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Gross Chantal Sarault / Foodie BeautyMakes Mukbang Videos for a Living, Canadian Amberlynn Reid

Discussion in 'Beauty Parlour' started by button, Jul 30, 2017.

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  1. I can't believe her portion sizes either. She said she was eligible for gastric bypass and she claimed to be starting a healthy eating journey and yeah there was a few videos posted up of her eating a salad or something, maybe some fish.. but they didn't last too long.

    Also her Canadian accent makes me cringe. I'm Canadian myself but I'm perfectly capable of not saying ABOAT.

    Mod Edit, because this is the OP, now,

    This bitch:

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    #1 button, Jul 30, 2017
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    button Guest

  2. Chantel does have some interesting stories to tell but she's all over the map with her eating. Originally, she'd down an entire large pizza and then she became vegan, except she wasn't vegan anymore ... just vegetarian because, gosh, she loves cheese. To her credit, it looks like she has given up meat in her more recent videos. But, yeah, today she ordered a medium pizza from Dominos and ate nearly the whole thing.

    Of all the mukbangers, outside maybe Nic Avocado, or whatever his name is (and shit, boy, he's eating himself to an early grave ... you're literally seeing him get fat in each video), she eats the most. She'll clean a plate. Clearly she has no will to actually change, tho.
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  3. I watched her most recent vids last night and what a fucking character she is. She seems to have a thing for foreign black guys, or more likely, they are the only guys desperate enough to date her. I don't think she has EVER shown a full body shot of herself but she has to be pushing at least 400lbs based on the shots of her in the car, as she appears to basically be pushed against the steering wheel. I'd guess she's well north of 400lbs at this point.

    She eats massive amounts of high calorie food. Giving up meat and replacing it with fried potatoes and cheese is a bad trade. At least meat provides satiety. She's also been talking about "going to the gym" which is just laughable at her weight. Burning 50 calories on a 20 minute half mile walk on the treadmill does jack shit when your diet is that awful.
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  4. She stepped on the scale a few months back on her other channel and she was 377. My heart tells me she's gained since then though, I couldn't get over the size of her arms in the car recently. She is really morphing into Candy (hungryfatchick).

    Her boyfriend doesn't really seem to be into her, he could be a refugee looking to stay in the country by pretending to be her partner. The government allows lots of situations like this here in Canada and they seem to be getting more lax.

    You can really hear the changes in her voice from her first upload. It's getting more hoarse and and she's having some breathing problems. I really wanted to believe her anout wanting to lose weight but I don't believe for a second this is ever going to happen now.
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    Sunflowerr Guest

  5. I wish she'd do more Mukbangs with him. If nothing else we'd get to see if he's annoyed at her eating sounds and general grossness while eating. She routinely drops things onto her lap and doesn't miss a beat.
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  6. The crazy thing about Chantel is that she probably adds 300-500 calories to every deep fried meal she eats just in sauces. One thing I've noticed about the super obese Mukbangers is the amount of dips and sauces they add.

    Here is her latest gut bomb, a fried onion ring 1/2 lb cheeseburger with deep fried pickles on the side -- and dipping sauces! She says she will need "a bath" after the meal. Or maybe a bottle of Maalox and a nap.

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  7. Noticed something last night about Chantel's videos.

    A couple weeks ago she announced, justifiably, I might add, that she was no longer going to do Mukbangs because it was impacting her health. Instead, she'd just tell her stories in a normal environment without throwing a bunch of crap down her gullet. Her first video without actual food, and just her 'story-time', came on July 24th, a day after her announcement.

    It only received 2,360 views (at the moment of this post). She did another video (What's In My Bag) the same day, and it only had 2,330 views. At that point, literally a day later, she uploaded another video, this time back to her Mukbangs, and in it announced she would continue eating during her stories. That video received 8,564 views. Her Mukbang videos have recieved between 8,000-14,000 views (at the moment). Those two non-Mukbang videos, at the height of her current popularity, did extremely poorly.

    I'm sure she saw this. I'm sure she knows people aren't really watching her for her stories. As interesting as they can be - most people are watching her stuff her face. Maybe it's their fetish or they're doing it to watch her self-destruction. I don't know. What I do know is that she probably realized the only way her channel would be viable money-wise, she'd need to eat on camera. So, she is. Health be damned.

    Now, from everything I can tell, Chantel doesn't work. So, this might be her only form of income. That's gotta be a sad realization on her part.
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  8. I predict that chantal will someday be the next hungry fat chick. Chantal annoys me to no end. It seems that her goal in life is to stay lazy and live off of government. She actually thought her personality and embellished stories were so enchanting that she started a patreon account hoping to be supported by her so called fans. Little did she know that only $3 would be contributed to patreon.
    She is the biggest slob ive ever seen. She never uses a napkin, licks her manicured fat fingers, uses her pants as a napkin, and eats every last crumb that falls into her cleavage.
    But what really irks me is her witch laugh.
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    FiddleDee Guest

  9. Imagine how sloppy she is when she's not eating on camera. I keep going back and forth on Chantel. Part of me wants to like her but part of me really wants to hate her because how thirsty can you be for a "youtube career" when you already are begging for patreons at her sub count?

    I admit, I love watching her triple chin, no neck and gaping maw devour some of the greasiest, biggest portions of food you'll ever see, on Youtube or otherwise. There's a morbid curiosity in watching an addict slowly kill themselves. The stories are just filler.
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  10. I refuse to believe that she doesnt realize she is being hate watched for cringe, but, you never know, and fat on the brain can be just as bad for judgement as heroin in the veins. Speaking of bad judgement, her stories often center on her sexual escapades, as if she is trying to prove that she may have been even slightly attractive to a penis in your younger and less obese years. Poor thing. I would attempt to feel somewhat sorry for her fat ass except that she is likely a spoiled brat and very hateful bitch (unless of course you tell her how beautiful her makeup is or that she has a nice singing voice). She must have put her poor mother through absolute hell. Guess its payback time for queen chantal.
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    FiddleDee Guest

  11. I don't think Chantal works either. She could be on ODSP (Ontario disability support program) for even her weight. I just get the feeling she hasn't worked in a long time. Her apartment also seems like it could be in a government housing unit of some kind.

    I wish we could find out more dirt on her from someone in the Ottawa area. I'd like to know the whole situation.

    I'm surprised she's considered appealing to some of these feeder fetishists. I see "pretty" comments on all her videos. I find her absolutely hideous. She looks just like foreverkailyn .. That long face, the potato bone structure. Uhh.
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    Baybay Guest

  12. It's time she had her own thread. What can I say.

    Chantal is a 33 year old obese Canadian woman who binge eats on camera

    Typical Chantal video

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  13. gross but why should she be a lolcow?
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    Hen in a tie

    Hen in a tie There's a lack of Hens in ties on Google searches
    True & Honest Fan

  14. Yes if she isn't a lolcow on her own then she should be posted in the Mukbang Youtubers page. Chantal's just fat ... is she involved in scandals, lies, and other things that would make her a lolcow?

    Amberlynn is a lolcow for her lies, delusions, and causing drama. Same for Forever Kailyn.

    I don't know. What has Chantal done, besides be an unfortunate looking glutton, that warrants a lolcow status?
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    True & Honest Fan

  15. If any mukbanger deserves their own thread, it's Nikocado Avocado. That fool is crazy. Chantal's gross, but boring.
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  16. Yea as much as I'd like to consider her a lolcow she's just not interesting (and popular) enough to really have a whole thread dedicated to her. That said, among mukbankers she is one of the fattest and greasiest. She might be worth a thread a year from now.


    she's definitely worth a watch if you're into this kinda of thing...talking about a threesome she was in today as she munches down her usual 2K calorie meal. Look at the cheese it's as thick as her finger.

    #16 thejackal, Aug 4, 2017
    Last edited: Aug 4, 2017
  17. Every morning i check youtube and im like "oh no she didnt !"
    This morning i saw her make the crappiest tomato sauce to put in her creepy "past-a" that could feed a family of four. No surprise that she adds maple syrup to it.
    The day before, she attempts to please her audience with story of her explosive diarrhea.
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    FiddleDee Guest

  18. Gay-Shawn

    Gay-Shawn Guest

  19. Only a "snack" to our new favorite mukbanker Chantel. FWIW it appears she mowed down on 12-16 cheese sticks from BK. That's 900-1200 calories in her "snack".

    Also, how many fucking African guys has she slept with in her life? I swear every single story she has is about sleeping with a random foreign black guy. I feel like if she keeps up this upload pace and keeps upping the ante on her stories she'll def be worthy of her own thread in a few more months.

    FiddleDee Guest

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