. Bob lives! (but Barb dies!) I think that Chris would have a more financially secure life, with hopefully less of a horde to sift through. But Bob might also be a bit harsher, wings of a butterfly it would be an entirely different past few years of Christory.

3. Cosmo wins the Nintendo World Championships. I dunno, from what little I've seen, he was always a fucking loser. But would he have kept it together? What would Nintendo have done if he didn't and trooned out while on the social media payroll....

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1. Chris-Chan has all Internet access restricted.

2. DragonLord doesn't respond to the people harassing his sister.

3. Doug Walker quietly retires after To Boldly Flee and does not try and maintain relevance through the Nostalgia Critic.
1. No fucking Dimensional Merge saga (can't stress this one enough it's so boring)
2. DSP is the reigning champ and face of the FGC instead of sonicfox
3. Also Pandalee married him


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1. Shaner made more criminal railroad antics post trial.
2. Aaron Mc Cluskie did not get weened.
3. Qetouk (a cow I did) actually got verified and continued to post in the thread.

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