Gross Chantal Sarault / Foodie Beauty - Crazy 450lb narcissistic coprophile, misanthropic ogress, thinks people envy her

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It had become a glimmering gorl,
enduring her vastly-improved-after-one-vocal-coaching Screechy Shaaam Songs
It's now safe to assume this didn't happen: she said it was "tomorrow" two days ago, and it didn't get a mention on IG or in the garbage she just uploaded. You know our gorl lets every man and his dog know whenever she does anything that isn't eating in her car. She'll probably post now about how it totally did happen, because she'll have read this, but I doubt she went and I doubt yet more that she'll ever go back. You can't sing if you can't breathe from your diaphragm, and Chantal can't breathe from anywhere.

ETA: I actually think it was made up from the start. The "free first lesson" thing is a major red flag for credibility, and since she went full-blown batshit late last year she's had no qualms about making things up out of whole cloth and then being too dumb and crazy to remember what lies she told.
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Pizza Sloth

Gluttony is not a secret vice.
Yep, she's going to save the left overs for Bibi who is working night-shift as usual.. and he may not like it. But he'll be able to eat yesterday's left overs of spicy sriracha chicken meatloaf she made yesterday. The fucking guy is working and only gets the benefit of fucking shitty leftovers of food he may or may not like. His existence with this woman seems a special kind of misery and lacking general appreciation. Fucking learn to cook and make him decent dishes or at best get him something he enjoys if you're culinary challenged.

Pic of the 'delicious' leftover leftovers for Bibi. That asparagus looks like it was boiled beyond decency. No Chantal, we don't want the recipe or video for this.

And yep, my guess of her trying to be a 'travel food blog' with her trying different Ottowa cuisines... she's again, trying. She really needs to do her research first if she's going to be doing this. It's a turn off if you're eating a cuisine you know little to nothing about when ordering and eating the food then study the basics.

ETA: I Just realized these are leftovers and in a low carb format (asparagus, curried cauliflower I'm guessing and a a meatloaf) with no rice, no potato. That would be in line with her live stream passing comment of how Bibi "ratted her out" to the nurses and doctors in the ER. Ergo add the motto "Remember, Chantal Lies".

As in Bitch ate a more on top of the fast food. I'm guessing she's making these kinds of regular meals then running out in secret eating the fast food shit. Like a double eating life. The one she puts out to those IRL and then what she shows us she eats on the internet. Speculation but yea, what else to make of this nicely portioned and kinda balanced left over meal for bibi but she can't do on a regular basis for herself?

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It had become a glimmering gorl,
The fucking guy is working and only gets the benefit of fucking shitty leftovers of food he may or may not like.
Oh, don't worry, Bibi won't see any of that food. Chantal has admitted already that whenever she says the leftovers are for Bibi, she just eats them after the video. She then expects everyone to believe her when she tells the same lie again, because Chantal has no theory of mind and thinks she's the smartest person in the universe. Even if she did save food for Bibi, he'd probably get takeaway on the way home to avoid her garbage cooking.


[It's All Fiction]
Well, Zak just posted this... Chantal is at it again! She's definitely episodic lately, isn't she!

I love how Zachary is very confused about Chantal adressing things that we talked about here on the farms like the situation with her sick cat.

The queen of hypocrisy just copied another instagrammer’s post (a raw vegan with a lot of followers) and cropped it without giving her credit. She has no leg to stand on when it comes to copyright striking. She’s an idiot.

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Hope she still thinks that as the doctor amputates her leg as an offering to lord beetus.

Pizza Sloth

Gluttony is not a secret vice.
I hadn't fully absorbed also how disrespectful it is that this unemployed idiot can't even be bothered to learn how to cook her working spouse fresh meals every day for when they come home, and instead gets a fridge full of cold half-chewed takeaway.
This really bothers me too. Yet the few times the sisterlover is mentioned and has cooked, Chantal is totally dismissive and rude about it. If you're with someone for 8 years you learn what they like to eat and you try to provide for them as a form of attention and affection especially when they work nights and can't really do things on a normal schedule and she's just fucking doing as she pleases and going on 2-3 hour MIA drives doing live streams.

There's some videos out there where the couple makes lunches for a week for each other and some are really thoughtful and shows how much attention they put towards each other be it including a note, or a favorite dish or having something that's a bit weird but they know their partner likes it. I would be amazed to see if she and Malan did that for a week. He could get her bags of fast food that can't be reheated and he'd get the left overs of those meals most likely. "Hey babe, is it good?‽ Isn't this what they do in anime?"

Pizza Sloth

Gluttony is not a secret vice.
At around 3:40 in her new video she has seemingly acquired a bunch of fiber/hair in her right thumbnail.
Mystical fiber in nail on hand first appears at 2:50. I have a theory as to this... one is she pet Shamm and it's a cat hair or she did a quick finger comb and it's one of her grays.. her nails were done about a month ago and she's rough on them. So if she hasn't had a fill for the nails, fibers, hairs and the likes can get caught where the filler is cracking away from the nail. if this is true, we're going to see some of the nails falling off and her having a shit manicure as usually happens or she'll get new YouTube money soon and get another nail job.


good times
Yep, she's going to save the left overs for Bibi who is working night-shift as usual.. and he may not like it.
After she said she was saving the rest for bibi she quietly chuckles to herself almost in a “yeah right” kind of way. She doesn’t even believe her own lie.

I skipped ahead like three times and within seconds of each skip, I caught her saying, "so good..."
Chantal needs to watch more food network because calling a dish “so good” is about as dumb and basic as it comes when critiquing food. If she wants us to take her “reviews” seriously she needs to learn how to describe flavors better. But we all know Chantal’s pallet is as rudimentary as they come.

also thanks Chantal for reminding us at the end to (dis)”like” your video. This one was trash.

I cant get over the gluttony of it all. Just like watching the video of her sitting down eating right out of that "family sized" tin. Like bitch get a fucking plate you barnyard animal. At least try to be civilized. Serve yourself a normal portion on a regulation sized plate then put the rest away. Sifting through a double dipping into the rice blek. And sure jan, you gonna save the rest for bibi. There was like 1/5th of the container left and you had your filthy fingers in it. She probably took a shit, cane back and finished it then gorged on something else.