Chantal Sarault / Foodie Beauty - 450lb Canadian mukbanger in a constant cycle of making and breaking promises. Premiere deathfat all others measure up to.

I hope Chantal realizes that she's not eligible to apply for the Canada Emergency Response Benefit, because it's only for workers who are sick, quarantined, or taking care of someone who is sick with COVID-19. Her "work" is not affected by being quarantined, because all she does is sit at home and eat in front of a camera anyways. If she thinks that she deserves the $2000.00 when she's not even affected by COVID-19 as much as others (who have been laid off, etc.), then she's delusional.

Poor BiBi. She keeps making fun of him for trying to sanitize things with Clorox Wipes. He's sick and probably terrified. Way to be supportive, Chinny. We'll see how she acts when it's her turn to be sick. She'll probably be a raging bitch.
Bibi seems to care more about Chantal than she does for herself. The only reason to sanitize the apartment is for HER. She is such an ungrateful cunt.

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It IS possible he picked it up from her. Some people incubate longer before breaking with symptoms, pass it on & their hapless victims actually get sick first. I don't know his routines outside the house but if he's this nervous & disinfecting constantly, I'm willing to bet he's more conscientious than Chantal. She's been going out way too much to too many places & God knows, she's not a clean freak - not about her person or where she lives. 32 confirmed cases in her area with public health there bluntly saying they're assuming based on modelling that represents thousands of undiagnosed cases out there & many could be asymptomatic. Furthermore, community spread is happening & accelerating.

She said they're going to quarantine for 14 days... we'll see. She can still get delivery & while she sort of sneered at Bibi disinfecting the bag from delivery, why not? BTW, that 14 day quarantine gives her ample time to pack & prep for her move & she'll be clear of quarantine 5-6 days before she's due to move. If however, gets really sick & ends up testing positive, that shifts dates significantly or could. Cooped up with Bibi right now - major chimp out coming soon.


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She looks at him with disbelief, “Are you really going to Clorox-wipe that bag of cough drops?“ Bibi says, “Yes, you can’t be too careful.”

But he’s thinking, “Cunt, what are you on about-aren’t you the person who gets handed ketchup bags from a pimply fast food workers and who opens them with her teeth? Aren’t you the one who shits in public restrooms and doesn’t wash her hands? Fuck yes I’m going to wipe down everything that’s been touched!”

Bibi’s got to be praying that she moves. Unfortunately, the sniffles is not Covid. But would I like to see Chantel get it? Yes, I surely would.

Ya know what I mean?

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Yes, Chantal ... people actually DO bathe daily, sometimes more than once when they don't feel good.
Not only is Chantal looking lopsided due to lymphodema, her knuckles are starting to rival those of ALR.
What is up with her forehead (aside from the Slaton-esque fat deposit). It is all rough and patch between her eyebrows.
I love hearing Bibi rage while she is trying to film, but feel bad that he is sick because you know he will get ZERO support and sympathy from Chantal. It's all about how he is inconveniencing her.


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so not the main point of this pointless video, but i laughed when she grabs her creme egg and says "just one, i only have one left" aaand then half a second later says to Bibi "want a creme egg?", making clear she lied and probably had a whole bag out of sight. just like she had a whole other order of spring rolls we heard her open and grab the mint from.

Also - why is Chantal so worried about finding a friend to take food to her grandmother? Isn't it her mother's mother? Why can't mom or sister take her food?
I believe her grandmother also lives in Ottawa, while her mother and sister live about an hour’s drive away in Cornwall.
Isn't her birthday soon? The fact that no one will give a shit and spoil her as she thinks she deserves might spawn a nice quarantined chimpout.
No way she doesn’t go home to get attention from her mom for her birthday (Peetz is off the hook for paying for dinner and a movie this year). It’s highly possible Bibi doesn’t actually have Corona, but if she’s going with this narrative for drama, how long do we give her before she breaks quarantine for the drive through? And will any of her exceptional “fans” call her out on it?

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Chintal is starting a Tik Tok. Lord help us all. You know she will gain all new haydurs. I cant wait to read those comments. Does this mean she will spend all her time blocking those people too? 🤣🤣
If we are lucky--and we have been with Chantal this year--she will pull an Anna O'Brien and give us some regular dancing segments and fashion shows. :optimistic:


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Bibi mentioned getting diarrhea from Chantal's greasebomb meatloaf and she exclaimed "TMI!" Bibi mumbled something, and her response was "Yeah but I always say TMI first." Which suggests that Bibi was protesting Chantal's shaming him for mentioning diarrhea, when Chantal talks about her shits and farts in every video. :cringe:

fyi I have this archived. it doesn't want to work atm and im not going to keep needlessly kicking the poor server trying to get it through


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For someone that has always proclaimed she's more of a a "savory" than "sweet" tooth Chantal sure does eat a lot of sweets.
This is a weird lie that a lot of fat people tell, and I don't know what it serves. It kinda fits in the "I eat like bird! " family of claims. Maybe they think they immediately look thinner once they tell people these lies , or they want us all to think that they must have a "glandular" condition. It's obvious they eat too much of something, and it doesn't matter if that something is sweet or salty or bolth.


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This ‘Bibi is sick, probably Covid, we’re going to have to quarantine’ idea she has is a perfect example of her being unable to think ahead. She pretended it was Covid for maximum sympathy points, when she could have just said Bibi is catching a cold and we’re watching him carefully.

Because she went with Covid, she’ll catch a mountain of hate when she inevitably breaks quarantine to go to moms or grandmas to get birthday cake, and when she sees Peetz to get more cake and when she goes to the grocery store to get even more cake. It all could be avoided but at this moment, she wants the worried comments and stay healthy remarks.

I laughed when she offered Bibi candy immediately after saying she had no more. Sure Jan. Like she’d ever be out of candy. She probably has more candy stocked up than a Morman family of ten.