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I'm a jerk feline
Wait, waitwaitwait, didn't she JUST say that her appetite came back before she took herself off the Vyvance? Now the vyvance totally suppresses it and she just forgets about food???
Yeah, if Chantal totally forgets about food then the only thing going on in her mind would be a constant low humming noise.....


Yes, yes, uh-huh !
Chantal is making me really mad at the internet in her newest video. Gabbing away about how “You really don’t need a high amount of fat if you have a lot of fat on you” or “fasting just really clears up your skin.”

I’ve never witnessed someone put so many hours into talking about diets, what research says, or what works for her yet still be a fat fuck.

And then she’s puffing her bullfrog neck out with pride saying “OMAD works for me because I just have my medication and I don’t even think about food. I went to lunch with my grandma and just like, didn’t have that feeling.”

She’s done these introductory diet/30-day plan videos multiple times and always fails. I guess her new identity now is a keto gurl.

Now it all makes sense. She got the idea for Keto from a you-tube doctor & badgered her own doctor till he was probably sick of her & said 'do what you want.'
She told her real doctor the medication is working. It's been 2 days. What. A. Dumbass.
I would bet the doctor rolled his eyes & just wanted to hang up the phone because DOCTOR Chantal knows best. Her 28 day script (or to be more accurate, her 28 sample) will run out before this challenge is over, & what does she plan to do after the 30 days? (I laugh because she will never make it that far) but, she keeps saying 30 days. Then what? Back to carbs? She thinks this 30 day diet is the answer to being 120 pounds, but has no long term plan to eat this way as a lifestyle change forever?
Never gonna happen. She won't make it till the weekend.

She is hyper, out of breath & talking a mile a minute in this video. Someone please save this video because she is sticking to this Keto diet for 30 days you haters.

I'm out after 10 minutes. Chantal is far to dumb to watch the rest of the way. Oh, and she looks as fat as ever.


good times

Chantal is HIGH KEY bragging now about this vyvance.
She just can't bring herself to eat because of this medication.
She has to force feed herself!
She'll never meet her calorie goal.
She's basically fasting 24/7. "aUtOphAgY!" "My skin is soft as a baby's dick!"
"This is IT!"

This will completely bottom out as soon as the medication loses its affect (which can't be much longer) or as soon as she stops taking it because a life without food is no life at all.

PLUS the lies she spins in that video about the doctor all of a sudden approving of the diet because she is magically cured of BED (thanks to vyvance again) is absolute and utter garbage.

I just want to ask about the drug stuff here.

Has Chantal ever used phentermine? I know it's a pretty effective weight loss drug. <It is after all, an ampethamine>. So a doctor will give her random other drugs, but not a drug that is supposed to be used?

is it like outlawed in Canada?

Wowza; I thought I had the playback on 1.5 the first few minutes. Girl is bouncing off the walls like she's at the bizoire with Scham. The crash is going to be monumental.
I am trying to listen at 1.5 and its insanity on top of insanity.

Chantal is referencing Dr Eric Berg, known keto quack (chiropractor) here's the sort of thing he was into before keto:

"Dr. Berg violated Section 54.1-2915.A(1) of the Code; Section 54.1-2915.A(12), (15), (16) , and (18) of the Code [formerly Section 54.1-2914.A(7), (10), (11), and (13)]; Section 54.12403 of the Code; and 18 VAC 85-20-30.E [as adopted in 1998 and as amended through 2005] of the Board's Regulations, in that, on multiple occasions in various media, including newspapers and magazines, flyers and brochures, correspondence with patients or prospective patients, and his website, he published or caused to be published advertisements or made or caused to be made statements and representations that were expressly or implicitly false, misleading and! or deceptive."



Guards! To the Mathmos with this winged fruitcake.
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Ho hum, another day, another cycle. She’ll last two days on this diet that she’s suddenly an expert in, lie about it for three more, then have a temper tantrum all over the internet like the big girl she is.

We’ve never been here before. :rolleyes: I’m not watching the video, she’s always manic and insufferable at the start of a diet and if I wanted to hear a lecture by an excitable moron I’d listen to somebody from the flat earth society give a speech.

So what is it about fatties and their numbers? 30 day Keto challenge. 100 days of weight loss, 10 days of grapes, 5 day water only it because the scale rules their life? They watch those numbers go up and up until that’s all they think about? They all seem to be number obsessed and yet they can’t figure out the simplest numbers of all - eat fewer calories than your body expends and you lose weight.

I’ll wait until she blows up. Both ways. And FYI: it’s hilarious that she bought that spice mix that Amber puts on everything. They are both going to end flopping in bed like a sea lion on oxygen barking for fish.


My soul was I ate 2 ramens.
I just want to ask about the drug stuff here.

Has Chantal ever used phentermine? I know it's a pretty effective weight loss drug. <It is after all, an ampethamine>. So a doctor will give her random other drugs, but not a drug that is supposed to be used?

is it like outlawed in Canada?
It’s by prescription only. Maybe they are worried about raising her BP.

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