Gross Chantal Sarault / Foodie Beauty - Makes Mukbang Videos for a Living, Canadian Amberlynn Reid


Fission Mailed
Yes -how dare we question if the surgery is real.
It's not like Chantal lies or anything.
In her latest video with Peetz, she was audibly wheezing just from the physiological stress of possibly walking to her car and eating. I don’t think I’ll ever be convinced she is a safe candidate for surgery unless she was likely to die anyway in the coming weeks.

Or Else What

It stands to reason
this whole "i've been getting lots of comments" is bullshit. it away without 's in the same vein as highly requested torrid hauls for AL. it was probably one person writing a sarcastic remark about it.
It's more evidence that she's reading here. WE are the "...lots of comments." Oh, she'll regularly resolve to herself not to check it out here (maybe she'll write it down in one of her planning-orgy-purchased stupid-priced notebooks): to be strong and confident and all of the weary cliched adjectives that mean nothing to her, to ignore the ugly dumb haydurs and instead fix her gaze upon her dreams, on the positive, looking towards the sunlit uplands of the future best life that is forever just in reach. But that intention goes the way of all her plans and promises: the mental equivalent of a fast food sack. Countlesss items of trash: coveted, acquired, thenscrewed up and tossed away without thought.

So. Hey hey hi guyz hi guys hi hi hieee Chantal. How's yourself this fin day?
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it’s just the alright wall of china

Clotso recently followed a bunch of feeder porn Instagram accounts:

View attachment 966196

Here are some of the other IG pages Jabba recently followed:
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View attachment 966193

View attachment 966194
View attachment 966195
Wow, Chantal is the most predictable person on the planet. Go vegan, follow vegan IGs, quit being vegan. “Try” keto, follow keto IGs, quit Keto. Now we’re on to taking up feederism and following feeder porn IGs.. :story:

I gotta say. I think this is my favorite cycle yet

She's also said in comments that it is a tic, so I guess her admissions about it cancel out.

View attachment 965669

This is amazing. The American Heart Association should send a crew to Canada immediately to interview Chantal. This woman found a way to lower blood pressure from the 180's to 126 by not exercising, piling on the pounds & stuffing her face with sodium/sat fat filled fast food daily! Eureka!
Chantal found the secret.

Who Now
Or maybe it was sucking relish out of a packet the other day.
Ugh. Its gross anyway, but does it ever occur to her how many hands those packets have been through before she sticks it in her mouth?

As far as her cycle, she is still on track. The only difference is, this one is where she is going to edumacate all of us on how to be a "acceptance" person and "eat intuitively". It's exactly the same thing as her lecturing us about how to be a vegan or a water faster. She found the "truth" and is rolling with it. Until of course, the food catches up with her and she feels sick and miserable and realizes she's gained 30 pounds. In a panic she will start chimping out, getting mad at the internet and finally do a video in the pink bingeing shirt, unwashed and "depressed". Then she will be going on whatever the latest fad diet has come out.

Emotional Prolapse

Cow Psychologist
I know I'm a bit late, but in regard to the tick, it reminds me of an anorexic patient whose treatment I was observing. She had a similar tic where if she was serving herself from a communal dish or putting food on her plate in view of others, she'd say "That's enough. That's more than enough," to no one in particular, every single time. She wasn't aware she was doing it until it was pointed out. The running theory was that after years of trying to hide her ED from loved ones, the urge to defensively justify her tiny portions became so ingrained in her psyche that she started doing it automatically and involuntarily. Initially, it got worse in treatment -- the anxiety of having her food intake monitored and being forced to face her behaviors caused her to progress to doing it every single time she ate, even if she was alone or was eating something pre-portioned instead of serving herself.

So it seems like in Chantal's case, the secondary "I said" phrase could be both -- initially an on-purpose phrase used to justify unhealthy behavior to oneself and others that eventually became so deeply ingrained in her behavior that it became involuntary/unconscious and now happens frequently and automatically, even moreso since the initial "ssh!" tic started being pointed out and mocked in her comments sections.

Interestingly, in the case of the anorexic patient, the verbal tic went away without us ever addressing it with therapeutic practices. It was discussed a few times, but that's it. As she became committed to recovery and started making strides, that subconscious urge to justify bad behavior went away -- most likely because the behavior itself (tiny serving sizes, not eating enough, etc) was addressed and resolved as she progressed through the treatment program. While I personally think food is just one of Chantal's many deep-seated psychological hang-ups, I still wouldn't be surprised if her tic disappeared without intervention, simply as a side effect of resolving her unhealthy relationship with food, if she were to ever do so. Doubtful we'll ever get to test this theory though, knowing her.

As for entertainment, I can certainly see why one might find Chantal more entertaining than ALR. I often do. But honestly, she is so disgusting -- not even physically, I'm talking personality here -- that I genuinely struggle to make it all the way through even her most popular videos. Her general demeanor is just so repulsive. You can really feel the impotent rage and deep-seated jealousy/resentment she feels towards thin, attractive women.

ALR is a narcissist, no question. But in my opinion, Chintal is more toxic than Amber. We just don't notice much because she has far fewer people in her life that can stand to be around her long enough to be manipulated. Amber just wants to get asspats and avoid criticism while stuffing her face. But Chantal? Chantal doesn't wish she could join the ranks of the skinny legends on Instagram -- she wishes they'd all develop some terrible metabolic disorder, making them all as fat, bitter, and unfuckable as she is.

I feel like deep down, Amber really, truly hates her body. But Chantal, not so much. Deep down Chantal loves her fat ass self, and instead of wishing she'd wake up skinny one day, she wishes the rest of the world would wake up fatter than her.

I'd rather spend a week in the Fag Shack than stay one single night at Chantal's. At least at Amber's you can go hang out outside, or with her room mates, and all you have to do to escape is go somewhere she can't fit, like the shower stall. Chantal is far more mobile, and far more malicious. Amber is gross but at least she has the decency to occasionally feel some shame when her fat causes her to do something disgusting/embarassing. Chantal experiences something horrifyingly humiliating and is just like, "STORYTIME MUKBANG: My Hemorrhoids Popped on His Dick, lol" and downs another fistful of McGreasy's while huffing her own noxious, clearly-deliberate farts.


He be beezin.
This can't be for real; she has to be trolling with this shit, right?
Thats the same thing I ask myself every time she starts another cycle.
Shes like a living caricarture of a low IQ fat bitch.

I also cant help but wonder how fucked up her brain chemistry must be by this. by all the different "medications" she has tried.
She has done more different drugs than most addicts!

Queen of Moderation
C'mon Chantal, just go whole hog (teehee) and become a cam gorl on a feeder fetish site. It's all ya got left and eating is about all you are able to do at this point. RIP base camp at Everest. RIP Bermuda. Gotta get a gimmick though. I suggest the rare crossover of scat porn and feeder porn. You can just eat blocks of cheese and Beef n Cheddars on the shitter and cut out the middle man. Allah akbar. I'll take my Islamic rating. Imma go swallow some draino.

I’ve gained some respect for Jen. I’m glad there’s at least one lardtuber being somewhat honest with herself, and I hope she loses the weight and rubs it in Cuntal’s greasy face.
jen is a less crazy version of chantal.

both constantly lie about almost everything.
both are on fake diets all the time yet fail to lose any real weight.
both are unhygienic fat fucks that live in a pig sty. jen often takes pictures of slop she makes with cat hair in it.
both can't cook worth shit. they can't even boil water properly.

jen looks just as fat as she did when i started watching her even though she claims she lost weight. must be the same magic trick chantal uses where she claims she's 372 yet you can see her face get fatter each month. funny how they claim they eat as much as people on MSPL do yet those guys drop literally hundreds of pounds in 2 months but these two don't even lost a tenth of that in twice the time.

reality is when you're 600 lbs you have 50+ lbs of water which you can easily drop almost overnight by simply drinking some alcohol and fasting (for real) for a day or two. plus another 10 lbs by taking a meatloaf sized shit. they might see that as a weight loss but i don't.

jen does weekly hauls for multiple people almost every week. but it's ok because most of the stuff is for her neighbor. those hauls usually consist of multiple pounds of cheese and processed garbage like sausages. i guess that bagged lettuce makes up for it. ironically she gets the worst salad you can get.

don't let her latest video fool you. it's all act just like chantal and her fitness or animal sanctuary and veganism. jen getting up and doing some random half assed strokes with a broom that looked nothing like cleaning was her exercise for the year. for other days in a year her ass is fused on that heavy duty scooter she owns and uses to drive around her little apartment.

i'll believe progress when i see it with my own eyes. bottom line is both lie.


Ordering pizza at the Weight Loss Clinic
Ugh. Its gross anyway, but does it ever occur to her how many hands those packets have been through before she sticks it in her mouth?
Dude working at the fast food place holds his dick while taking a leak. He comes out from the employee bathroom and goes to restock the condiments by the drive through window. A while later, Chintal drives up, gets her food and sucks the condiment packets dry. It's the closest she's come to sucking a dick in years. In fact, it's close enough that she makes up a Storytime about sucking a guy named Harvey off in the parking lot behind the burger place that just so happened to have the same name!

I'm thinking the IG feeder follows might be actual trolling. We regularly do run-downs of her recent IG follows, so she's probably seen that we keep tabs on the accounts and tags she follows. Maybe it's possible she doesn't know that shit is visible, but I highly doubt it. She must have done it for the hater reaction, right?

What excuse could she possibly have for following those accounts otherwise? They aren't body positive accounts or that #fatisbeautiful bullshit. She followed about 20 straight up "SSBBW" feeder porn accounts. Several of them were private, so likely NSFW. The rest were basically just SFW teaser advertisements for the fatty porn sites/porn Patreon accounts. There is no reason she could possible have for following those unless she's considering doing porn.

She has fucked her body beyond the point of having a sex drive, only claims to like girls rarely, superficially, and for male attention, and definitely isn't attracted to super morbidly obese women. She's got to be either trolling or doing research, which is fucking disgusting.

Assuming they have any semblance of a relationship, does Malan know? She waited 8 years to tell him she was probably going to need a hysterectomy. I doubt she discussed possibly being interested in feeder porn with him. What about her family? Is she really so stupid that she'd let 50k people know she was considering feeder porn, when she features her "boyfriend" and family on her channel and has promised all of them to stop eating so much and being so fucking fat? What does she think her estranged father will think? Will she tease James about it? Would James actually look at her putrid naked body?

Who volunteers as tribute to keep tabs on the SSBBW feeder porn sites? I call not it.

Ugh. Maybe she did a practice photo shoot:


A borscht-on
I would rather get double-teamed by Hungry Fat Chick and Amberlynn Reid in the parking lot of a KFC, using chicken grease as lube, than even having to think about Chintal getting naked on camera and shoving pumpkin pies into her face.

Actually, she would most likely be a farter. She'd love it. There's a feeder fetish for that particular sub-genre. Naked, her colossal ass in the air, just letting one rip after the other while she is gleefully planted face-first in a platter of poutine.

Why am I doing this to myself? Or you?

Captain Ahab
She always looks so trashy. I get that she can’t just go and buy fashionable clothes because of her massive size, but there are things she could improve. For one, hide that hideous tattoo. It makes you look like a crack whore. Especially with that cheap makeup.

That Pink Floyd T-shirt would look good in extra small on a slim teen or 20-sth rocker chick. Maybe paired with slim distressed jeans and a biker jacket. It’s a classic look. It doesn’t look good on a 35-year-old 400+ lb hambeast. The damn thing looks like an old muumuu.

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