Change 3 Moments in Lolcow History -

Might do some new ones.

1. Chris found his true love in college and she got him the help he needs.

2. Jewario was arrested the day after the rape.

3. Zoe Quinn never got into game development and instead became a vlogger.
1. The concept of Jim time never becomes a thing.

2. Nick Bate's mom takes birth control preventing Nick from being conceived.

3. The Skeptics and Channel Awesome merge into one super lowcow group just before gamergate starts for maximum lols.

Autumnal Equinox

Let's rock!
Barb died instead of Bob.

Spoony became a far right troll instead of his constant TDS

Linkara troons out to try and make one final romantic gesture towards Iron Liz.

Canned Bread

Wow, they have it!
Felt like posting a couple more I just though of
  1. Chloe Sagal never committed suicide (So assholess can stop trying to blame us for that, and also suicide is sad)
  2. Russell Greer files a lolsuit against Nick Rekita
  3. @Bryan Dunn and @BSV fight in an underground boxing match
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1. Borb puts Chirs in Special Ed

2. Dobson tries to find an animation job somewhere other than Disney

3. Mumkey doesn't go off the rails after Susan nukes his channel

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