Chantal Sarault / Foodie Beauty - 450lb Canadian mukbanger in a constant cycle of making and breaking promises. Premiere deathfat all others measure up to.


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I see it's feeding time at the zoo again. Actually, I'd rather see two hyenas tearing apart a carcass, much better table manners. Isolation is driving Chinny even more insane than she was. More demon voices, more terrifying tics, more just trailing off in the middle of sentences. I can't decide if this makes her more entertaining or just more frightening....
That pint of queso isn't gonna do her bowels any favors, hope she has an extra can of "shit spray".

It's just staggering to see how much longer Chantal keeps pounding in the food well after Peetz has finished his meal. The latter half of the video is just Peetz sitting there captive waiting for his master to give him the signal to stand up and leave the table.

Despite him putting on the pounds, he still has some semblance of normal satiety levels for a normal adult. His body tells him to stop and he stops. Chantal on the other hand...

Again...just depressing. They both seem pretty miserable. Chantal is probably months away from immobility yet keeps eating huge takeout meals, and Peetz has just given up on life. It's distracting how he's on a high stool and Chantal on that low chair. Poor Peetz, I hope he gets out of this funk he's in soon.


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I should have expected it but was still gobsmacked that Chantal just nodded along while Peetz complained about people not taking Covid-19 seriously after everything she did up to an including not washing her hands after using the bathroom in public or outdoors, mocking Bibi for sanitizing the apartment when he was sick, and calling it a cold and fear-mongering. She has no shame.

And neither does Peetz. Chantal is his best friend and he is railing against "stupid" Americans for believing what she believed. So either he thinks Chantal is stupid or he just doesn't follow her channel at all and has no idea what her opinions are about anything. They are a truly tragic BFF pairing.
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I'm just skimming Chantal's comments where everyone is ripping the USA for handling COVID poorly.

But if every Canadian was like Chantal, they'd all be pissing in public parking lots. And shopping with no face masks after defecating in Farmboy's bathrooms with fecal hands. Lol her entire audience lacks self awareness.
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Question re: the weight balancing on the puddle jumper. If they asked her weight and she lied about how heavy she was, could she seriously endanger people by causing it to crash or something similar? I wouldn't put it past her to lie in a situation where truth is necessary for others' welfare. She would probably bitch about how the people are fat shaming her by asking her how much she weighs too.
imo they don't even need to ask her. they can see she weighs about as much as 4 or 5 normal people. they'll just nicely ask people to move to the opposite end of the plane from her to make sure it all balances out.


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Peetz has no one to blame for his shitty situation but himself. Nobody forced him to move in with Guntal, it’s on him if he’s sad because his Kit-Kat stash gets raided daily.
Peetz is objectively as big a loser as Chantal. Fat, ugly, no friends, no prospects in life, and on top of that he's a fucking retard (Watch how he eats his food. It's like a dog or a mentally stunted child) But there is a contingency of incels in this thread who sperg out whenever someone points any of this out.

I'm just skimming Chantal's comments where everyone is ripping the USA for handling COVID poorly.

But if every Canadian was like Chantal, they'd all be pissing in public parking lots. And shopping with no face masks after defecating in Farmboy's bathrooms with fecal hands. Lol her entire audience lacks self awareness.
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Chantal really lucked out with covid, honestly. She's getting 2000 CAD every month even though her life has been entirely unaffected by the pandemic. Some of us are stuck at home and losing our minds because so much of our lives have been put on hold. But not good ol Chantal. Pandemic or not all she does is stay at home and binge on mcdonald's and gravy.

"I was craving Mexican style, I guess. View attachment 1490089 I don't know how good it's gonna be"

Because it doesn't come wrapped in paper and you can't get it at a drive-thru it probably taste like shit, Chantal.
It's not even good Mexican food. Who the fuck gets an entire tub of queso? Proper tacos shouldn't be smothered in liquid cheese. Clotso has the palette of a toddler.

Peetz is a lost cause but likely mostly content with his comics, anime and minimal responsibility. He's a man-child, just like Chantal. It's funny, back when she first brought up Peetz as her ex, she mentioned she was attracted to his intelligence. But clearly that wasn't the case because, while he's likely smarter than Chantal (not difficult), he's no better than average. So, she probably was attracted to his juvenile behavior, which mirrored her own. It's not terribly different than the 400 lbs guy she fucked from the call center training class. She said he was creepy but made sexual jokes she thought were funny and I guess that's why she put out.

Bitch has the maturity level of a 14 year old. And so does Peetz.


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Peetz and Chantel’s conversation was like working in a special school and having to monitor the kids at lunch. The job is to wait as the SPEDs inanely reach for any thoughts rattling around in those empty skulls, wait as they talk about “good bois” and “beezin” and watching the food spill all over their clothes.

Peetz was wrong about Youtube and taking captions away, of course, or them making anybody pay. He’s too stupid to even understand what’s really happening, but Peetz can rest assured that whatever Japanese Hentai he watches at work on his phone while talking to a customer will still be captioned as it always has been.

I love how he believes 15 idiots in West Virginia who won’t wear masks represents all of America, but never looks to his left to see what represents Canada.

It’s a fun fact-normal-sized people who move in with deathfats get fat. Somebody should study this phenomenon. It’s a rare human who doesn’t succumb. Peetz looks like his baby will be born any day now.

Chantel must know her recent ends to videos were not cute, or funny, or anything but bizarre and terrifying. Right? What else can she possibly be thinking?

The saddest part is she thinks she’s being cute and quarky... the demon eye roll was also featured at the end of the Micky D’s smorgasbord.
She’s never grown out of that edgy goth wannabe teen phase where doing demon voices and gushing about horror movies is cool, like Amberlynn and her teen persona Chantal still thinks she’s a quirky 18 year old