CHANGES TO CHANNEL- 08/16/20 - Our Gorl Quits the Noom (again).

Lesbian Sleepover

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Oh boy! More bore ! (will update after watch)

Morning, good morning, I look like junk because I just got up (gorl you're supposed to be a YouTuber fucking figure it out!!)
Claims house is messy. But she loves cleaning
I'm not quitting noom but people tell me and I'm gonna listen to them I need "Noom probably isn't for me" I HAVE A WEIGHT LOSS DOCTOR September
It was scheduled for me a while ago
Doctor is SO popular they were booked (wow)
This person is who she needs, (this is gonna' be the end all be all) everything is gonna fall into place. This doctor's advice is what she needs
ALR wants support but she cannot do this without help
Sure (Jan) she's lost 91 pounds but she's just ... stuck
She's not mentally willing until..she sees the weight loss doctor.

Lesbian Sleepover note: she clearly is gas-lighting us so that the NOOM quitting was because the HAYDURS and FANS told her it wasn't for HERRRR

CUT to a Closet Tour, y'aallll! YEE HAW
Shes a bunch of fake knock-off bags and her sad 4 pairs of shoes
Her dress reminds her of the "Walking to the Tree" videos. She calls them "iconic"
She fires up an ObeaseToBeast video featuring some broad named Lauren
She points out where (all the places) she's picking at right now.
Blames it on OCD and Anxiety, claims she "goes in spurts" (I always assumed she "went" in "spurts)

She's sitting at her vanity, she has a lamp so the lighting is OK
She's siting where she wants to do her makeup and vlog
Someone messaged her on Instagram and she doesn't NORMALLY read her messages but she does check on them

Someone accused her of "talking TOO MUCH about her weight loss" and it's too heavy and she doesn't SHOW her weight loss to make it light(er)

"I need to show more what am I eating how much am I walkeen " that's obviously what I took out of it
The part where they said my videos are too heavy and need to be light, I think I get it
She misses hauls and like...showing my daily life. Instead of bingeen and food addiction and daily weigh-ins (as in don't show these things... WHAT????)
I wanna show Becky and my home and my daily nonsense INSTEAD OF coming on here, sharing my daily weigh in (bitch WHEN?)
Everyday I'm talking about my food addiction...I noticed that doing these daily vlogs shows the heaviness.

"So the person who wrote me that message, i see what you mean and I wanna bring that kind of vibe"
So what I'm trying to say is ENOUGH of the constant weight-loss talk..I"m done with it..I'll share my journey I'll share my weight I'll show the grocery haul
but I can't do it...I wanna be a ME channel..and AmberLynn Channel™ (somehow this sleepover here feels that we already are getting max content)

CUT to a sad dilapidated Chihuahua who doesn't wanna be filmed
COTD--Candle of the day, margarita something. Normally, Becky is the "picker-outer"
Also off topic, if you wanna add me on Fit-bit, I'm gonna put the email down in the description box. We can compare steps HEH HEH I'LL ALWAYS LOSE
I've also been playing this iPhone game app I'm SUPER CRAZY OBSESSED WITH IT but I CANNOT REMEMBER THE NAME

Around 9:37 we cut to a WINDED Amber Lynn invaded Becky's ButchCave™ where she "looks so comfortable"
Becky got something from 2004--a new Dave Chappelle show poster where he's cosplaying as Rick James (BITCH!) and Amber has NEVER seen this.
Becky retardedly explains the concept of a sketch show to Amber and Amber has no idea about anything.
Comedy Central is "not my jam" --ALR August 2020

"I'm lame"

"I'm gonna get my stuff ..ready for a ..showwwwer"

Amber is having Pelvic Pain. She's frustrated by this. She wants to...get up..and ... do things...and have a life.
When she wants to do these things, "her pelvic hurts"

(edited for content, spelling and to fit your television screen with limited commercial interruption )
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She lasted longer than I thought she would.
“I have been listening to other people and they have said noom isn’t for me”
Just like the "other people" who helped her realize the same thing about Optavia.

Appointment with "popular" weight loss doctor in September. Doesn't matter how popular the doctor is or how much they know, she knows what works for her, waste of time.


I hate this
Flexing the faux LV duffel bag.

Where is she going to stay overnight? They moved to Foodtown so where else is there? D&D's house but it's more likely they'd go to Amber's apartment. Who has an extra bed that can hold 500lb + 370lb girlfriend?

The prospect of those 2 stuffing into airplane seats to visit the meth kinfolk is pretty funny.

Screenshot 2020-08-15 at 8.00.46 PM.png
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I think I hear Rarity crying for help in the background. So is that a real louis vuitton duffle bag for when she goes to her "friends" places?

If that's a real person that wrote into her, has she been watching lately? AL isn't wearing pants so she can't film anything else but sitting down.... unless it's mukbang hurrahs before the weight loss doctor.


Bull Dykes and Twitter Psyches
Ooh ya girl gots ‘Luis Vuitton’, how many fb gorls do you guys think are seething with rage ?
...... "IT'S NOT FAIR"

Personally I think those bags are as tacky as fuck = They look cheap and nasty, something you would pick up a TK-Max as an after thought and then stick it in a bigger bag that you regret buying, at the bottom of your wardrobe