Chantal Sarault / Foodie Beauty - 450lb Canadian mukbanger in a constant cycle of making and breaking promises. Premiere deathfat all others measure up to.


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That's a good observation. It might tie to her stunted development. I wonder what age that would put her at. Even young kids want to change. Learning a skill like swimming or riding a bike, or joining an after school sport program to get better at basketball or hockey. Even something pleasurable like reading or drawing or playing video games, where there's an end goal in finishing the thing. The only thing she finishes is a family size bag of chips.
You know, there’s a word for people who hate change and avoid it at any cost until it becomes inevitable.


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Chantal wouldn't stop posting if Timbit or BBJ was very ill or dying. All she cares about is food.

She's binging. She publicly failed making any progress when a new audience of thousands were paying attention to her, failed getting the attention of the swollen moron, revealed herself to be a big joke. Then tried to save face by being vegan and then keto - failed again, both times. Malan doesn't miss her, doesn't want to be friends, doesn't even look in her direction when she comes over (allegedly) looking for sex. James sits in his room, doesn't care what she does, doesn't pay her the attention she thought he would. And then the French people just solidified it all by reminding her that she's a joke just on sight in real life. They don't have to know anything about her, her diet failures, her inability to move, and they still immediately know she's a failure.

The only thing she was clinging to was this trip she put the deposit on, and she knows damn well that she won't be going. She's lost control completely. She's binging.


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Archive (360p) of Summer Potato Salad Muckbang:

She got a new Coldest Water Bottle due to the gross stains. They apparently sent her a new one. More proof Chinny reads the farms. Hi Chantal! :feels:

Beauty bite:

She quickly brushes off the story of Timbit and her health to talk about herself. Because of course she does.
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Apparently she took Peetz’s cat to the vet for a paw biopsy, she said the cat is doing ok and she gave her pain meds. I hope to fuck she is actually taking care of that cat while he is gone after the biopsy. On one hand she seems to love her cats but on the other hand it can be difficult to medicate cats sometimes and we all know how she is about exerting effort

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Ah gentlemen, we are back. Gaze upon her "leftovers". unfortunately we missed the orginal feed but she assures us she only had a BBQ chicken breast with it. Unlikely. No mention of binges.

Madame somehow made a story about her boil getting lanced incredibly boring. Highlights were her describing her the putrid smell of the pus filling the hospital. The second highlight is the fact a nurse will visit her daily to pack the wound, costing the Canadian tax payers thousands.

She says she's going to try upload a video tomorrow. Hopefully this will be more interesting.


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Jesus fucking Christ.

Okay, let's break this down:

--She has a massive staph infection coming to a boil on her back that was so bad it had to be lanced in a doctor's office, packed with gauze, and a home care nurse has to come help her with the packing and unpacking of the gauze.

--It was the most painful thing she's ever endured. Her hysterectomy wasn't that painful, she said.

--She was screaming in the doctor's office because lancing it was so painful that not even the local anesthetic helped much.

--The purulence they drained out of her was so rank she could smell it through the medical mask she was wearing. She described it as smelling like a skunk spray. The doctor performed an ultrasound before the procedure and described a large pocket of infection under the boil. She had a pocket funk that reeks of sulphur festering in her back.

--She cannot bathe yet, took a sponge bath, and had to change her sheets because the purulence was still draining out. In fact, she said the shirt she was wearing was soaked in the discharge. She was none too clean before the staph infection boil, so I bet she smells delightful right now.

--She regaled us with this story as she ate potato salad and shilled a water bottle. In between the accounts of miserable pain, horrible stench and packed open wounds, she commented on the dill and pickle in her salad.

Around this time last year I genuinely thought she couldn't get too much worse physically before she became immobile. And here we are. Those French men who commented on her massive bulk had no idea that even as she lurched by, what lurked within was worse than what outwardly waddled.

What the everloving fuck will we be commenting on this time next year? How big her cemetery plot is?

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So much bullshit in this video. One bull chip that stands out to me was her description of kicking the doctor in the shin when he was lancing her boil.

Correct me if I'm wrong- It's on her back. She would be positioned lying face down on a stretcher or bed with the doctor near her head or she would be sitting upright, but hunched over with the doctor behind her.

Also, I'm convinced her doctor sent her to the ER solely because they couldn't be arsed to deal with fatty.


I find it hilarious that Coldest sent her an open-mouth water bottle because she is so filthy that she couldn't be bothered to clean the last bottle.

JFC, I'm surprised they didn't use this as a reason to get rid of her.

Gotta wonder just how many of her 'loyal followers' are buying those stupid bottles...