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Another TikTok rapper. 1626964891612.jpeg


Just seeing the title card makes me want to pour bleach in my ears. Let me guess - Todd bitching about some people being patriotic?
Its more Todd being political like calling the guy racist for the part about disliking the statues being taken down. He does bring the song is unpatriotic because its more about bashing other people than it is talking about America.

The Great Citracett

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I can't remember which video it's from, but one of my most memorable Todd moments is when he was in the middle of one of his off-topic anti-christian rants and said something along the lines of how he hates the way Christians "just absolutely cannot stop inserting their personal political and religious beliefs into everything, and that's not what people came to hear."

I about died from irony poisoning.

Polexia Aphrodisia

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Pre-2020: Todd makes jokes about pop songs, does some light analysis of the music and composition, and maybe slips one or two political stabs at Orange Man or Le Altright.

Post-2020: Todd has barely anything to actually say about the songs, fixates on music videos and Twitter responses, and moans about politics endlessly.

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