Change of plans 3/15/19 - Goodbye 100 days of trying

What’s Al’s 3 favorite binge foods?

  • Pringles

    Votes: 55 17.2%
  • Ramen

    Votes: 77 24.1%
  • Ben and Jerry’s

    Votes: 131 41.1%
  • Mashed potatoes

    Votes: 26 8.2%
  • Dove chocolate

    Votes: 87 27.3%
  • Mexican rice

    Votes: 53 16.6%
  • Chili

    Votes: 18 5.6%
  • Whatever Becky fetches for Al

    Votes: 172 53.9%
  • Orange chicken

    Votes: 176 55.2%
  • Cereal

    Votes: 10 3.1%
  • Hot chocolate

    Votes: 1 0.3%
  • Hot Cheetos

    Votes: 70 21.9%

  • Total voters


She's gonna be on her death bed "I know what works for me boo boo".

She would really be able to survive off nothing, but the hunger is what would get to her. If she was serious about this she would be just fine at the standard for weight loss patients, 6300 calories a week. It would melt right off her.


My soul was I ate 2 ramens.
@7:25 just reminding Becky that the other half of the kentucky lesbian mafia is ALBERTS friends; and they had SOOOO much fun together and Becky missed out on all of that because she had to go see her family.
We all know your lazy fat ass wasn't invited Albert;


PhD in Procrastination
Video: change of plans
  • Day 5: She's really pissed off that people are calling her mashed potatoes and cheese a binge (causing her to go over her calorie limit by 500cals), because she normally binges so much more
  • It wasn't 2,000-3,000 extra calories like normal SO IT WASN"T A BINGE YOU GUYS WTF
  • 'I've been doing really good, so I've allowed myself to eat Mexican food'
  • She's saying her current weight is 559.4 (on Day 5)
  • 'When I binge my breathing gets worse'
  • Skips to Day 8: 'The last few days have been hectic... I haven't weighed myself' (sure)
  • 'It's the type of situation where you're like, do you want to be honest... but of course I wouldn't lie to you guys'
  • Becky went to Georgia and it was really hard. 'I couldn't go because I was worried about my layyges' ; they get too swollen if they're not elevated
  • She ended up bingeing 'a couple nights ago... some people don't binge for just one day... it's a binge wave'
  • Not bingeing for 5 days in a row is an accomplishment (she then contradicts herself and says it was '4 nights')
  • She's stopping the 100 days challenge... and is now going to tally the days she hasn't binged, instead!
  • Says eating addiction is different from alcohol etc., because she needs food to survive
  • She's been picking at her 'cat scratch' on her arm
  • She understands herself better now, so it was all worth it
  • She'll make a new video tomorrow to start this new process (lol)
  • 'I'll keep you updated, I don't want to hide just because I make mistakes'
  • Also! She is going to try weekly calorie counting rather than daily (patronisingly talking about 'the math' behind it), but she's only going to try it for one week
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Very Honest Content

(Formerly a) Niggo(?)
THE TITLE ALONE...I have to laugh lmao omg 20sec in and she already used "boo boo". So we got the radio silence of phase 2 and now we are DEEPLY in phase 3...
Basically our gorl went through phase 3, 4 and starting again at 1, all in one video. But damn, she is getting EFFICIENT at this failure lol
Manic as a shit house rat, right? I'm going to miss all you gorls next year when this sub closes due to death of the subject of it...


6 bacons
ALR's last two brain cells trying to connect enough talking points to where a weekly calorie count would at all make sense or be beneficial

once again, the only exercise our gorl gets is from the mental gymnastics she does to justify eating all the garbage she desires and still passing it off as a weight loss plan

Kelly Bundy

I can be anything I want to be. It's the '90s.
Weekly calorie counting? lol.

She's going to tell herself that eating 4k calories a day is okay so long as she doesn't exceed her weekly allotment. What's going to happen when you eat three quarters of your weekly calories in the first 2 days?
Just like Weight Watchers. When she lived in Florida with Dusty she would dip into her weekly points on the first and second night and fail the rest of the week by going over the daily points.

So day 2 and three update ''everything's good, I had X so I have to eat less on day Y'', HIGHLY REQUESTED MUUMUU HAUL followed by no video for a week and then the ''i failed''. Can't fucking wait.

3000-4000 extra calories is a about a pound of fat gained, after weeks and weeks of binging, the highest weight has been 560's for a while. I wanna know the diet secrets of being so dainty.

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