Change of plans 3/15/19 - Goodbye 100 days of trying

What’s Al’s 3 favorite binge foods?

  • Pringles

    Votes: 55 17.2%
  • Ramen

    Votes: 77 24.1%
  • Ben and Jerry’s

    Votes: 131 41.1%
  • Mashed potatoes

    Votes: 26 8.2%
  • Dove chocolate

    Votes: 87 27.3%
  • Mexican rice

    Votes: 53 16.6%
  • Chili

    Votes: 18 5.6%
  • Whatever Becky fetches for Al

    Votes: 172 53.9%
  • Orange chicken

    Votes: 176 55.2%
  • Cereal

    Votes: 10 3.1%
  • Hot chocolate

    Votes: 1 0.3%
  • Hot Cheetos

    Votes: 70 21.9%

  • Total voters


Gorl who loves orange chicken
Riveting content:
Day 5
  • Al looking as fat as ever
  • Big Al opens up about what a binge actually is
  • To Al, going 500 calories over is not a binge
  • Calls out twitter user for believing 500 calories over is a binge
  • Says that a binge looks different for everyone
  • Al considers 3,000+ calories over a binge
  • “What I’ve ate today” Grammarlynn strikes again
  • Gorl discusses binging as nauseum
Day 8
  • Becky went to Georgia for a family event
  • Al was invited but chose not to go because she doesn’t want to be a burden
  • Al says that if she sits upright for too long, her legs start to hurt
  • Al spent time with Hannah and Rafe instead
  • Al goes on again of what a binge is
  • She’s been watching this YouTuber document her binge eating and has gone 100 days without binging and tracks it with a tally system
  • Al says that a few days ago, she binged a lot
  • Al says that she wants to be like that Youtuber
  • Al does math and says that someone eating 1300 calories a day is 9100 calories a week
  • Says that weight loss is a weekly thing (guess there’s no daily weigh-ins now)
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Casual summary:

Smug Amber is the worst Amber. So smug yet so round.

Let it be known people: she is fat because she binges, NOT because she eats a serving of mashed potatoes that would feed a family of 5. Get your facts straight boo boo!

Becky bailed on Amber for a few days for Georgia and Amber couldn't go because of foot and leg swelling from sitting in a car all day. One can only assume without Becky, Amber went unwashed and unwiped for the duration of the trip.

Her previous binge was a "wave of binging that lasted months", but by not binging for 5 days (later admits it was only 4 days), she managed to break the cycle. But then binged again. Imagine the world's shock!

Amber fantasizes about recovering from binge eating disorder via vicariously living through various youtubers.

Once again claims she needs food to survive, despite the fact she could live on her own stores for an entire year.

100 day challenge is over. Instead, it's now the "how long can I go without binging" challenge. Again, imagine the shock at Amber not completing a goal.

Talks about counting calories weekly instead of daily. Clearly is excited by the fact that she gets to see a huge number as her calorie allowance. She was confused by the math at first, but research led her to the conclusion that taking your calorie allowance for one day multiplied by seven does indeed check out for a weeks worth of calories.

Waste of time video cataloging another failure and another plan.


I'd love to know if she was actually invited or if she's covering for being snuffed by the thumb clan. It's pretty clear Becks immediate family doesn't like her.

She gave up on her plan because no shit she did. I don't buy for a second that she lost any fucking weight and won't until we see the scale. Her face somehow looks even rounder than the first video of this stupid ass challenge.


6 bacons
THE TITLE ALONE...I have to laugh lmao omg 20sec in and she already used "boo boo". So we got the radio silence of phase 2 and now we are DEEPLY in phase 3.

Islamic Content in this predictable shitshow:
  • it's 100 days of not binging yall. this is how she's justified the mcdonalds and cheesy potatoes
  • indignant rant about what binging is/isn't - it's totally fine that she's eating garbage food as long as it's not an additional 3000+ kaloreese (it honestly took ALL my willpower not to skip this fuckin bullshit. Her arrogant tone made me want to punch a wall)
  • "I'm finally eating like a normal person instead of binging" this is where our gorl doesn't understand what a normal, healthy diet is supposed to look like
  • claims to have lost 3lbs - this was probably the result of taking one good shit but go off, sis
  • Current (alleged) weight: 559 ellbees
  • another "I'm so proud of me" rant with another binging rant (again, my willpower was TESTED) it was the same old delusional nonsense
  • Fast forward 5 days. BREAKING NEWS: those 5 days have been "hectic" (she stays at home all day and has no life) and hasn't weighing herself. Shocking.
  • couldn't go to GA with Necky because of her layygs which means no one was around for 4 days to hose her crevices down
  • "I ended up binging a couple nights ago" GORL SAY IT AINT SO
  • So now the definition of this 100 days changed again from 100 days NO binging to 100 days "let's see if I can not binge"
  • another binge rant that just is a roundabout way of her saying "I eat too much shit feel bad for me tho"
  • pats herself on the back, again for going 5 days without binging; "I broke the binging barrier...I was able to break that for 4-5 nights"
  • questions if she should go longer than 5 days without binging
  • ARM SCRATCH STILL HASN'T HEALED GORL WHAT THE FUCK (claimed it's because she keeps scratching at it)
  • "I need to food to survive" yaaass gorl can't be dying of malnutrition get those cheesy tots and orange chicken to keep your strength up
  • Instead of a 100 day challenge she's going to restart and start marking down the number of days she can go without binging. Took 12min 40sec min in a 16min video for her to make that point
  • another paint-by-numbers rant about kaloreese, binging, etc none of it was accurate or relevant I had to click off here cause it was just too much stupid to deal with
Basically our gorl went through phase 3, 4 and starting again at 1, all in one video. But damn, she is getting EFFICIENT at this failure lol

Crispy Chicken

Made fresh with 11 herbs & spices!
The woman (Jean?) on MSPL this week lost 17 pounds in 3 days under Dr. Now's diet & supervision The fact that Amberlynn constantly hovers around this "3.4 pounds" BS for months is ridiculous. Someone should dare her to stick to Dr.Nowzardan's diet for an entire month!

Imagine telling this crap to Dr. Now ...'but I stuck to my 9100 weekly calories, idk why I gained'


Fire-Bear Cyberbully Girl
She is over 600 pounds now and trying to lessen the impact by saying shit like this for the next 5-6 months up to when she finally announces 600 elbees.

She might not ever announce it formally, the more I think about it, but 600 pound life would be a lot of attention for our gorl to pass up, and you have to be 600 to get on it, one would assume.


My name is Otto! I love to get blotto!
True & Honest Fan
Back on topic, I’ve posted about this more then a few times. She’s just looking for an excuse and wants to say she has an eating disorder to feel “girly” and “dainty”. She doesn’t eat healthy food when she overeats, BED would mean she would eat everything, raw veggies and flour have been mentioned as examples before. Anyone who /wants/ an eating disorder has severe issues, and probably doesn’t have one. You can have disordered eating, without an eating disorder. If on average you eat 5000 calories a day, then eat 5500 it’s not a binge. The old criteria was 5,000-15,000 calories, so she would have to consume at least 150% more of what her average intake is. I don’t know if this has been updated since but to give you an idea, that would be 12,500 cal + using 5k. We have no idea what her real regular intake is, but I’m assuming it’s higher then that.
Holy shit amber stole what I said. Thanks for showing you still read here booboo. You really are obsessive.

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