Gross Chantal Sarault / Foodie Beauty - Crazy 450lb narcissistic coprophile, misanthropic ogress, thinks people envy her

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Here we fucking go gurls. Strap yourselves in.

- Has a lemonade to drink, says she doesn't know whether she'll be able to eat all the stuff she bought. Already starting with the lies.
- I wonder if she was able to wait at least until midday to order more food. I think she waited like 45 minutes after her Sonic feast and I'm being extremely optimistic here.
- She's most excited about the fucktton sauces she got (Polynesian and Chick-Fil-A) which "smell interesting". Oxford dictionary who?
- She got: waffle fries, Chick-Fil-A spicy chicken with pickles and six grilled nuggets. Plus like, 8 dip sauces.
- Has first bite of waffle fries with Chick-Fil-A sauce. "No way" she says as she creams her pants.
- Started talking about the nice service but got distracted by the sandwich. Bites it with the force of a shark bite.
- "It's a good thing I don't live closer!" Hasn't stopped driving you 2.5 hours to stuff your gob though, did it.
- It's worth it for her because she won't be eating like this for a while because it's very far for her.
- Chick-Fil-A sauce is her new love. Peetz, you're already been forgotten.
- Goes on a pickle tangent.
- She's gonna save the nuggets "for later". No more Bibi then? She's gonna get in an accident as she'll try to eat them while driving you guys.
- Chick-Fil-A is next level. It's apparently good quality food. I've never had it but I'm pressing X real hard here.
- She still can't believe they don't accept Canadian cash. In the fucking USA.
- Chick-Fil-A has very nice customer service.
- She misses her cats. Goes on a Sam tangent, apparently somebody called Sam "dusty" when she livestreamed from her hotel while they were cleaning her roach infested apartment. Fucking hell, mate, almost beyond parody.
- She attacks the fries with such aggressiveness I'm getting quite scared now.
- She forgot to take her allergy pills and her car is quite dusty.
- Chick-Fil-A was worth the drive.
- She complains that they're stingy on the pickles.
- She finishes her meal and she looks like she run a marathon. In the words of our Errverrlord: Lady, please :(
- She burps, obviously.
- That was the best fast food chicken she ever had. She almost wants to go back and order 10 more but she won't do that guys, nossir no.
- She'll probably be back in late spring to visit different attractions and not just a food vlog.
- "I know it looks like I ate a lot of food". It doesn't look like it you sperg, it is.
- She got a fucking huge pink velvet macchiato from Dunkin Donuts. It's pure sugar, again she doesn't think she'll drink it because it's too sweet for her. The X on my keyboard is almost destroyed by this point
- THE GUY AT THE DUNKIN DONUTS WINDOW WAS FLIRTING WITH HER. She's such a beauty queen you guys, every man she sees has to flirt with her. She's cursed.

Aaaaand that's it. I hope she brought a clean pair of panties with her because I'm sure she creamed and/or shat herself on the way home.
Chik-Fil-A isn't bad really. It's imo the best of the chicken chain options and it's quality is certainly better than most fast food offerings. Their service is always really good, too. The pickle thing cracked me up because part of their secret in preparing the chicken is brining it in pickle juice. Bless her heart.

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In a year her goals went from the ridiculous but ambitious desire to climb to Mt. Everest base camp to driving into New York for Sonic and ChikFilet. I guess it's good that she is being more realistic in her life goals but she's not even giving lip service to loftier achievements anymore.

Somebody needs to tell her about Whataburger before she's too fat to fit in that car anymore, which is gonna be sometime in April judging by the angle of that car tray. I feel like her swan song would be driving to Mississippi or Alabama and hitting up Whataburger, followed by a butter burger and large custard from Culver's.

It's a good thing she's doing this during the winter. I can't imagine what that car smells like when it heats up outside. If someone else drives it, the second they settle into the driver's seat, visible fart lines emanate from the fabric.

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There is no chance she's not gonna shit her pants after all that grease and amount. She literally inhaled that enormous hotdog and these crispy balls. How long is the drive home? Several hours? She will either soil herself in the car or park on the side of the road and wobble to the forest to drop a steamy mountain and destroy half of the wild life
Right after she changed her channel's name from "Daily Chantal" started to do daily uploads
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Comments are as bland as you could imagine.
She has no gallbladder right? It’s not essential to live obviously but it does help process fats. She has said again in a recent video that eating foods high in fat upset her digestive system and that’s why keto didn’t work for her.
Yet we always see her eat the greasiest food out there.
It’s ironic she posted Cartman because she is just like him. Including the fact they both continually eat greasy food that gives them the runs:

So as we see Chinny is making her next round at chic Fil A. She has once again made sure we know that all the haters should be fucked accordingly. And she says fight me bitch. I'm sure we are all scared of Chantal. But im not scared of a rabid weeble wobble. Ill just distract her with a lasagna and push her over when she runs to get it. Oh wait. Hobble over.
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She had to stop at least once more on her way out of NY, probably twice. She already ran through her litany of justifications for us - she drove so far, she won't be back for a long time, all the drive-thrus are right there, they advertise unlike heroin dealers, what's another meal after the three she had, etc. Then it's still another two hours home, and that's more than enough time for her to talk herself into another last hurrah, so she had to stop at at least one drive-thru on her side of the border. I want to know what she really ate that day.

If she's drinking a ridiculously overpriced smoothie from Pure Kitchen, she must have binged real real bad.

It would be amazing if this manic American fast food tour ended with her trying to check into an American psych ward with a grease overdose.
“And they wouldn’t even accept my Ontario health card. Like, how I was I supposed to expect that? It’s like they’ve never even heard of Canada, ya know?”

I have said it before, and I will say it again: If Chantal ever goes across the line again and decides to try Golden Corral, you guys will be stuck with her claiming political refugee status (something-something fat acceptance).
Golden Corral definitely crossed my mind (there’s one in Syracuse, which isn’t much further than she’s travelled here, along with a CHEESECAKE FACTORY) but, as we all know, she prefers to binge in her version of privacy - her car or apartment, but uploaded online for thousands to see. So I’m not sure if she would be up for a public all-you-can-eat.