CHANGES TO CHANNEL- 08/16/20 - Our Gorl Quits the Noom (again).

Turd Fergusson
Christ she is so transparent. Claims she lost 90lbs (with no proof) and says she’s stuck and needs help? Anyone her size would be beyond excited at that kind of weight loss without surgery intervention. She is as miserable as ever.
Most of her weight loss was last October and November when she was sick. On July 15, a month ago, she was 503 pounds. I do not believe her present numbers. It would mean that she lost 21 pounds in a month. Quite possible but she would require a deficit of 2,500 calories a day. If she needed 4,000 calories to maintain her weight, it would mean that she needed to eat only 1,450 calories per day. This did not happened.


It would mess up my metabolism
I'm pretty sure the weightloss doctor is at the same location or was referred to her by her "amazing oncologist". I'm interested in how she will speak of this doctor because she seems to be super rigid with not leaving her house not bending not going in the car taking her meds- like the oncologist told her, but this weightloss doctor she will find the diet super dangerous and not safe for her body like the last one.

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The house is a mess, noom isn't for me because my audience said so, and a weight loss doctor appointment soon, somewhere in September.
She explains, I just want to be me, im going to tell the weight loss doctor im eating take out every single day, and that's just me being honest.
She shows us her closet of clothes and a bag, mostly shirts and dresses, and mentions she is not wearing pants until she goes back to the doctor.
Quick second of her watching obesetobeast, explained she is picking her scabs all over her body because my anxiety, it's REALLY BAD.
Someone messaged her on instagram, someone said she talks too much about her weight loss, the content is too HEAVY (aka depressing), and doesn't show the action: walking, binging, feelings, daily weigh-ins. She says she will show all the action to weight loss but also wants to be a 'ME' channel.
Twinkie is wearing pjamas while sitting on the sofa, twinkie is too obese to fit in them properly so Becky had to cut them.
Shows the candle of the day and she wants us to add her on fitbit.
Binged watching the bold and beautiful, shows us her phone game, shows us Becky in her room playing the old ps2. Becky tries to make conversation with Amberlynn, Amberlynn is obviously uninterested trying to scurry away from Becky while she's still trying to talk.
She is getting ready for a shower, explained her pain is in her pelvic area and whenever she does anything it hurts. Outro.

(TL; DW; DR)
The important take away from this video is:
she wanted us to know that she is going to show more instead of talking about it.

('I want this to be a ME channel' -Amber)
it already is a 'me' channel, however an authentic way to re-word it is, she just wants to put up more bullshit, easy content, and get paid with additional asspats.
Only replying due to first time for offering feedback: Extra credit for the time stamps, they're always nice to have even if they're not always there in individual recappers contributions. This is a good example of what I like to refer to as 'quick and dirty' recapping, short summary of the subject she's not shutting the fuck up about and some nice brief analysis fragments interspersed where necessary. My favorite detail take you included here, Twinkie is too FAT for dog clothes so Becky has to let out some room for the poor rat. Good first effort, thanks for doing it, hope you continue for Big AL videos in the future.

Well there's your stage four Amber-cycle video, guess we'll be back to calorie counting along with Weight Watchers when stage one video gets released again here shortly? The new 'bleached out corpse lighting' era makes me nauseous to look at it every time since all that's really left of her skin tone that stays visible is the racoon eyes.

Also, Amber is getting the vibe back while Becky is cosplaying as DarksyDe'Phil? He really needs to go the porn actress route and get some trademarks on the vibe catchphrase and the whole DSP aesthetic and cease and desist her blatant ripoffs of him as they're going to cause market confusion and he can't afford any whale defections to a different pod!

Turd Fergusson
Well, the next video will be interesting, or not. She won't be blabbing about Noom or any diet plans, which is good, but since her life is devoid of anything interesting, we will be back to Torrid hauls, grocery hauls, Amazon hauls, cook with me, order food with me, put makeup with me and the highly requested mukbangs. We will see Becky appearing as a cameo for a few seconds, maybe the animals too.

Can't stop looking at that poor flimsy braided tail of hair...

So did Becky inherit that ugly piece of post surgery recliner?
I mean, it makes sense?! She is clearly growing profusely to become a part of it.

And Amber can once again celebrate herself for being so giveeeen and geneeerous whilst dumping junk she wants to get rid of without a hassle on other people.

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She seems pretty comfortable admitting her food problems in this video. Does she usually do that?
No, she's usually a blubbering buttermouth of excuses about her "food problems," counting calories using mind-melting math, and when challenged on any of it, well --


Honestly, it's one of the very few times (if any) she has admitted she has no clue, but consider the admission itself -- "I has addickshun!" Yet another excuse, refusing to take responsibility for her actions and inability to stop shoveling anything and everything into her gaping maw.

Some things never change. Hamber is a universal constant in that regard.


Did you miss the six hundred mukbangs she's done?
Those aren’t her binges for me, the I ate a whole box of fruit roll ups, 2 family size bags of chips, and candy, she admits to eating at night are the binge. She will show us take out but won’t show stuff which is obvious process boxed garbage. I mean she got a lot of shit for just trying candy on camera recently so she won’t show us the ‘snacks’ but the meal.

However, her mukbangs are unhealthily enormous nonetheless.

It's really obvious that the actual reason she's quitting Noom is because she wants to binge on all the local fast food before her weight loss doctor appointment next month, during which she thinks the doctor is going to give her some sort of quick fix or easy solution ("Things will fall into place"). But the doctor will probably tell her the same thing they all say, which is low carb high protein diet. And once she hears that and realizes that, yet again, she's going to have to put in hard work, she's going to quit that doctor too. And thus the cycle will continue. I really can't stand this lazy idiot

Good for her for having quit Noom; like I said in the previous thread, weight loss programs are completely pointless at best, and a scam at worst.

You do not need anyone holding your hand to lose weight. Free calorie checkers are avaible online, and so are food blogs and huge databases filled to the brim with healthy recipes and all kinds of dieting tips (how to make zoodles/cauliflower rice, turn frozen fruit into "nice cream" etc.) Wasting a hundred bucks a month or however much these programs cost just to get a tiny bit of moral support (from a cold unfeeling robot?) is not worth it.

So far so good.

It's just a shame that Amber always "does what works for her" instead of the one thing that works for everybody else and has a pretty much guaranteed success rate (unless you cheat or are too dumb for elementary school math): Counting and restricting calories. Rule number one of any successful diet is start making your own food. You cannot count calories if you do not even know which ingredients a dish is made with. But we all know how she feels about cooking. She'll just keep on ordering takeout and bulk up until her stitches burst.