Gross Chantal Sarault / Foodie Beauty - Makes Mukbang Videos for a Living, Canadian Amberlynn Reid

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Not really, I was mostly being cheeky.

Although, why would she admit to shitting her pants, prostituting herself for fast food, going to psych emerge because cheese binge, etc. etc. but deny having a verbal tic? That seems odd.
Because she truly cannot control that tic, it's weird AF and because she spends so much time eating it happens often. She can control the narrative of her faux sexual escapades, going to psych emerge (she knows she isn't really in need of emergency psych services she just wants attention), and I'll argue even shitting herself is somewhat voluntary. She knows what causes it and probably could stop it if she wanted to. Although attention seeking, it is also a private affair happening in her car (Jesus, I hope it is). Unlike her pissing in the open that she does gleefully for attention. But the tic? She doesn't know why it happens, but she knows it will happen and she can't stop it. It doesn't make for a funny story or make her (in her mind) seem cool like her sex stories. It just calls more attention to her being a freak. Chantal wants validation and to belong. Cant do that if you are a top shelf freak.


They say he has VIP status.
She's also said in comments that it is a tic, so I guess her admissions about it cancel out.

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What the fuck changes is she even talking about? She's been eating garbage nonstop, as we've all seen. Yeah, I'm sure 50 pounds of McDonalds is great for the ol' BP.
Why is she even posting this? I thought she was in her "fat and happy" phase and her health is not our business? Did she forget or can she really not help herself?


it's gay
I bet that type in her plate is Chantal's dream food - thin pasty layers soaked in sugar syrup, filled with walnut and honey paste.
Middle eastern desserts and sweets are VERY sweet and fat. Usually you should eat one small piece with a lot of not sweet tea to compensete all the sugarness. Of course our gorl got a baklava that looks like a meat pie and with cinammon. I'm afraid to think how many calories there are.


I do so enjoy the drama between fatjen and fatty booty. The thing about Jen is she knows what it’s like to eat yourself into a wheelchair. That painfully boring 5 hour video is the first time in a long time she gets out of that fucking chair. So she is probably not lying about loosing weight and Is actually giving a fuck about herself.
Maybe Jen can donate her extra strong fatty fat chair to Chantal. Bitch is gonna need it soon.

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