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I’m so happy her massive pimple is still there to remind us that she doesn’t wash her face. He gave away that she slapped some foundation or concealer down (not that it’s that hard to tell since we’ve seen her without.) I say the zit is an honorary kiwi.

Onto the fun stuff, I don’t know how she’s gaining so much on stims but god it cracks me up. Enjoy them while you can, I don’t know if it was the psychiatrist or eating disorder doctor who gave the script to her, I think the latter, but that script is going to be yanked faster then you can say noncompliance. Also fun fact; lowered skin care (who knew it could get worse?) is a sign of stimulant abuse, along with increased narcissism.

For the medical stuff, it makes me think whatever she got was bad news. Before you lynch me, hear me out- Chantal’s never been one to drop a lie so quickly, particularly about health stuff. We all know she’s in denial about her weight and the problems caused by it, I’m guessing she got the ‘this is dangerous, but you’re too fat for treatment/have to lose weight’ talk and her ego couldn’t handle it so she’s trying to believe her own lie. I could be totally wrong but it’s just a habit I’ve noticed. Even if she dodged it this time, the next few months should be interesting. Either way :story::story:

Also much love and drinks to @Dutch Courage , I don’t know how you handle this drivel Dutchy. Your sacrifice isn’t in vain. 🥃

Chantal has been deleting comments. I know, what a surprise. Unfortunately I didn't get screencaps before refreshing the page, but there was a clear drop in numbers. The comment that had the most likes compared Chantal's body to a busted up house. The comment explained that piling on makeup was no different than hanging up new curtains hoping that no one will notice the leaking pipes, the cracks in the ceiling, and the filthy floors. Chantal hopes we won't notice how much fatter she's gotten, but most people can wear necklaces without them being engulfed by face and neck fat. Exhibit A:
Forgot to post this. But it’s too good to waste: View attachment 901516
So, what comments are we left with now?


That's right, Chantal, give yourself a break and rest as much as you need. You deserve to be praised for rolling out of bed and putting on makeup. Go enjoy a beef n' cheddar, after all you did take a shower which must have been a monumental effort. Maybe a bigger hugbox will make those blood clots disappear, just like those mean ol' comments you deleted.


Mama, nobody sends you a turd and expects to live.
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What a waste of a Klimt picture.
Are you kidding, terrible 1/4 size reprints of “The Kiss” have been a staple of TJMaxx and IKEA decor for a decade. The addition of tacky Xmas lights are just a bonus.

I’ve actually mentioned this before but her Kiss print and stupid Eiffel Tower print are just examples of her total lack of taste. I expect a Van Gogh Starry Night or Sunflower print somewhere, or since she’s so edgy maybe The Scream or an Escher print. The shit on her walls is a perfect example of someone with no taste but who thinks these cheap wall decor selections make them seem cosmopolitan. The $5 famous painting digital prints is only classy where WWF, super hero movie or NASCAR posters are the norm.

I can rant about this pet peeve all day...

The ubiquity of these “famous painting” prints at IKEA seems to follow auction price records for art that doesn’t confuse or scare the middle class - and lends itself to mouse pads and t-shirts. We will never see a big trend for Giacometti recasts or Lucien Freud prints at TJMaxx no matter how high the originals fetch at auction.

Mass production has cheapened fine art and made people think they understand famous paintings simply by seeing terrible reproductions of it online or buying a poster of it at Wal-Mart. The cheap 2x3 posters of The Kiss are hideous satires of the original six foot painting, and should be burned imho. Go to you local fucking museums to see great art in person and don’t hang fifth rate souvenirs of it on your walls. There’s plenty of non-famous original artwork out there anyone can afford and it shows a lot more taste than “famous museum painting poster”
- end rant

But in the end the bad wall art is just the icing on the Chantal shit sundae. I’m sure Chantal thinks “The Kiss” symbolizes her and >insert lover name here<. Paris is her “favorite city” (that she’s never visited) for the same reason. Chantal choses things only to try and impress others, it’s her entire sad existence.

Christ alive, you ain't kidding...

View attachment 901455

Says she's really struggling right now. She doesn't know why, but she has some ideas... So do I!! You eat too much!!

She begins to tell us what ails her, but seven minutes in, after interrupting the same sentence about 20 times with pointless asides about makeup, she has failed to explain anything except she's been sick and depressed. She obnoxiously interrupts herself through the entire video with stupid shit about makeup... "I just don't wanna look like death", she says at some point, looking like death itself.

Finally at 7:15, she admits she "failed miserably" at Keto (no shit, Sherlock) She rolls her eyes at her doctors. One wants to put her on a diet (and she visibly grimices at the thought), but the head shrink doesn't want her to diet (whaa?) So none of it is her fault. It is the fault of the doctors because they don't agree.

The ED doctor wants her to eat balanced meals and cut out all the fucking shit deprivation diets. She concedes, unconvincingly, "I guess...that's what I'm gonna do..." as if he asked her to do the most unnatural thing in the world.

She says something vague about joining therapy. She keeps claiming no therapy in her region is tailored to binge eating disorder.

She goes on and on about the doctor's crazy plan: three balanced meals a day, healthy food, some fruit. She tells us binges are triggered by leaving out food groups (so cheese is in!) Apparently, these recommendations are too basic for her. But she'll show us her meals. She can eat what she likes, she says.

She admits the haters were right about eating in the car. She just "forgets" sometimes; she isn't conscious of what she does sometimes.

She got a call back from the CT scan nurse. The nurse said, "oh, we're not worried about any of that" So Chantal says she doesn't have to worry anymore. But it all sounds like absolutely nothing; a stubbed toe would be more severe from the sound of it.

Blood clot results on Monday. She is hoping they are gone.

She says her doctor doesn't understand Keto, so Chantal (Ph.D.) had to explain the concept to him. He wants to drop her as a patient for not listening to him, so now she's gonna listen. (I thought her Keto was "doctor approved"?)

View attachment 901475

This is how she looks after all that stupid makeup, and then she's talkin' about all the food she plans to buy later.

She's gonna push herself so hard to keep on track. She needs to try to get back on track to "battle this fat", which I take as admission that she has not engaged in the fat battle for weeks...

She really does seem stupid and clueless. Clotso is gonna die...
Chantal really took that 'feed a cold & starve a fever' to heart. She's been sick for weeks but stuffed herself into a 15 pound weight gain? Great job there fatso.
I don't know how any doctor at this point keeps treating her, but then again, she lies a lot. Maybe they do refuse her calls. Maybe they gave up.
They know she'll never be fit for surgery, so why keep wasting time. She brushed off her medical report because some random nurse said not to worry. Sure, that sounds like the kind of professional advice you want when determining if you have cancer or not. Don't worry. OK then.
As soon as she stopped that fake Keto nonsense, we all know she's been stuffing herself. Look at her. She was eating herself sick even while on her fake Keto diet, so off it, she was really devouring everything in sight.

When she read that medical report & got all the attention we just sat back to wait. I knew the camera would tell us everything. And, it did. The camera never lies. She is fatter than ever.
What could her next move be?
It will be fun to sit back & watch.

a bootiful jung woman

Checkmate, I WHISPER
She goes on and on about the doctor's crazy plan: three balanced meals a day, healthy food, some fruit.
She sure has milked this doctor's plan for content and sympathy over and over without actually bothering to follow it at any time.

The nurse said, "oh, we're not worried about any of that" So Chantal says she doesn't have to worry anymore.
Remember when I feigned cancer? But I don't have anything guys, thanks for the sympathy in the meantime though.

She says her doctor doesn't understand Keto, so Chantal (Ph.D.) had to explain the concept to him. He wants to drop her as a patient for not listening to him, so now she's gonna listen. (I thought her Keto was "doctor approved"?)
More likely her doctor doesn't see the POINT of keto, since its caloric restriction by any other name - exactly what they're asking of her through their reasonable plan. Keto is not a magic physiology hack, just an excuse for fatties to eat bacon and 'fat bombs'. A diet's a diet is a fucking diet, Chantal.

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