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What's the solution to the Crossover posting problem?

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James Rofl
Jul 18, 2021
yeah, I didnt know Frank Stallone was a Scientologist. Was that Linkara voicing that Villain character?

Sep 22, 2020
PushingUpRoses' mental health videos didn't do so well. What a shocker. People who subscribed to her channel to see her talk about TV shows weren't interested in her talking about her mental health. You have to know your audience and how they might react to something.
View attachment 2412075
Good to still PUR is still retarded.

I stopped looking at her tweets when she complained that a coffee shop didn't allow her to use their bathroom to have a panic attack in, and also her hot take that people are selfish to bring their kids to ER. You know - the place you left in a hurry to get to for emergency treatment. Also the kid was most likely the fucking patient anyway cos kids are clumsy germy fuckers that will still run around even with a broken arm.

Random Internet Person
Jun 28, 2019
It's interesting to try and see him scrabble to reconcile his enjoyment of country music with his hatred of lower class people, white conservatives, and the South.
I mean, Walker Hayes has said Applebee's is a date night with his wife and the Bourbon Street Steak and the Oreo shake is his go to. So....maybe we're hitting that first hatred with Todd?

Random Internet Person
Jun 28, 2019
I don't think Lindsay actually watched Dune, let alone read any of the novels. The first book really isn't difficult to wrap your head around.
I think there was a video where Lindsay talked about why she deleted the Dune video. And if we're talking lost media, there was also her Les Miserables video she didn't upload when she was uploading her NChick video, since JewWario is in it.

Kevin Roberts

Coolest Bitch in Town
Oct 9, 2020
This pic came up when I googled.

Nice ass and booba.

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