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Delete your archives, precious
She “loves doing Lives and they’re super fun,” but just last week she said they were a source of bad anxieteeee for her and she would rather spent her time doing other things because of bad mentulz and mean old haters. She loves to compare herself to “other Youtubers” yet there are YouTubers out there who literally stream (for free) every single night and are consistently entertaining with it. She can’t be bothered to keep a two night schedule that people give her money for. Imagine being stupid enough to pay to chat with this bitch.

I'd love for her to legitimately get hit with the anxiety she pretends to have.
I have never seen someone so desperate to have severe anxiety, only smooth brains fantasise about suffering from debilitating illnesses. It doesn't help that she's a terrible actress. So using it as a way to be lazy won't work.

She's clearly already packed in the half hearted boring livestreams. I second what everyone else has said, she has no fucking errands. Becky has errands and that means Fatty has to fend for herself for a short while.
I don't know who she is lying for anymore. Nobody believes a word she says (rightfully so) so why won't she just keep her crusty hole shut?

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I wonder what errands prevent her from doing her job. I remember that, in a vlog a couple of years ago, she had two appointments on the same day and she said it was a very busy day. Literally just two appointments in one day. She’s so lazy and unproductive that that’s what a busy day looks like to her, while to us it’s just a regular day. I’m pretty sure it was the same today, she would have plenty of time to go live but she just doesn’t want to.
Maybe she can get more things done if she didn't wake up at 4pm 🙄
Don’t worry, she’s trying to fix her sleeping schedule.


OMG, are those journals in the back?
there we have it, she was busy filling them with poetry and Amberdotes. i hope she soon tells us all about it.

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I suspect that she is too heavy for the table for lithotripsy and it might be contraindicated for super morbidly obese people. Again, her size is limiting any interventions. She did not go to a urologist, instead she went to the ER and they offered pain medications with a suggestion that she sees her GP or an urologist. Of course she dismissed those suggestions.
Fuck yeah it's contraindicated, that much fat jiggling at that speed would rip a hole through space and time.


Not enough fatties to watch.
I'm going to make the video shorter for her.

"Hey. We can't do the video due to life. We normally do it Tues and Thurs but we will do it tomorrow to make up. Okay, bye."

Now, if you don't want to watch the video but want to know what it was, times what I said by about 20, add in how much she talks about herself and body checks, then also mention once that she likes going live on Tues/Thurs with a congratulatory pat on the back for sticking to a routine for 4 weeks. And then maybe multiple it again twice.

And that's the video.

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I haven't had anything to say about her recent lives save for the obligatory: "Holy fuck, she's getting FATTER!".

Consciously or not, it strikes me that she's doing less & less to see at what point the majority of her members say: "Hold on bitch!" & stop renewing memberships or viewing. At which point, she'll grudgingly put in just a snitch more effort to keep numbers up; if it's not too late.

If she wants to claim angzieteee, depreshun, 'muh mentalz"; meh... whatever. Those have to be factors.

But's what glaringly obvious & made more so by the TikTok she put up is the sheer bulk of her> Whatever movement she has left has got to be inscruciatingly ponderous - Elephants on Parade in slo-mo. If she can get into the car at this point, she must come out with enormous difficulty & with 'dents, divots & scratches' everywhere. Even sitting in the car, it's going to be clear to viewers that she's in a world of hurt & that is going to fly in the face of any nonsense about living her best life.

She doesn't have the intellect or imagination to even show ordinary daily activities in a remotely interesting way or if she does, she's not going to do that when it will make clear that's she's essentially housebound or so close to it, it hardly matters.

This video is 2 and a half minutes long and we still get the usual filer crap "yes, I know I look crazy, I'm not wearing makeup today, I look bad because my sleeping schedule is off." The same over and over that nobody cares about.

Also does she not realize that most people have to make appointments around their jobs, not the other way around. Most people work while sick too.

Amber will be forever useless and a waste of oxygen.

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So she is very busy; what can it be all about? It is certainly not about going shopping as she does it during the evening since Target close at 10 and Walmart at 11. Thus she could have done it after the live stream. This is not it.

Medical or dental appointments can be it, but most offices are closed by 6 pm, so you could do the live stream after. In any event, medical appointments are set days if not weeks in advance, so she should have known on Tuesday and announced it then. Unless an emergency, this is not it.

What could make her life so busy at this time of the year? One possibility is that she is looking for new accommodation as her lease is likely due at the end of the month and needs a place by then. If she needs to visit a few places and coordinate with the landlord, the present tenant, etc, it can take some time. Of course, this is pure speculation. Will she tell us? Likely not.

Insulin reid
She doesn't have the intellect or imagination to even show ordinary daily activities in a remotely interesting way or if she does, she's not going to do that when it will make clear that's she's essentially housebound or so close to it, it hardly matters.

This makes me wish with all my heart that a fire alarm goes off in the building. Like not a legit fire or any real danger but just like some old lady in the building forgetting to turn the stove off and accidentally setting off the smoke alarm. In some buildings one causes them all to go off so I really want amber to have that sense of panic of not being able to do anything to save herself, her "loved ones" or her belongeens from a shuper dangerous situation type deal. I want her lizard brain to activate and the sympathetic nervous system to kick in and give the rest of her an idea of how fucked she would be if there was real danger. Also I'd love for it to happen mid day or early evening so everyone that goes outside to check out what's going on out of curiosity sees her in her 600 but totally not 600 pound glory.

I bet she wets herself mid panic.

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Left at the "leftover makeup" comment. Seriously. Why isn't she washing her face before she goes to bed (whatever time that happens to be) and wash again when she gets up. Removing cosmetics simply requires warm water and soap. It isn't difficult or emotionally taxing. It's a daily self-respect and health need, like brushing teeth.