Chantal Sarault / Foodie Beauty - 450lb Canadian mukbanger in a constant cycle of making and breaking promises. Premiere deathfat all others measure up to.


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I’m calling bullshit on all of this. One, as others have said, this is just part of her attempt to fake being rich to own the heydurs. Two, she’s pissed because she can’t freely drive around for fast food and most likely won’t be for quite a while. She also can’t hog medical resources. So that’s two of her hobbies she can’t do. Chinny hates being told what to do. She hates being told she can’t leave the house. She never wanted to before, but now it’s killing her.
Theres a joke going around, that the first sign of having the Wu Flu is the urge to immediately leave the house and touching everything and everyone.
I also think that the 'taking a shit and then pozzing every single piece of groceries afterwards' stunt of hers was completely deliberate, as some sort of prepubescent rebellious action 'when I get sick, you get too, naa naa!'

The pure arrogance of her immediately stating that she’ll move in with Peetz after the breakup announcement. All shit aside, what made her think Peetz wanted to disrupt his own living situation on a whim? Apparently the cuck would.
This guy is an Ed Gein in the making. Wait what he will do with her when she croaks in their shack.

Yikes. Haven't seen fatty in a while & then I see this. She seems to be on a gaining spree or trying to see how much she can gain before the big move.
I'm amused how she throws out how rich she is. C'mon. This is a woman who owns nothing & has less than nothing for the future. She even said in a couple older videos how she can't really afford anything else after spending so much on food.

Are her mom & grandmother really going to pay for a year of her apartment, as I have no idea how she & comic book boy can afford it. I do know for sure that any talk of that great kitchen & cooking is a pipe dream. She doesn't like her own food compared to Burger King or Arby's, but in a new place she probably will get a new set of Uber Eats drivers.

She is looking rough. When you don't see her for a week or so, it's shocking when her face sudden;y fills your screen.

In the US tomorrow it's Take-Out Thursday where you show your support for local business & order from them. Fatty could keep her local fast food places in business all by herself.

The Big Move: 21 days
This is going to be fun.

Hope all the Kiwi's are safe & healthy.


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Theres a joke going around, that the first sign of having the Wu Flu is the urge to immediately leave the house and touching everything and everyone.
I also think that the 'taking a shit and then pozzing every single piece of groceries afterwards' stunt of hers was completely deliberate, as some sort of prepubescent rebellious action 'when I get sick, you get too, naa naa!'

This guy is an Ed Gein in the making. Wait what he will do with her when she croaks in their shack.
I made a joke to a family member that my protest for all these shitheads who bought out the hand sanitizer would be to go through and touch everything in the local Wal-Mart if I had the virus (never would I do that fyi). Not long after, I watch this beast put her shit and snot hands on everything in Farm Boy.

It made me wonder if maybe she was doing this on purpose for shock value. If she had muted the phone while shitting, we would not know that she likely didn't wash her hands. But she made sure we heard her in the stall, didn't even pretend to wash her hands. The touching would still be gross, but that added layer of beastly filth on display was just OTT in my opinion. Then the snotting and nose blowing in the car, smelling her fingers.

If this behavior isn't a plot for more infamy, then is she really trying to catch a virus, any type of virus, just to get out of moving? Psychopaths think this way, imo. She isn't likely to consider she might die as a result.

Edit: psychopaths, not "psychotic people" sorry!

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OT but her body is becoming more and more unbalanced, one side is much larger than the other one. If I was a family member I would be extremely concerned about her circulatory system but since I don’t care if she dies it’s funny that she looks like an off kilter teeter toy.
Which side of her body looks bigger to you? I've never noticed it before, but I can barely stand to listen to her for 5 minutes.

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You’d think a 36 year old woman would want a place for herself instead of rooming it up with her ex like some desperate co-ed.
Well, she may want a place all her own, but she can't afford it. At age 36, she still has no reliable income, and I'm sure her credit score is abysmal, because pigs like this are almost always as out of control with their spending as they are their eating habits.

Also, I doubt she would actually want to live alone, because then there would be absolutely no one to pay attention to her, do things for her that she is too disabled by her own fatness to do herself, or serve as a convenient cover for the extent of her food consumption ("I'm saving it for Bibi").

If Chantal lived alone, her isolation would become even more profound than it already is. She has no real friends; how long has it been since she last saw Rina? Peetz is not so much a friend as an orbiter who tolerates Chantal for the same reason she tolerates him--nobody else likes or wants to be around them, so they are the closest thing each has to a friend. They share no interests and obviously bore each other, but they also find each other useful in certain ways, so they maintain this relationship of convenience for lack of anything better. Plus, I'm sure Chantal's ego gets a little extra boost by being able to hint to her audience that this ex of hers might still want her sexually, even as she insists she has no reciprocal interest in him.


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I am so impressed with people stepping up to make masks. :feels: I love when people come together to help. Unfortunately, I read they can’t be used, hospitals need a specific type and cotton or cloth does not protect against the virus, the weave is too big. Take this with a BIG grain of salt as I read it in the news and don’t know how true it is - best to call and don’t take a shitposters advice.

But one thing people should know, is that homemade blankets are made for chemo patients, preemies, sick kids and foster kids. All sizes. They are doled out as there aren’t enough, but without powerleveling I can tell you that they are more meaningful than you know. Hospitals are dreary, sterile, colorless, COLD places, and a blanket that’s yours is so appreciated.

If I’m wrong about the masks, keep going but if I’m not, turn them into blankets. There will be more people in hospitals soon, who will love and never forget them. There are organizations who distribute them: Project Linus is one but they are everywhere. I hope this isn’t negative, I just don’t want people to waste time, especially when I know of an alternative.

Chantel’s selfishness just floors me sometimes. Well, all the time. It’s always what she needs. Is she crying that bookstores or Michaels or Blicks are closed? No. Because she doesn’t go to those places or need art supplies (which are just as much a necessity depending on what a person does). She does nothing but eat.

I’ve never seen that platform movie but its people are sent to different floors every day, and on some you can eat all you want and some starve you. That’s it. Boring ass movie about food, like she thinks of anything else.

Who wouldn’t just get a yoga mat and a sleeping bag and make do? Many of us have moved to different apartments and done just that. But she’s way too fat to lie on the floor, she’d suffocate and never get up Maybe, since she so wealthy, she can get a cheap twin (can she fit?) off Amazon or Overstock until things normalize, or get one of those Purple mattresses that are pretty much sold online. Or, bring the mattress she’s been sleeping for 8 years. She might have to sleep on a mattress and not a full bed, but sooner or later she’ll need a grab bar installed above her, may as well install now. her mother has a recliner she can borrow, it’s probably better for her lungs anyway.

Maybe get a blow up bed, Chantel. Nothing can go wrong there!!

Who’s shocked that during the worlds time of need, Chantel concentrates on herself? Not me, tsktsktsktsk.

I’ll take a wager that Chantel doesn’t unpack her kitchen utensils for two month as an excuse to eat fast food.

If Bibi doesn’t put her out and have changed locks installed on April 15 I’ll be seriously disappointed, even if it is Bibi. He’s so complexly done with her, it just oozes out of every poor. She gotta go.
As I understand it, the homemade masks will go to non lethal areas of need freeing up the professional masks for the corona docs.

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I think she's about to chimp out big time. I said yesterday that while the province had clamped down, there was room for even more restrictive measures. The city of Toronto just enacted stronger measures & Ottawa surely can't be that far behind. We're starting to see health care workers infected now & over & above their own health, that puts them out of action for a while, at the worst possible time. With community spread now a given, it seems that normally polite, "mind your own business" Canadians are starting to publicly shame people they see acting irresponsibly. I'd love to be there if tiny, elderly 'Mrs. Gertrude Samuels' marched up to Chantal in public & gave her a piece of her mind for touching everything & not being mindful of others. Her move is looming, she clearly doesn't want to put in the effort of actual WORK to pack up & regardless of what she says, I don't think her new place is of more than basically acceptable quality. Hanging with Peetz might be okay but living with him? Is he even still working with all the shutdowns? I don't know what he does.