Chantal Sarault / Foodie Beauty - 450lb Canadian mukbanger in a constant cycle of making and breaking promises. Premiere deathfat all others measure up to.

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Look out Amberlynn, there is a new dainty queen of moderation on the block.

In her recounting of the blood work in the hospital with the male French nurse and the female nurse she mentions they were joking. By the sound of it, Chantal was the joke. She just has zero self awareness. They probably were hedging bets on if they could find a vein, how many tries it would take etc..

A shake McDonald's Breakfast combo x2, a shake platter of spaghetti for 4 for lunch, and a senseless dinner of some processed shit and you too can gain 6lbs in a week. This is going to end really well (for us).

Full on daily multiple fast food mukbangs by Valentines day at the latest?

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So, I have a theory. This theory is based on the knowledge that Chantal is not a good actress.

I think that, during her absence, Chantal really did receive either glowing fanmail or outright offers of money from feeders. Why? This video was much more blatantly "pandering to a fetish" than her other videos, and we've already seen that when Chantal tries to lean into something that she normally does subconsciously, she becomes awkward and forced. The tic, as an example, was obviously something she couldn't control, but her fake tics were extremely obvious because she thinks that acting means OVERACTING. I think it's the same thing with her feeder content. Before she was just accidentally pandering to feeders because she's naturally a braphog, but this video seemed more like someone trying to appeal to feeders on purpose. Why would there be a change? Because something slid into her DMs.

Or Chantal is just bugfuck insane, whatever.


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chimpout on the horizon?

This was what, less than an hour ago? Those fast food highs sure go away quickly.

Just Chantal regurgitating the same crap once again none of which she will stick to. The fact that she does the same things over and over again without even realizing does indeed make her fat AND stupid.
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chimpout on the horizon?
Chinny Chin Chin...we all know you're a liar. Not even a good liar at that. It's common knowledge that you come to the farms and read every comment about yourself. You can pretend that you are "above the hate", but everyone knows you live for our commentary.

Eat yourself into oblivion. We're here for it. :optimistic:

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god youre so fucking boring

i was gonna make a list but i cant stand her

here's a rando screen


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Welp, we're about due for chimp out all about haters, and how she totally doesn't care about them at all, and that she's not a weight loss channel, and she'll address the haters this time for 30 minutes but never ever again, and she's just going to do her from now on, and she's never talking about her health or weight again, and how it's none of your business, and what she eat doesn't affect you, and fat people need to eat too, and how she started as a mukbang channel, and that she's going to do fast food mukbangs five times a week but she's not giving up, she'll be losing weight behind the scenes. Blah blah blah.

She is really losing all entertainment value for me. She should at least resurrect Fat Girl Files.

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Don't feel like I even need to say anything about the second video, it was so boring.
Definitely a pre-chimpout community post, though.

"I should have stayed mukbangs."
I'll bet you'd think that, but you can't stop yourself when it comes to finding something to preach insufferably to people about, even though you'll never actually do any of it.

"Filtering all comments again."
Chantal, you're ALWAYS filtering comments, you've never stopped, and everyone knows that.

"I am legit mad at myself for ever opening this can of worms publicly."
I can imagine, though your ego likely won't let you turn your channel into only feeder fodder, or you'd have done it already.

"I am fat, not stupid."
Your actions, posts, and words at the least show that you are not a wise person.

"I could care less about people talking about me on other platforms."
Chinny, we know you're reading everything here. We know you're going to keep reading what we say here, just like we know you do care what is said, as do you, and we know it's because you just can't help yourself. If you didn't care what other people say about you, you wouldn't moderate your comments section to the insane degree that you do. You've realized nothing, and you've learned nothing.

See you at the next mukbang!


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god youre so fucking boring

i was gonna make a list but i cant stand her

here's a rando screen
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If you told me that was a photo of Amberlynn from last year I would believe you.


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So we seem to have gone from Stage 1 to 2 to 3 in about 24-36 hours. I love it when Cuntal rapid cycles; it's hilarious to watch her repeat the same actions over and over again and learn nothing every time.

When do we think she'll hit Stage 4, gorls? I give it no later than Monday--earlier if she goes through another particularly bad bout of painful post-binge shits before then.


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In the Peetz video and mukbang one she's so incoherent. She's incapable of stringing a few words together to make an acceptable sentence. All she says is "you know, anyways" etc. Amberlynn is more eloquent than her, for fuck's sake.

The fat must be squeezing all the oxygen out of her brain. Actually not just her brain but her lungs, too. She gets completely out of breath by talking and sitting. If that isn't a wake up call then there's nothing that can help you. Her stupidity will never fail to amuse me. Good times. Pretty sure there's a chimpout incoming.